View Full Version : Thieving negro monkey assaulted Woburn, MA cop; dragged WM, 65 on hood of car while fleeing

02-11-2016, 08:01 AM

Man wanted for assaulting officer, hit and run
Updated: Feb 11, 2016 - 7:09 AM

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WOBURN, Mass. —

Woburn police are searching for a man they say assaulted an officer while he was being questioned for larceny.

Tyson Delgado, 29, of Woburn, was being interviewed at a North Woburn business where he had worked until October when he allegedly assaulted the officer then fled the scene.

Delgado drove away in a white Chevrolet sedan and was seen in the downtown Main Street area of Woburn.

In an attempt to evade police, he drove down a narrow side street and hit 65-year-old Al Pica in the crosswalk. Delgado kept driving for 100 feet with the victim on the hood of the car, police say.

http://media.myfoxbostoncom.cmgdigital.com/photo/2016/02/10/160210_Al_Pica_Woburn_1455159622309_1455124_ver1.0 _640_360.jpg

“He pegged me dead on. I fell onto the hood of the car. Just him and me the windshield was blocking us,” Pica said. “For some unknown reason I grabbed onto the hood and chart up the street. Must've been doing at least 60 miles per hour.”

FOX25 obtained surveillance video of the moment Pica was hit.

“This car came out of nowhere and he hit the guy,” Stephanie Miranda, a witness, said. “It looked like he hurt his leg, his hip, his rib area from where he got hit.”

Pica walked away with only a fractured leg.

“I kept begging him ‘please stop and let me get off the car. Don't want to get hurt. Please stop your car,’” Pica said.

Eventually, Pica fell off the hood and Delgado drove to the Green Street area where he abandoned the car and fled on foot.