View Full Version : Hispanic Driver Oscar Sanchez gets pulled over, cop realizes he has $12K in violations

The Bobster
04-27-2016, 10:08 AM

Driver gets pulled over, cop realizes he has $12K in violations
By Philip Messing
April 27, 2016 | 11:45am

Oscar Sanchez
Photo: Port Authority Police Department

An eagle-eyed cop hit the scofflaw jackpot after pulling over a motorist for a routine infraction — and discovering the driver had more than $12,000 in unpaid tolls and penalties, official said Wednesday.

Oscar Sanchez, 45, was headed east into the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City on Tuesday afternoon when Port Authority Police Officer Tomasz Grel noticed he didn’t have a front license plate and traveled through an E-ZPass lane as the “toll unpaid” sign lit up, authorities said.

Sanchez’s 2001 Mercedes-Benz was pulled over and Grel found that the suspect didn’t have an E-ZPass in his window, officials said. Sanchez insisted that he still pays tolls, even without the E-ZPass, saying, “I don’t have it (an E-ZPass device) but they always charge my tag,” according to the Port Authority.

But a routine driver’s license check showed that Sanchez was wanted for allegedly beating local bridge and tunnel tolls 204 times, officials said. That added up to $2,771 in unpaid tolls and $10,200 in penalties.

The Jersey City resident Sanchez was arrested and charged with alleged theft of service, driving without a front license plate and driving with a suspended license. Sanchez had a valid New York license but records showed his New Jersey driving privileges had been suspended.

He was released without bail and ordered to appear in a Jersey City courtroom on Tuesday of next week.