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The Bobster
04-11-2016, 05:19 PM

Stony Brook basketball players busted in $5K smash-and-grab
By Tina Moore
April 11, 2016 | 4:15pm | Updated

DeShaun Thrower and Rayshaun McGrew played for Stony Brook in the NCAA Tournament. Photo: AP (2)

Two Stony Brook :p University basketball players who competed in the NCAA Tournament last month were busted for allegedly throwing a stone through the window of a fellow students car and stealing his $5,000 tax refund, officials confirmed.

Ballers RayShaun McGrew and DeShaun Thrower were charged with grand larceny in the 3rd degree and criminal mischief in the 3rd degree, according to the Stony Brook University Police Department. Both of the charges are felonies.

Queens resident Jevreel Miller, 23, said the college ballers were rummaging through his car on campus as he walked toward it on April 6. He said the two men took off as he approached and that he pursued them on foot while calling campus cops.

When police arrived, he drove around in their patrol car until he was able to identify McGrew, who told cops the second man was his teammate Thrower, according to Miller.

Jevreel Miller

Miller explained that he had just cashed his IRS check before going to class and still had the money in the rented Toyota he was driving. He said nobody has been able to tell him how to get his cash back and that he has been unable to get a copy of a police report.

I feel like Im being left out to dry because Im out of $5,000 in cash, and the people who robbed me are back on campus, he said. Im the victim here and no ones defending me. Theyre making it like I brought this on myself.

He said his mother is talking about hiring a lawyer to get answers. Miller is set to graduate in December with a degree in business management.