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07-14-2016, 04:27 PM

Hospital: Woman No Longer Employed After Inflammatory Social Media Post
July 14, 2016 2:25 PM

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — You may want to think twice before you post on social media. Jefferson Hospital says one of its employees no longer works there because of a post she made on Facebook earlier this week.

The racially charged post talked about the Black Lives Matter protests. It quickly went viral across social media, with many contacting the hospital to demand the woman’s termination.

Social media expert and attorney Eric Meyer says he sees scenarios like this all too often, despite workplace policies that emphasize best practices.

“There’s a general misunderstanding, or myth, that employees have free speech online and especially with private employers like a hospital, that’s just not the case,” Meyer said. :mad: :mad: :mad:

A Jefferson Hospital spokescoward would not confirm the former employee’s position, but hospital leaders released multiple statements online saying the post does not reflect the views, or culture, of its workplace. :mad:

The Bobster
07-14-2016, 05:15 PM

Jefferson Fires Employee Who Says She's 'Sick and Tired of All This Bull---- With the Black People'
By Morgan Zalot
Published 4 hours ago

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital this week fired an employee who apparently felt so "sick and tired of all this bull---- with the black people" that she took to social media to let people know about it.

Diane Amoratis' Facebook post, written in response to an anti-police brutality protest last week during which demonstrators marched to the 24th and 25th District headquarters on Whitaker Avenue near Erie, went viral after she posted it.

Amoratis praised the police in her post, adding, "Especially the officer who stood there while that fat, braided hair, piece of s--- trouble maker ranted so despicably in your face. You sir, you deserve a medal for letting her continue to make an ass of herself and showing what a low life she really is, and you were strong."

Further, Amoratis continued later in the post, "Blacks kill each other every day, all day long, and it's ok with them. Why not protest when Jamal kills Kalif???? Well, I AM WHITE AND PROUD TO BE WHITE!! WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!! POLICE OFFICERS LIVES MATTER!!!"

Then, she offered some advice: "Keep your circus in your own neighborhood!!! Get a life, a honest job, and RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS!!!!"

She closed out the post by writing, "I am sick and tired of all this bull---- with the black people!! If you don't like my post, then delete me as your friend."

Soon, Amoratis' post picked up steam on social media, being shared hundreds of times over by people who expressed shock and outrage and identified her as nurse at Jefferson University Hospital -- a rumor that a spokeswoman for the hospital later denied, saying that Amoratis was not a nurse.

They called on Jefferson to fire Amoratis, some questioning how they could trust the hospital after hearing such vitriol from an employee.

Jefferson on Wednesday responded, releasing two separate statements -- one acknowledging an employees' "inappropriate and inflammatory comments" posted on social media and a second saying the employee, whom they did not identify in either post, had been let go.

"Hate speech of any kind is unacceptable at Jefferson and is not consistent with our values, policies and the culture of inclusiveness, dignity and respect we continue to build here," a statement by President and CEO Stephen Klasko and Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Stevens posted on Jefferson's Facebook page read. "We pride ourselves on ensuring that Jefferson is a safe community where our colleagues, patients and students respect and value each other." Philly Residents Show Support for Police During RallyPhilly Residents Show Support for Police During Rally

"An employee’s decision to post inflammatory comments on social media is an unfortunate choice and one that is not tolerated at Jefferson," the statement continued.

When people commenting on that post questioned whether the employee had been fired for the comments, Jefferson shared another statement from Stevens that confirmed the employee in question was no longer with the hospital.

"I take very seriously my role in building bridges of understanding, respect and acceptance. I have experienced very personally, dozens of examples of employees who have selflessly given of their time and resources to ensure the comfort and safety of their patients, as well as their colleagues -- staff who buy shoes for the homeless, employees who donate their time to refugee shelters or travel to Haiti to serve others less fortunate," Stevens' statement read. "These examples showcase the behaviors that truly define the Jefferson we all know."

Stevens encouraged staffers to avoid hateful language and anything else that "reflect on Jefferson as uncaring" and vowed to continue to hold employees to "the highest standards of dignity, respect and professionalism."