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02-17-2016, 07:58 AM

Grant Park Rape of Man With Cerebral Palsy Linked to Downtown Robberies
February 15, 2016 3:26pm


CHICAGO A Buena Park man charged with a spate of Downtown armed robberies is also accused of raping a disabled man earlier this month in Grant Park, and will be back in court Wednesday, prosecutors said.

Allen McDowell, 23, of the 4000 block of North Sheridan Road, was arrested last week with the Ventra card of a man with cerebral palsy who says he was raped Feb. 2 in the Downtown park, prosecutors said.

The details came to light Friday, when McDowell and five others were charged with various crimes in Cook County Circuit Court. McDowell was charged with armed robbery, robbery, aggravated battery to a transit employee/rider, aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated armed robbery.

Prosecutors allege McDowell met the 26-year-old rape victim Downtown, where they shared a cigar and alcohol in an alley.

The pair then headed to Grant Park, where McDowell threatened the victim with a heavy object and told the man he'd killed people before, according to prosecutors. McDowell allegedly raped the man and forced him to perform oral sex before stealing the victim's wallet, cellphone and Ventra card.

The victim reported the crime to police, and a rape kit was collected at a nearby hospital, prosecutors said. The victim's condition is not known. A Chicago Police News Affairs officer did not have an immediate comment on the alleged rape.

McDowell and five others would continue a string of Downtown robberies and batteries last week until Feb. 10, when they were arrested. In one robbery, the offenders beat a CTA passenger with a hammer until he lost consciousness.

McDowell was ordered held on $2 million after being charged Friday. His next hearing is Wednesday.


Group Trashes 7-Eleven, Brutally Beats CTA Rider with Hammer: Charges


COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE A group of people trashed a Downtown 7-Eleven before brutally attacking a CTA passenger with a hammer, prosecutors said Friday.

The CTA victim, who'd been riding the Blue Line to work, suffered a broken orbital bone and may have permanent vision loss, Cook County prosecutors said during a bond hearing Friday.

Police arrested six suspects early Wednesday, including a man who's wanted for allegedly raping and robbing a man with cerebral palsy in Grant Park on Feb. 2.

The recent crime spree started about 11:45 p.m. Tuesday when roughly 10 people walked into a 7-Eleven at 801 S. State St., prosecutors said.

Na Eem Hoskins, 24, began dancing to distract the 25-year-old store clerk, prosecutors alleged. Meanwhile, Hoskins' accomplices stuffed food and other items into their pockets and bags.

When the clerk tried to stop the group, 19-year-old Deashley Woodard began hitting the man in his head and face, according to prosecutors. Woodard then threw trash around the store before she and her accomplices ran away.

The entire incident was captured on 7-Eleven surveillance footage, court records show.

A few hours later, the group, which consisted of about 10 people, boarded a CTA Blue Line train, according to prosecutors. There was only one other passenger on the train, a man on his way to work.

The man was concerned by the group's "loud, rude behavior," prosecutors said, and tried moving to a different train car as the "L" passed through the 800 block of North Milwaukee Avenue.

That's when the group attacked the man hitting and kicking him as they followed him to another car, authorities said. The group stomped on the victim and allegedly beat him with sticks they had brought on the train.

Woodard, meanwhile, pulled a hammer out of her purse and began to beat the man in his back, arms and legs, according to prosecutors. The victim eventually blacked out.

In court Friday, prosecutors told Judge Peggy Chiampas the man could suffer permanent vision loss as a result of the attack, which broke his orbital bone.

The entire attack was captured on CTA surveillance footage.