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03-29-2016, 08:38 AM

St. Paul Teacher Speaks Out About Assault By Student
March 28, 2016 10:12 PM


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A substitute teacher is speaking out after she says she was assaulted by a seventh-grader at a St. Paul school.

Candice Egan was subbing at the Creative Arts School last Tuesday.

“I thought there was a line that they wouldn’t cross.:rolleyes: For one, being a woman, and being the age or their grandmothers,” said Egan.

During Egan’s seventh-grade science class, four students had already been dismissed for being disruptive.

Minutes later, she noticed two other boys looking at a cell phone. When she told them to sit down, she says they told her no.

“So I said ‘I’ll take that,’ and I took the phone out of his hand. And he immediately took both of his hands and shoved me backwards while using language that I probably can’t repeat,” said Egan.

Egan said he pushed her a second time. She asked some students to get help but says they refused. And when she tried to call for help, she says her attacker interfered.

“I picked up the receiver, dialed zero, and then he just stood there and hung it up,” said Egan.

Finally, a student ran for help and Egan said her attacker was taken out of the classroom. She said lately she’s seen more violence in classrooms, and she feels students need to be held accountable.

“Nobody’s winning. The well-behaved kids that want to learn are less able to access their education when there’s chaos and noise and violence and disrespect going on. Everybody loses,” said Egan.

The school district said they are aware of an incident at the school, but have referred the matter to St. Paul Police. Police said they are investigating.

Last Tuesday, Superintendent Valeria Silva outlined support systems that will be implemented at different St. Paul schools as one way to better foster relationships between teachers and students.:cool:


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