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Police: Mom's boyfriend struck baby's head against wall '5 times'
Friday, January 29th 2016

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DELAWARE A Delaware County woman and her boyfriend are in jail, after police say they put her baby boy in the hospital. All of this less than two weeks before his first birthday. Now the baby's grandfather is standing behind his daughter.

Rodger Moore, the grandfather of little Phoenyx, gave ABC 6/FOX 28 pictures of peaceful times with the baby. His mother, Natasha Moore, and her boyfriend, Abdurahman Abdurahman, are accused of abusing the child. But, Moore's father says his daughter is innocent.

"I believe 100% that she had nothing to do with any of this," Moore said.

Arrest reports say Moore's boyfriend struck the baby's head against a bedroom wall at least five times in mid January. "I've never seen any violence from him. He's always been respectful and polite gentleman, and this whole thing has been very hard to understand for me," Moore said.

Reports also state the baby had head trauma called black brain, caused by being hit or shaken, which was not accidental. It also said Moore did not seek emergency medical care for her son. We're told Abdurahman said they were the only two people around him at the time.

Moore says his daughter also has an 8-year-old son. "She's a great mother. She's always good to them. Does stuff with them. She loves her kids to death," Moore said.

Moore tells us he doesn't know how the boy got hurt and hasn't asked his daughter details. While his heart hurts for his grandson, he says he has faith in both the justice system and his daughter.

Nationwide Children's Hospital told us they cannot release the condition of Phoenyx. Moore says he's doing okay, but has a long road to recovery.

The couple's trial is scheduled to start in April.


Mudshark's 8 y/o son

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Traumatic brain injury in infants: the phenomenon of subdural hemorrhage with hemispheric hypodensity ("Big Black Brain").


"Black Brain"