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02-07-2016, 06:54 AM

DISTURBING: Man kidnaps, beats, rapes woman with sharpened object, according to case records
Updated: February 6, 2016, 2:15 pm


CLEARWATER, FL (WFLA) – A man is in jail on three felony charges including attempted murder after he kidnapped a woman, raped and sexually battered her, according to Pinellas County court documents.

It happened on Feb. 1 at the 1000 block of Pinebrook Drive in Clearwater. Derek Lasean Lawson, 26, kidnapped a woman, choked her until she passed out and then beat her striking her head and face, according to the case files.

He raped her and after that used a sharpened object to “repeatedly stab her vagina,” according to the case files. The woman said she tried to get away but he said he’d kill her. Lawson left her for dead, according to the arrest records.

The victim had multiple cuts and stab wounds. She required emergency surgery after the rape.

He was arrested Thursday on three felony charges: Kidnapping with Bodily Harm, Sexual Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Attempted Felony Murder. He is at the Pinellas County jail. His bond hasn’t been set yet.

According to the affidavit, Lawson didn’t seem to be drunk, or on drugs at the time of the arrest. He has a criminal history in Tampa Bay area, he was arrested in 2014 on similar charges of kidnapping and sexually battering women.