View Full Version : Great grandmammy carjacked and dragged by 2 sows on her birthday

Captain Pancakes
08-27-2016, 02:04 PM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City great-grandmother was carjacked on her birthday, then dragged several feet when she tried to grab her purse from the backseat and the suspect hit the gas pedal.

Teresa Verser is out of the hospital and recovering now. She talked exclusively with Fox 4's Katie Banks about the shocking encounter Friday.

“You know how you have your birthdays and you say, ‘I don’t remember what I did on that birthday?’” Verser asked. “Well, I will remember this birthday because I got carjacked just simply trying to help someone!”

It was an unforgettable way to ring in 67 years of age – and not in a good way, as Verser is now left covered in bumps, bruises and stitches.

“It could`ve been the last day of my life,” she said.

Thankfully, Verser is still here to tell the cautionary tale of the day she came to the Price Chopper near Bannister and Blue Ridge. She was approached by a young woman in the parking lot who was looking for a ride.

“I have helped people before,” she said, “picked them up, took them where they needed to go and all had gone well – until this time.”

This time, things went terribly wrong when Verser drove the woman to an apartment complex called Bridgeport Apartments in the 8300 block of E. 108th Street.

“That`s when she said, ‘Get out of the car!’” Verser recalled. “I’m like, ‘What?’ She said, ‘Get out of the car! I couldn’t believe that. I’m sure the shock showed on my face.”

Verser listened and got out of the car as the woman snatched her keys and slid into the driver’s seat. But when Verser tried to grab her purse from the backseat, things escalated.

“While I was half in and half out of the car,” she said, “she hit the gas. And I got drug. I hit the ground. My head is still sore. I bumped my head. I got a skin tear. You can probably see some of the bruises here.”

Verser said several women from the apartment complex heard her screams and ran out to help. But the young woman and Verser’s car were long gone.

“You want to have what God would have you to do,” Verser said. “But I got to realize that the world that I grew up in, it`s not like that anymore.”

“I’m too trusting. I’m like, ‘Wow, we’re escalating.’ This snowball is gaining traction into just indecency, moral decay, and just not what it was.”

Teresa is now relying on her family and her faith to push forward. She offered this message to the woman she says took advantage of her kindness:

“I would tell her I’ve forgiven her,” Teresa said. “And she needs to talk to God so that he can forgive her too.”

“He’s already forgiven her, but she needs to confess this sin so that she can receive the true light of salvation and his life into her life, to be the person that he wants her to be.”

The Missouri Highway Patrol confirmed to FOX 4 that it has arrested two women who were caught driving Verser’s stolen car when they crashed it near Odessa.

Temisha Blanchard, 25, and Carmelita Moore, 19, are both in jail, charged with felony tampering with a motor vehicle.

After looking at the suspect's mugshots, Verser told FOX 4 she believes Moore is the young woman who carjacked her that day. Authorities say more charges are possible as their investigation continues.