View Full Version : (Chinese) Ex-NYU student gets 16 years in jail for trying to buy ricin

The Bobster
03-09-2016, 05:10 AM

Ex-NYU student gets 16 years in jail for trying to buy ricin
By Lia Eustachwich
March 9, 2016 | 2:59am

Cheng LePhoto: Reuters

A former New York University student was sentenced to 16 years in prison Tuesday for trying to buy the lethal poison ricin from a black market website so he could commit “100 percent risk-free” murder with the “simple and easy death pills.”

In a bizarre, rambling speech, Cheng Le, told Manhattan federal court Judge Alison Nathan that his January 2015 arrest “plucked me out of my world” – but the Shanghai man never bothered to apologize for the sick scheme.

“For me, I never signed up for any of this. I wasn’t raised in a way that my fellow inmates were raised, in a world where drugs and guns are just as prevailing as air and water,” said Le, 23, who came to the US to study physics at NYU.

Le – who sported chin-length hair and long, talon-like fingernails to court – dabbed tears from his eyes as his lawyer read a letter from his parents that said his “psychological capacity may not have been mature.”

Le communicated with an undercover FBI agent on “Dark World” website Evolution to buy the highly potent toxin and planned on using it on “someone middle-aged. Weight around 200 lbs.”

“Does ricin have antidote? Last I check there isn’t one, isn’t it?,” he messaged the undercover.

He was convicted by a Manhattan jury last August and faced up to life behind bars on the top count of attempting to possess a biological toxin for use as a weapon.

Nathan said Le’s creepy conduct was a “quite terrifying offense” and also noted his conviction was a “deeply troubling one.”

“My sense of you is that you are at war with yourself,” she said.