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07-06-2012, 03:50 PM
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Mom kills 2 kids in attempted murder-suicide, she survives

Last Updated: 6:12 PM, July 6, 2012

Two children were killed last night in an apparent murder-suicide attempt in the Bronx, law-enforcement sources said.

Manhattan rookie cop Trevor Noel came home from work and found his 4-month-old daughter, Lillian Noel, and 5-year-old son, Trevor Noel Jr., unconscious, surrounded by heavy gas in their apartment on Noble Avenue in Parkchester, law enforcement sources said.

The stove was on, and his wife, Lisette Bamenga, was also unconscious, with cuts to her wrists, sources added. She is in stable condition.

EMS rushed to the apartment and performed CPR, but the children were pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

Police sources said Bemenga also poisoned the children with juice spiked with liquid de-icer. It was not clear if the children died from the poison or the gas leak.

Rany Ricardo, 44, said he saw EMS workers trying to resuscitate the infant when he was coming home last night. “They were doing CPR, and that’s when the ambulance arrived,” he said.

“The baby was moving… [its] legs a little bit. It’s sad when you see a baby like that.”

Sources said cops discovered a suicide note that said, "me and the kids are in a better place now."

Plastic was placed around the windows. Bamenga was taken to Jacobi Hospital, where she is in stable condition.

Neighbors said the family moved to the building in the spring. Gwen Richardson, 71, who lives on the same floor, said she began smelling gas last evening around 8 p.m., but thought it was somebody cooking on a grill.

Around 11 p.m., she said, a firefighter began banging on her door.

“When I opened the door, I said, 'Oh my God.' The smell of gas was choking,” she said, and saw a woman in the hallway surrounded by firefighters. “I could hear them going, ‘miss, miss, can you hear me?’” She also saw the boy in the hallway.

http://www.nypost.com/rw/nypost/2012/07/06/news/web_photos/bx_kids_gasleak132858--300x300.jpg http://www.nypost.com/r/nypost/2012/07/06/news/web_photos/193_508542953879_787_n135011--525x350.jpg

EMS told Richardson to go back to her apartment, and open all the windows. “Could you imagine if someone had lit a match?” she said.

No one has been charged yet, cops said.

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New York mom faces murder charges for allegedly poisoning of 2 kids to get back at cheating husband

Published July 09, 2012

NEW YORK – A New York City schoolteacher faces two first-degree murder charges after she allegedly killed her children in a failed suicide-murder plot aimed to get back at her cop husband, who she believed had a baby with a woman from Spain.

Lisette Bamenga, 29, who works as a teacher at PS 58 in Brooklyn, poisoned her two children ,Trevor Jr. and Liliane, ages 5 and 4 months, by making them drink a mixture of juice and de-icing fluid Thursday, police tell DNA Info.

Bamenga then slit her wrists in a suicide attempt and sealed her Bronx apartment’s windows with plastic before cranking up the gas, sources told the New York Post.

Neighbors smelled the gas and alerted authorities, who found Bamenga unconscious in the apartment, DNA Info reports.

The children were declared dead at the scene, but Bamenga remains in stable condition at Jacobi Hospital.

Her husband, NYPD Officer Trevor Noel, was described as speechless when he returned home after working a late-night shift, the New York Post reports.

Bamenga left two suicide notes inside the apartment.

“You got what you wanted,” she allegedly wrote in one of the notes. “Me and the kids are in a better place now.”

Another note contained the phrase “DNR,” meaning “do not resuscitate,” if someone found Bamenga in the apartment, the New York Post reports.

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04-09-2016, 09:48 AM

City teacher found guilty of killing her two young kids
By Georgett Roberts
April 8, 2016 | 8:37pm

Lisette Bamenga in 2012. Photo: Riyad Hasan

A city schoolteacher who murdered her two young children — because she thought her cop husband cheated on her — was found guilty of manslaughter Friday and now faces up to 50 years behind bars.

Lisette Bamenga, 32, was convicted in a non-jury trial after three weeks of hearings in Bronx Supreme Court, according to the district attorney’s office.

According to trial testimony, the Bronx woman gave her 4-year-old son Trevor and 4-month-old daughter Violet grape juice spiked with windshield-wiper fluid, then took them into the bathroom, drowned them in the bathtub, sealed up the apartment and turned on the gas stove.

She then slit her wrists in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Her husband had just finished his shift at Manhattan’s 28th Precinct when he came home to the July 2012 horror.

Bamenga, who was convicted of two counts of first-degree manslaughter, is now facing five to 25 years in prison on each count. She is set to be sentenced April 25.

“The killing of these young children is a horrendous tragedy, and their mother has been held accountable for her actions,” Bronx DA Darcel Clark said in a statement Friday.

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05-18-2016, 07:42 AM

City teacher who poisoned, drowned her kids gets 8 years in jail
By Associated Press
May 18, 2016 | 4:13am

A former teacher who laced her two young children’s grape juice with windshield wiper fluid, then drowned them in a bathtub promised on Tuesday to raise awareness of postpartum depression before a judge sentenced her to eight years in prison.

Dressed in an all-white suit, her hands cuffed behind her back, Lisette Bamenga spoke quietly to Judge Martin Marcus, who found her guilty in April of manslaughter in the July 2012 deaths of 4-month-old Violet and 4-year-old Trevor. She had been charged with murder, but her attorney argued she suffered from crippling undiagnosed postpartum psychosis. The judge agreed she suffered from an emotional disturbance severe enough to knock down the charges.

“Never in my mind would I hurt anyone, especially my children, who meant the world to me,” the 32-year-old Bamenga said. “After this tragedy, I’ll make it my mission to raise awareness about postpartum depression so that other families won’t suffer through what I’ve suffered.”

Bamenga was portrayed as a model mother and dedicated third-grade teacher at Public School 58 in Carroll Gardens, a leafy brownstone Brooklyn neighborhood. About a dozen supporters, some of whom were former parents of children she taught, attended the sentencing in Bronx State Supreme Court and helped raise about $20,000 for her defense.

Her mother, Liliane Bamenga, who cried and prayed after the sentencing, said outside court that she believed the sentence was fair.

“We don’t have anything to say but thank you, Jesus,” she said. “Just give thanks to God. There’s no joy because we lost two kids, two beautiful kids.”

Liliane Bamenga, mother of Lisette, reacts after hearing the sentence.
Photo: Natan Dvir

The children’s father, Trevor Noel, didn’t attend. His ont Susan Boose stormed out of the courtroom as soon as the judge announced the sentence.

“I feel like there really is no justice in this situation,” she said. “Lisette played judge and jury in the lives of her children. Not only did she sentence us to a life of misery and pain … eight years, that’s not enough time because she can have more children and put other children in danger.”

Bamenga’s attorney Michael Dowd had argued during her trial that she wasn’t in her right mind when she killed her children. After Bamenga drowned the children, she turned on the gas stove and slit her wrists. Emergency crews responding to the smell of gas at their Bronx apartment found her and the children’s bodies.

But prosecutors argued that Bamenga acted in a jealous rage after learning her boyfriend had fathered a child with another woman and that she coldheartedly pulled off the killings to punish him. They asked for 20 years on each manslaughter charge.

“The entire Noel family will never be the same,” Assistant District Attorney Nancy Borko said.

But the judge gave her eight years on each count to run concurrently, saying it was the most difficult sentencing he’s done during his 26 years on the bench. He received 18 letters from psychiatrists, 32 letters from friends, colleagues and parents of her former students, and nine from jail staffers who said she’s been a model prisoner.

“Postpartum psychosis is very real and a devastating illness … especially when undiagnosed,” he said.