View Full Version : Police Seek (Black) Man Who Allegedly Used A Credit Card Stolen From The Victims Of A Fire

The Bobster
03-30-2016, 06:59 AM

Police Seek Man Who Allegedly Used A Credit Card Stolen From The Victims Of A Fire
March 29, 2016 9:07 PM By David Spunt


ABINGTON, P.A., (CBS) — Abington Police are looking for a man seen on a surveillance camera using a stolen credit card from the victims of a fire. The charred dining room chairs are a reminder of a powerful fire that ripped through Michael and Adrianne Graves’ Abington home on February 15.

“It was a hectic evening. That’s what I remember,” said Michael.

Abington Police say after the fire was out, someone broke into the condemned home, stole Adrianne’s engagement and anniversary rings plus a credit card.

“I felt like because I had been the victim of a fire, someone took the opportunity to victimize me even more because they felt like the insurance will pay for it,” she said.

Police say a man used their credit card in several stores on Broad Street in North Philadelphia. They don’t know if he actually broke into the house, but they know he’s using the card.

“What's the likelihood of someone coming from North Philadelphia here to Abington, take some credit cards, then go back down to Philadelphia to use them? More than likely someone from here took them and maybe sold them to him,” Michael said.

Detectives are looking into all possibilities. Graves says a credit card can be replaced. He wants his wife’s rings back.

Abington Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.