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02-17-2016, 08:11 AM

Valentine’s Day stay at Boone Co. hotel leads to abduction, robbery
Man forced to take money from ATMs, sheriff's office says
UPDATED 9:52 AM EST Feb 17, 2016


FLORENCE —The Boone County investigators have arrested a man and woman believed to be involved in an abduction case.

Charles Burnett Jr., 26, and Emma Haumesser, 20, are charged with kidnapping and first-degree robbery.

Officials said the pair abducted a 22-year-old man from a hotel, driving him to an ATM to take his money on Valentine’s Day.

Detectives said the victim met Haumesser and took her back to his room at the Quality Inn and Suites at 1805 Airport Exchange Blvd.

Investigators said a few minutes later, Haumesser stepped outside to take a call, and Burnett barged in with a gun.

The pair forced the victim to go with them to several ATM’s to withdraw cash, deputies said.

“They proceeded to go from ATM to ATM to ATM, six in total,” said Tom Scheben, spokesperson for the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. “They got money averaging probably a lot of people’s weekly pay.”

Eventually the victim's ATM card was seized by a machine, whereupon he was assaulted and kicked out of the vehicle, the sheriff's office said.

“Let’s not go looking for love in all the wrong places,” said Scheben. “He was not severely injured, perhaps his ego.”

Investigators said Wednesday that the victim met Haumesser through a classifieds website.

Deputies said the entire ordeal lasted about 1.5 hours.