View Full Version : Chabad Drug Dealing, Trafficking, and Production

02-12-2016, 12:26 PM
It is a widely known fact, in Jewish religious circles, that Chabad finances their international network of thousands of Chabad schools and Chabad houses mostly with the profits from their drug trafficking and drug dealing activities.

(See pic at link-Meth production bust in u.s. lab)

From this you should learn that if you want to keep your children safe, keep them away from Chabad. Never send your children to a Chabad school as Chabad schools are indoctrination centers into the Chabad cult that teaches children that the Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach and that they have to do what the Rebbe tells them to do. They communicate with the Rebbe by pulling little pieces of paper from a hat and then the Rebbe tells them to go Bolivia or India or some other dangerous place where they can get killed in order to help with the illegal drug trade of Chabad. It should also be noted that Chabad promotes the use of drugs and alcohol as the Rebbe was a known alcoholic. According to Chabad, getting drunk with alcohol, or high on drugs, gets people to a higher spiritual level.

Chabad is also involved in illegal drug production. Investigators discovered active production of the drug methamphetamine and that a crystal meth lab was being operated out of the Rubashkin Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa.

This may explain why the head rebbe at the local Shul is grumpy and not approachable.