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The Bobster
03-27-2016, 05:57 PM

Gilbert Arenas halts Easter porn browsing for porn star dilemma
By Mark W. Sanchez
March 27, 2016 | 5:38pm

Gilbert Arenas in 2011 with the Magic. Photo: AP

Gilbert Arenas’ long troll for attention actually resulted in laughs — albeit of the sordid, did-he-really-post-this variety.

The retired NBA pro apparently had some free time on the holiest day of the year for Christians, Easter Sunday, to check out the offerings on Pornhub.

When an ad popped up asking for very important feedback — “Who would you rather spend time with during Easter?” with “A pornstar” or “Your family” as his options — the 34-year-old Arenas faced a moral quandary the likes of which he hadn’t contemplated all his life.

He wrestled with each option, reasoning that his family should be the answer, but what if Pornhub would send a porn star his way if he clicked that enticing choice? Because the website sending an adult star your way is an actual thing that happens, the hopeful undercurrent of his Instagram post posits.

The attention-starved former Wizards star has made headlines since his unofficial 2012 NBA retirement by saying WNBA players should dress like strippers, smashing his own Mercedes for an ex-girlfriend losing his Netflix password, and most recently denouncing the unstoppable Warriors, while saying the woman accusing two Lakers players of harassment is a “liar.”

That all came after his controversy-plagued professional career, in which stints with Golden State, Washington, Orlando and Memphis resulted in three All-Star Games and a nearly season-long suspension for bringing a gun to Wizards practice, then later pantomiming shooting his teammates with his fingers.