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03-19-2016, 01:33 PM


Protesters opposing Donald Trump have shut down a major highway in Fountain Hills, Arizona in hopes of stopping thousands from attending his event.

Footage shows a spicload of sh1ts standing in the middle of the road with signs saying “Dump Trump” and “Shut Down Trump.”

Some 10,000 spix and pet retards were expected at the event, and many may now not be able to get there :), Leland Vittert reported.


The Bobster
03-19-2016, 02:48 PM

Anti-Trump activists clash with police during protest march
By Megan McGibney, Aaron Short and Mary Kay Linge
March 19, 2016 | 4:06pm

A commie douchebag is taken into custody during an anti Donald Trump protest on March 19.
Photo: AP

The NYPD pepper-sprayed and arrested unruly protestors among 700 activists who marched on Fifth Avenue and dangled from Central Park statues during an anti-Trump march Saturday. :p

Cops shut down several blocks of Fifth Avenue as activists marched from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower Saturday.

Protesters were pepper-sprayed when they tried to breach police barricades keeping them to the sidewalks at Sixth Avenue and 59th Street. Several got into shoving matches with officers. Others broke into anti-cop chants. At least three were arrested for disorderly conduct.

The demonstrators –opposed by about a dozen Trump supporters — had massed at the foot of the Trump International Hotel in Columbus Circle at noon. They were kept in check there by a huge NYPD presence.

The crowd chanted slogans like “Racist sexist anti-gay, Donald Trump go away” and “Only difference is the name! Hitler, Trump is the same!” for an hour as its numbers swelled.

A foreign piece of garbage protester holds up an anti-Trump sign on March 19.
Photo: Emilie Richardson

Activists carried homemade signs that hammered Trump’s stance on border control (“Build a Wall Around Trump and Make Him Pay For It”), women (“Women to Trump: It’s Mutual”), and the size of his body parts (“Put America in Bigger Hands”).

A banner read “No Human Being Is Illegal” in Spanish, English, and Arabic. :mad: Another used a Spanish vulgarity to insult the GOP frontrunner.

“We’re disgusted with his rhetoric,” said protester Giovanni Garcia, 48, who emigrated :rolleyes: from Mexico as a child. “I don’t want him to get any farther.”

“We’re fighting for the soul of our country :mad:,” said Peter Blewett, 20. Organizers, led by Cosmopolitan Antifascists and joined by Millions March NYC, the Black Lives Matter group NYC Shut It Down, and others, lost control as the crowd began to move along 59th Street toward Trump’s namesake skyscraper.

With Fifth Avenue blocked, the protesters circled the area around Trump Tower and marched back uptown. Many climbed up the Maine memorial at the southwest corner of Central Park to pump up the crowd.

“The other side is like a dangerous mob,” said pro-Trump demonstrator Jim MacDonald of Flushing. “We will exercise our right to free speech whether the mob likes it or not.”

Photo: Emilie Richardson

Meanwhile, in Arizona, a band of 50 protesters stopped highway traffic for two hours Saturday in an attempt to shut down a planned Trump rally. A crowd of 20,000 made it to the site in Fountain Hills, Arizona, where Trump was stumping ahead of Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Some demonstrators chained themselves to their cars, which they parked on the highway. They wore T-shirts and carried banners that read “Shut Down Trump.”

“We don’t want you here in Arizona,” protester Salvador Reza told reporters. “We don’t want your hate.”

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who introduced Trump at the rally, vowed to keep the peace. He said demonstrators don’t like Donald Trump and just ”want to get on TV.”

Sheriff‘s deputies called for tow trucks to remove the vehicles and three protesters were arrested, allowing traffic to flow to the event.

But some impatient Trump supporters abandoned their cars on the roadside and hiked the three miles to the rally site.