View Full Version : (Black) Brooklyn killer finally faces justice 25 years after slaying

The Bobster
03-26-2016, 08:54 AM

Brooklyn killer finally faces justice 25 years after slaying
By Georgett Roberts
March 26, 2016 | 12:22am


A man who killed a Brooklyn stranger for mouthing off to him 25 years ago may finally be going up the river after being convicted Friday.

Derrick Lloyd, now 55, had walked up to William Smith and his buddy outside a New Year’s Eve party in 1991 in East Flatbush looking for a “drunk guy” who crashed his party, according to court testimony.

“I want answers,” Lloyd demanded.

Smith retorted, “Everybody wants answers, but we can’t always have them.”

Lloyd responded by fatally shooting Smith in the face.

He evaded justice until 2007, when he applied for a driver’s license in Alabama using a fake Social Security number — and his fingerprints gave him away.

Lloyd was tried in 2011 and found guilty, but the conviction was dismissed on appeal and a retrial was ordered.

He was retried and convicted Friday and now faces 18 years to life in prison.