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01-11-2016, 03:58 PM

George Washington University to Rescind Cosby's Honorary Degree
By Ben Nuckols
Published 57 minutes ago

George Washington University will rescind an honorary degree awarded to Bill Cosby in 1997, citing concern about survivors of sexual assault.

Monday's announcement marks a reversal for GW. Last fall, the university said that honorary degrees were conferred at a moment in time and that it never took them back based on information that came to light later.

But on Monday, GW president Steven Knapp said in a statement that the controversy over the degree "has become a cause of renewed distress for our students and alumni who are survivors of sexual assault."

Cosby has been charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his Pennsylvania home in 2004. Dozens of other women have accused the comedian of sexual assault or attempted molestation, and he faces several lawsuits.

Published 57 minutes ago

The Bobster
01-12-2016, 07:22 AM

Bill Cosby Defense Seeks Dismissal Of Charges, Prosecutor
January 11, 2016 6:52 PM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bill Cosby’s lawyers say recent criminal charges filed against him in Pennsylvania violate a prosecutor’s pledge he would never be charged over a 2004 encounter with a Temple University employee.

The defense team said Monday the agreement not to file charges prompted Cosby to testify in a related civil lawsuit without invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

A prosecutor filed felony sexual-assault charges against Cosby last month in part because of statements the “Cosby Show” star made in that deposition.

The defense lawyers accuse the newly elected prosecutor of playing politics with the case to win election. They want Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele’s office removed from the case if the charges aren’t dropped. Steele hasn’t returned a message seeking comment.

Cosby is due in court Feb. 2 for a preliminary hearing.

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01-12-2016, 04:47 PM

Prosecutor: No Merit to Cosby's Claims of Previous Agreement
Published 3 hours ago

A Pennsylvania prosecutor is denying claims by Bill Cosby's lawyers that criminal charges filed against him violate a pledge that Cosby wouldn't be charged over a 2004 sexual encounter.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele says in a statement Tuesday he isn't surprised by the motion but he says it has no merit.

Cosby's defense team on Monday said a "non-prosecution" agreement led Cosby to testify in a related civil lawsuit without invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

Steele filed felony sexual-assault charges against Cosby last month in part because of statements the star made in that deposition.

The defense lawyers accuse the newly elected prosecutor of playing politics with the case to win election.

Their court filings did not include any written agreement not to charge Cosby.

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01-13-2016, 03:41 PM

Cosby’s Wife To Be Deposed In Defamation Case Next Month
January 13, 2016 10:35 AM

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — Bill Cosby will not be deposed next month in a lawsuit accusing him of defaming seven women who accuse him of sexual assault, but his wife will be, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

U.S. Magistrate Judge David Hennessy agreed to hold off on the comedian’s deposition, scheduled for Feb. 22, as Cosby now faces criminal charges in Pennsylvania. His wife, Camille, will instead be deposed that day, the judge said.

Camille Cosby had been set to be deposed by lawyers for the women this month, but, at her lawyer’s request, Hennessy agreed to a postponement as her lawyers appeal his decision to deny their bid to throw out the subpoena altogether.

Hennessy on Wednesday also rejected a proposal by the comedian’s lawyers that would have kept a significant amount of material in the case out of the public eye.

Instead, he proposed more limited protections focused on certain sensitive information that might be disclosed in depositions, such as Social Security numbers, bank accounts and addresses. The order would not affect other materials and documents gathered in the pretrial discovery phase.

Both sides in court agreed to put the procedure in writing by Jan. 20.

“It was a compromise, and I think it was fair,” Joseph Cammarata, a lawyer for the seven women, said after the hearing. “This is an appropriate order protecting what may be legitimate concerns for confidentiality on a question-by-question basis. It’s not a unilateral blanket protection. It’s very limited in scope.”

Cosby’s lawyers, who declined to comment after the hearing, had originally sought to have all depositions and documents produced during the pretrial discovery phase kept confidential for up to 14 days. Either side would then be allowed to request the judge seal the records for longer.

Cosby’s lawyers said in court filings that they proposed the order because the other side was seeking “irrelevant and extraordinarily invasive and intimate details” of Cosby’s life and “have made clear they intend to publicize every aspect of discovery in the case.”

Among the information being sought: the identities of all Cosby’s sexual partners since 1968 who were not his wife, the dates of the sexual encounters and all Cosby’s medical records over the past 35 years, including those specifically dealing with “erectile and/or other sexual dysfunction, sexual paraphilia and/or sexual fetish,” according to Cosby’s lawyers.

Cammarata, in his briefs, argued Cosby’s proposal would damage transparency in a case of great public interest.

He also said there are valid reasons why he sought Cosby’s medical and sexual histories, including Cosby’s past statements that he obtained quaaludes for various joint and body pains.

The seven women are among approximately 50 across the country who have come forward with allegations that Cosby plied them with drugs and alcohol before sexually assaulting them. He denies the accusations.

In other developments, Cosby’s lawyer Marshall Searcy said Wednesday that he was considering asking for a postponement in the defamation case in light of the Pennsylvania criminal charges.

“It’s a new situation. It’s a fluid situation. And we’re trying to decide on the best approach,” he said.

The 78-year old actor was charged Dec. 30 with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman inside his home near Philadelphia in 2004. It’s the first criminal case brought against him.

In response, Cammarata called on the judge to set a deadline for when Cosby’s lawyers should file that postponement request.

Cammarata also objected to his clients being subjected to depositions while Cosby is allowed more time.

“We want to keep the case moving,” he said. “But we don’t want it one-sided.”

Hennessy didn’t immediately rule on Cammarata’s request.

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01-15-2016, 07:35 PM

Bill Cosby's Wife Appeals Deposition Ruling
The federal magistrate judge denied Camille Cosby's motion to avoid testifying last month
Published at 7:36 AM EST on Jan 15, 2016

Bill Cosby's wife is appealing a Worcester, Massachusetts, judge's decision ordering her to be deposed by lawyers for seven women accusing him of defamation.

The federal magistrate judge denied Camille Cosby's motion to avoid testifying last month.

Her lawyers argue that under Massachusetts law, a witness does not have to testify about private conversations with his or her spouse.

If she does testify, her attorneys will seek a protective order limiting the scope of her deposition, NBC News reported. Her husband's accusers are expected to file a reply to the appeal.

Camille Cosby is tentatively scheduled to be deposed on Feb. 22.

The seven women suing Bill Cosby are among approximately 50 across the country who have come forward with allegations that he plied them with drugs and alcohol before sexually assaulting them.

Bill Cosby denies the accusations. :rolleyes:

The 78-year old actor was charged Dec. 30 with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman inside his home near Philadelphia in 2004. It's the first criminal case brought against him.

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01-16-2016, 09:47 AM

Report: Bombshell Email Jeopardizes Criminal Case Against Bill Cosby
January 15, 2016 11:21 PM

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A bombshell email could derail the sexual assault case against comedian Bill Cosby, according to a new report.

The email, obtained by CNN, reportedly details a deal Cosby made in 2005 to keep a deposition in a civil case from ever being used against him in a criminal court.

That deposition is key evidence for prosecutors, who charged the 78-year-old in December with sexually assaulting a former Temple employee back in 2004.

The email was reportedly sent before charges were filed to former Montgomery County district attorney Risa Vetri Ferman by her predecessor.

No comment yet from the DA’s office or Cosby’s representatives.

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01-16-2016, 05:14 PM

Ex-DA Expected To Be Key Defense Witness At Cosby Hearing
January 16, 2016 3:23 PM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An ex-prosecutor is expected to testify that he promised Bill Cosby would never be charged over a Pennsylvania sex-assault complaint, but a judge must decide if that constitutes an immunity deal.

Then-District Attorney Bruce Castor will be a key defense witness at a Feb. 2 hearing to determine if the case is thrown out.

The defense argues that prosecutors who arrested Cosby last month unfairly used his deposition testimony from the accuser’s 2005 lawsuit against him. Castor supports their position.

But new District Attorney Kevin Steele says there’s no evidence of a signed immunity agreement. And accuser Andrea Constand’s lawyer says she doesn’t know of one.

The deposition shows Cosby testifying that he gave Constand wine and pills before performing a sex act. He calls it consensual. She says she was drugged and violated.

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01-18-2016, 05:25 PM

A Look At Bill Cosby’s Defense Team
January 18, 2016 4:05 PM


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — At his only criminal court appearance to date, aging :rolleyes: TV icon Bill Cosby stumbled past a scrum of photographers while two lawyers held him up on either side, walking him into a suburban Philadelphia courtroom.

The attorneys hired to defend Cosby in the sex-assault case are a study in contrasts:

— Outsider Monique Pressley, a lawyer-turned-TV legal analyst with side jobs as a pastor, motivational speaker and radio host, who got a taste of the limelight as a law student, posing a question about race in the O.J. Simpson trial on CNN’s Larry King Live.

— Insider Brian McMonagle, a revered local criminal lawyer whose past clients include mobsters, rappers, athletes and — in a case with some parallels to Cosby’s — the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia during the searing priest-pedophile scandal.

“He takes a very, very aggressive posture, but does it in a diplomatic and smooth fashion. It’s almost like an iron fist in a velvet glove. He is a strong advocate for his client, but can break tension with a quip or a joke,” said fellow Philadelphia criminal lawyer William J. Brennan. “Mr. Cosby is lucky to have him.”

McMonagle, 57, is expected to lead the defense arguments inside the courtroom when Cosby, 78, returns to court Feb. 2 in a crucial bid to have the case dismissed. He will attack the 12-year delay to file charges, the use of Cosby’s deposition from accuser Andrea Constand’s civil case, and the government’s plan to call other accusers to show a pattern of behavior.

But Pressley will be the lawyer people see on TV in their living rooms.

Pressley, 45, was plucked from relative obscurity to lead the sprawling flock of lawyers Cosby has deployed to fight sex-assault and defamation battles in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California, involving some of the dozens of women who accuse him of drugging and molesting them. After stints as both a prosecutor and public defender in Washington, D.C., she was doing TV commentary on the case when she impressed someone in the Cosby camp last fall.

“She’s got his confidence,” said celebrity defense lawyer Mark Geragos. “Obviously, you can’t diminish the fact that you would want a female on the defense team. You’re going to have female after female coming up and accusing him. … And race is always a subtext in the criminal justice system.”

Pressley, who is black, could boost Cosby’s battered standing in the black community. McMonagle, who is white, may play to jurors in mostly white Montgomery County.

Pressley has taken to the airwaves to blast accusers who come forward decades later to “persecute” someone. :rolleyes: And she dismissed an FBI study that found only a tiny fraction of rape accusations are proved false.

“How many people of influence and means have been the victims of extortion attempts? How many women — and men — have been willing to offer up their bodies on a casting couch?” she asked in a Huffington Post Live interview that earned raves for her poise under fire.

Constand, now 42, went to police in 2005 to report that Cosby had drugged and violated her a year earlier at his home near Philadelphia. Cosby called the contact consensual.

McMonagle will argue that a former prosecutor forged a deal that Cosby would never be prosecuted and could therefore testify, without invoking his right not to incriminate himself, in Constand’s later civil suit. In the deposition, unsealed last year, Cosby detailed his romantic interest in Constand, who is gay; his pursuit of other young women during his long marriage; and his use of quaaludes in the 1970s as a seduction tool. He settled with Constand soon afterward.

Incoming District Attorney Kevin Steele pondered that testimony, along with the dozens of new accusers, and decided to charge Cosby weeks before the 12-year deadline expired this month. He has said there is no evidence that Cosby had an immunity deal with former prosecutor Bruce Castor.

McMonagle has pulled off wins in cases no less difficult.

He unearthed a lab error in a drug-linked date rape case involving a local GOP official; helped persuade authorities not to charge future NBA standout Tyreke Evans as an accessory in a fatal 2007 shooting; and helped Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua avoid testifying in open court in the priest sex-abuse case.

The elderly Bevilacqua died before a loyal aide was convicted in 2012 of keeping the church’s sordid secrets under lock and key. Monsignor William Lynn has spent two years in prison while appeals courts debate the fairness of the trial, including the testimony of 21 church accusers his lawyers calls peripheral to the case.

McMonagle and Pressley will likewise press to keep other Cosby accusers from testifying. McMonagle declined to comment for this article, while Pressley did not return messages seeking comment.

“Anybody who thinks that you can just ignore the media, it’s kind of a quaint thought,” Geragos said ofCosby’s two-prong legal strategy. “There’s a trial inside the courtroom — but you don’t want to be in a position where you can’t find a jury willing to acquit him.”

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01-19-2016, 06:48 AM

Hannibal Buress Calls Impact of His Cosby Joke 'Weird' and Unexpected
By Lynn Elber
Published at 9:02 PM EST on Jan 18, 2016

Getty Images/AP
(L to R) Hannibal Buress, Bill Cosby

Hannibal Buress calls it a weird surprise that his Bill Cosby "rapist" joke precipitated the star's fall from grace.

"I was doing a joke in my show and that shouldn't influence public opinion. I don't know if it should go that far," Buress said Sunday. "It's weird to me that a joke did that."

Buress said he didn't perform the joke with the idea it would have repercussions for Cosby. He stopped short of expressing regret.

Speaking earlier to a TV critics' group, Buress said he's moved beyond Cosby as a punchline and doesn't see his career as defined by it.

"I've been working for a while and I continue to work," Buress said, citing his voice-over performances for films including the upcoming "The Angry Birds Movie" and ongoing stand-up appearances. A comedy special for Netflix will be released Feb. 5.

"That's just one joke that ... people took and really ran with it," he said.

In October 2014, Buress called Cosby a rapist during a Philadelphia stand-up performance. It was captured on video and posted online, gaining wide exposure and renewing scrutiny of decades-old allegations of sexual assault lodged by a number of women.

The chorus of accusers grew, eclipsing Cosby's public image as a charming, family friendly comedian and an African-American groundbreaker with his role in the 1960s in "I Spy" and his 1984-92 NBC TV sitcom "The Cosby Show."

Cosby had previously come under fire from some in the African-American community for critical remarks about the conduct of poor blacks.

Buress declined Sunday to discuss what prompted making Cosby a comedic target.

Cosby repeatedly has denied the sexual-misconduct claims, with his attorneys noting he had never been charged. That changed on Dec. 31, when he was arrested on felony assault charges in suburban Philadelphia stemming from a 2004 encounter with a former Temple University employee.

The decision represented an about-face by the district attorney's office, which under a previous leader declined to charge Cosby in 2005 when Andrea Constand first told police that the comic put his hands down her pants.

Responding last month to the charges, Cosby's attorney Monique Pressley accused the new prosecutor of "playing political football" with Cosby's life.

Buress, who appeared on the panel with John Mulaney and Patton Oswalt, drew support from his fellow comedians.

"Many, many people knew him as an excellent standup before that," Mulaney said.

Added Oswalt: "Hannibal was doing fine without that (the Cosby controversy). He'd be sitting here now if that had not happened. ... That's just incidental to where he was going anyway."

01-19-2016, 09:36 PM

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