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02-10-2016, 08:30 AM


81-year-old man attacked with shelving pole in Lauderhill
Victim says he wants suspect to get help

Updated: 9:21 AM, February 10, 2016

http://media.local10.com/photo/2016/02/09/Man%20speaks%20about%20brutal%20attack%20with%20me tal%20shelving%20pole20160209171826_2148031_ver1.0 _160_90.jpg

LAUDERHILL, Fla. - An 81-year-old man is recovering after he was brutally attacked Sunday with a metal shelving pole :rolleyes:at a Shell gas station in Lauderhill.

Douglas Brochet's eyes are swollen and he has 18 stitches in his head after the attack that was caught on surveillance cameras.

The violent and bizarre encounter happened in front of Brochet's wife, who was desperately trying to protect him.

http://media.local10.com/photo/2016/02/08/Jovaughn%20Walker_1454957797253_2131098_ver1.0_320 _180.jpg

Jovaughn Walker, 22, was arrested later in the day. Police said it's unclear why he attacked Brochet.

"He didn't ask for money," Brochet said. "He didn't ask for anything."

Brochet said Walker attempted to take off in his car, but Brochet had the keys with him.

As Brochet was rushed to a hospital, Walker was attacking another store clerk at the nearby Swap Shop, police said.

http://media.local10.com/photo/2016/02/08/Sword%20attack20160209001816_2134765_ver1.0_1280_7 20.jpg

Police said Walker grabbed a 3-foot Samurai sword from a store display and "without provocation or any words" began chasing the employee through the flea market with it. Police said Walker swung the sword at the employee, striking the victim at least eight times.

According to the report, Walker "began making statements about seeing (a) poltergeist and wanting to kill all that was evil."

Both victims are expected to be OK. Brochet said he wants Walker to get help.

"I hope they take care of him," Brochet said.

"So you actually have some compassion for him?" Local 10 News reporter Derek Shore asked.

"Very much," he said.

Walker faces charges of aggravated battery and attempted murder. Police believe he may have been under the influence of some kind of drug.