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06-21-2016, 08:15 AM

Naked woman escapes from alleged rapist with hands still tied behind her back
Victim says she thought of her children as she escaped
UPDATED 5:26 PM EDT Jun 20, 2016


LAWRENCE, Mass. "I'm not dying today. I'm going to see my daughters."

That is what a woman said she told herself as she fled from a sleeping man who had tied her up, raped and burned her. The quotation is included in a Lawrence police report detailing the horrific case.

At 4:13 p.m. Friday, an officer was sent to investigate reports of a naked woman running from a home and saying that someone was trying to kill her. By the time officers arrived, a crowd had gathered on Newbury Street.

The woman, now wearing a sweater donated by passerby, was sitting on the stoop outside a home. Her face was dirty, her feet were bare, and there were ligature marks on her ankles and wrists, the police report stated.

"She told me that her boyfriend 'Ghetto' tried to kill her and tied her up," the document stated.

The suspect's proper name was later revealed to be Keyvin Gil. State police were called to help in the arrest, and the report shows Gil was both bitten by a K-9 and hit with a stun gun during the arrest.

Officers continued their interview with the victim in Lawrence General Hospital, where she was being treated. The report explained that she was in a relationship with Gil for approximately a year.

"She told me that her relationship with Keyvin has turned violent several times but that she has stayed with him because she loves him and hopes that he will change," :cool:the officer wrote in the report.

The victim told the officer about how Gil became upset on Wednesday because he could not find his marijuana and he accused her of smoking it. She said he pointed a gun at her and used it to violate her body.

Two days later, she told the officers, Gil became upset after she put her children on the bus to day care. He accused her of being unfaithful, she said, before he again got his gun.

This time, the report stated, he raped her while she cried.

Afterward, Gil removed all but one bullet from his gun and dared her to kill herself, the report stated.

"Gil told (her) that he was going to wait for her daughters to be dropped off at the house so that she could say goodbye to them before he killed her," the officer wrote in the report.

That is when Gil allegedly used the clothes line to tie the victim's arms behind her back. While she was secured, the report said, he burned her body with a lit cigarette.

After Gil fell asleep, the victim said she saw an opportunity to escape. She was able to free her legs and opened the door to the apartment while her hands were still tied behind her back.

Keyvin Gil
Lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts
From Lawrence, Massachusetts

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