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04-11-2016, 05:11 AM


Man attacks fast food worker after getting wrong order

2:09 PM. MST April 05, 2016

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Employees at a Spokane Valley Jack in the Box said a man attacked the manager of the store after he said the burger was not how he wanted on Sunday.

The Jack in the Box was located on N. Pines Rd. It happened just after 7:00 p.m.

Employees who spoke to KREM 2 News said the man always comes in and complains about his order. They said they try to give him what he wants but they never thought it would escalate to this.

Employees have video of the attack.

"The man attacked for no reason besides a sandwich," employee Cody Urich said, who ended up holding the man on the ground.

He was held while police arrived on scene.

"The man wanted a different burger,” Urich said. “We had gotten him the right burger but he wanted to exchange it and he also said he wanted fries for free and we said sorry but we don't give half empty boxes of fries and the man jumped at her."

The police arrived to find the manager who confronted him with a bloody head.

“He kept trying to squirm away, kept trying to squirm away saying he didn't know he punched a woman and he started crying,” Urich said.

Spokane County Sheriffs' deputies said the man admitted to being rude to manager before he assaulted her. He was charged with assault, according to deputies. He will be arrested for trespassing if he returns to Jack in the Box, :confused:deputies said.

"You shouldn't attack a woman like that, especially over a burger,” Urich said. “There's no reason for that kind of violence. And it surprises me to see that in our community now that a small thing like that can really set a person off."