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01-06-2016, 08:24 AM

Woman slashed in face walking to work in Manhattan
By Daniel Prendergast
January 6, 2016 | 9:00am

The scene where a woman was slashed in the face early Wednesday in Manhattan. Photo: William Farrington

A stranger slashed a 24-year-old woman in the face as she was walking to work in Manhattan early Wednesday, authorities said.

The woman was near the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 24th Street when an unknown man walked up to her and cut her face with a sharp object just after 6 a.m.

The attacker, who was described as wearing a red NBA jacket :mad:, then ran off.

The injured woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

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01-06-2016, 04:25 PM

‘He wanted to scar me’: Woman slashed in face walking to work
By Larry Celona, Dana Sauchelli, Shawn Cohen and Danika Fears
January 6, 2016 | 9:00am | Updated

Amanda Morris speaks to The Post at her Bushwick home after her horrific slashing ordeal. Photo: Paul Martinka

A 24-year-old woman’s daily commute to her job at the Chelsea Whole Foods took a terrifying turn when a maniac lunged at her with a sharp weapon and slashed her face.

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Amanda Morris, 24, of Brooklyn, who was cut on the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 24th Street around 5:35 a.m.

“He wanted to scar me, and that’s why he went for my face.”

Witnesses told cops they saw the deranged man flailing his arms and talking to himself shortly before the attack, law enforcement sources said.

And Morris had a gut feeling she should stay far away from the “suspicious” man, who was walking several feet ahead of her as she strolled up Seventh Avenue with her earbuds in.

“I thought he was homeless or drunk or something, because he was wobbling around and didn’t have any direction,” she told The Post, adding that he was wearing a red NBA jacket, white Jordan sneakers and baggy sweatpants.

“In my gut I knew he was not right. I knew he was on drugs or something because of the way he was walking.”

The creep, who looked no older than 30, slowed down as Morris walked up the street, letting her pass him — then suddenly ran towards her, slashing her down the nose and lips with a sharp object.

“I felt like I got punched in the face,” she said. “It was like, ‘oh that’s weird, why would someone punch me?’ Suddenly blood was all over my hands, and I started crying.”

It happened so fast, she never got a glimpse of the face of her attacker, who fled across the street and ran south down Seventh Avenue.

Feeling faint, Morris ducked inside the Malibu Diner, where workers gave her a towel for her gushing wound.

“They looked at the cut and said it’s definitely caused by a knife or razor — it couldn’t have possibly been done by somebody’s hand,” she said.

“I was freaking out, and I didn’t really know what to do.”

A diner employee took her down the street to the Whole Foods, where Morris’ supervisor called the cops.

At Bellevue Hospital, she received seven stitches for the deep cuts and was sent home around 10 a.m.

Cops found surveillance video of the attack, showing the disturbing
moment the suspect darted towards Morris with his weapon.

But police are still searching for the man.

Morris said she’d never seen the man in the area before — and this was the first time she’d ever run into trouble on her way to work.

“It’s pretty safe,” she said. “I’ve never felt uncomfortable — or thought of anyone as a threat.”

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01-07-2016, 03:18 PM

Deranged slasher also sliced a woman on New Year’s Day: cops
By Amber Sutherland, Daniel Prendergast and Jamie Schram
January 7, 2016 | 4:18pm


The deranged man who slashed a 24-year-old Whole Foods employee in the face on Wednesday also sliced another young woman on New Year’s Day, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Thursday.

A 28-year-old woman was walking into her South Bronx apartment building around 9 p.m., when Bazemore allegedly ran up to her and slashed her on the left side of her face with a sharp object, law enforcement sources said.

Bazemore was finally identified as the attacker after he was arrested for slashing 24-year-old Amanda Morris in Chelsea on Wednesday.

“Prior to that we had no video on that case to identify him,” Boyce said.

Bazemore also assaulted a 32-year-old woman on Dec. 30, punching her in the face as she was walking on Sixth Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street.

On Wednesday, a civilian who had seen Bazemore’s red jacket on TV spotted the deranged man while walking on Fifth Avenue.

“He sees an individual wearing this jacket and acting somewhat irrationally,” Boyce said. “He immediately went over and alerted this behavior of this individual to two mounted cops.”

Bazemore was arrested and charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon, cops said.

“He has no public record of any kind of mental disease,” Bazemore said, adding that family members told cops he does have psych issues.

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01-08-2016, 06:21 AM

Judge ignored warnings, freed ‘slasher’
By Rebecca Rosenberg, Jamie Schram, Larry Celona and Danika Fears
January 8, 2016 | 12:34am

Judge Laurie Peterson (bottom right) ignored warnings and let accused slasher and career criminal Karie Bazemore (above left), walk the streets. Photo: R. Umar Abbasi; Gabriella Bass; Splash News

The career criminal charged with slashing a woman on her way to work in Chelsea was on the streets because a judge *ignored warnings that he’s a “high risk” defendant and sprung him without bail on an earlier *assault, The Post has learned.

Kari Bazemore is also suspected in yet another attack on a Bronx woman after Manhattan Judge Laurie Peterson set him free on Dec. 31.

“She screwed up big time,” a court source said of Peterson, who has a reputation among courthouse regulars for being smart and fair. “Was her head in the sand that day or something?”

Bazemore, 41, who has more than 30 prior arrests, appeared before the Mayor de Blasio-appointed jurist on charges he slugged a woman in Greenwich Village as she walked with her husband on Dec. 30.

He was established as a “high risk” of flight — a key factor for judges in setting bail — by the New York City Criminal Justice Agency, which evaluates all defendants before their arraignments.

The nonprofit determined Bazemore was likely to skip his next court date and “not recommended for ROR [release on his own recognizance],” documents state.

Agency reps interviewed Bazemore and gave him an abysmal score of negative-6 on his CJA assessment — the lowest being negative-10, according to the report.

He lost points for not have a working phone, not knowing anyone who could appear at his arraignment and having prior warrants.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Ashley Foote — who asked for $1,000 bail — also said during his arraignment that he had “three misdemeanor convictions” and had failed to appear in court once before.

She told the judge that Bazemore admitted to cops that, “I pulled my hand out of my pocket and it landed on her face. She fell to the ground and I got scared.”

Bazemore’s Legal Aid Society lawyer, Claudia Emanuel, argued that he’s a self-employed “artist” who majored in fashion and “has community ties.”

Despite the red flags, Peterson released Bazemore without bail on the misdemeanor assault charges.

“Mr. Bazemore, you have to come to court starting February 1st,” Peterson told him. “You hear me? Make sure you come on that date.”

The next day, cops suspect that he slashed Bronx woman Nicole Pagliaro, 28, as she was about to walk into her apartment building, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.
“She screwed up big time”

- Court source on Peterson

A week later, on Wednesday, he allegedly sliced Amanda Morris, 24, in the face as she was walking to her job at a Whole Foods.

And Boyce said they are investigating him for other slashings in The Bronx.

“We’re looking back as we go forward,” he said.

Peterson refused to comment on the decision Thursday, saying she can’t discuss any cases.

Wearing a white jumpsuit, Bazemore walked out of the 13th Precinct station house without answering questions Thursday evening, and was awaiting arraignment on the new charges, including felony assault.

Pagliaro — the victim in the Jan. 1 attack — told cops a man ran up to her around 9 p.m. and said, “I’m not going to hurt you,” law enforcement sources said.

He then slashed the left side of her face with a sharp object.

“[He] didn’t rob me, didn’t go after me, didn’t try to cut me multiple times,” Pagliaro told DNAInfo. “Just one slash and then ran off.”

She identified Bazemore as her attacker after learning about his alleged assault on Morris.

“After reading this story from the Chelsea slashing, the way that he approached her, the way that he held the knife was exactly the same as my story,” she said.

Bazemore was arrested for the Chelsea slashing Wednesday night after a man spotted him in Midtown wearing the same red jacket he’d seen on a TV news report.

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01-08-2016, 06:25 AM

Chelsea ‘slasher’s other victim pleads: Put him away ‘for good’
By Dana Sauchelli
January 8, 2016 | 12:52am

Kari Bazemore (left) allegedly attacked this woman a week before allegedly slashing a woman in Chelsea. Photo: Robert Mecea; David McGlynn

A woman who was sucker-punched by accused Chelsea slasher Kari Bazemore told The Post she was sickened to learn of the latest attack — and hopes he gets locked away “for good” this time.

The 32-year-old victim, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she and her husband were in their own little world as they walked down Sixth Avenue between West 11th and 12th streets in Greenwich Village at about 7 p.m. on Dec. 30.

“It’s funny how things happen so fast, but we were mid-conversation, and I was pointing to something slightly across and up ahead to my husband,” she explained.

“As he slightly turns his head, I have a chance to see that within two feet of me was this very angry looking man coming straight at me.

“I saw he had a very belligerent gait, and before I had time to step away, his right fist punched me in my face, and it knocked me off my feet.”

Her husband looked over, shocked to see his wife on the pavement.

“He also stood there for a few seconds in utter disbelief and thought, how did this happen?” she said. “How did something out of nowhere, unprovoked, happen to a woman standing there with her husband?”

Several people rushed to help as her husband took off after Bazemore.

“My husband and two other witnesses — good Samaritans, good souls — ran after him, which, obviously, made me more upset, because I knew that the punch, the bruise, the fat lip would go away. But I was concerned my husband was running after a man who I didn’t know what he was capable of,” she said.

They tracked him for a few blocks, and police arrested Bazemore. He was charged with misdemeanor assault and released without bail.

“It was very remarkable how fast the police responded, and how fast our neighbors helped,” she said.

“I was just happy to see the compassion that people had and the police, the empathy.”

She was up all Wednesday night thinking about slash victim Amanda Morris and said she plans to reach out to her.

“The day that I was punched — at first, I thought he was an angry man, and I was the first person he saw to take out his grief and anger on,” she said.

“But, obviously, I didn’t feel like he would punch a man who is twice my size. You’re going to punch the 110-pound girl. When I saw the video yesterday, it was clear that when he crosses the street and targets the woman, it’s definitely against us girls out there.”

Now she hopes he won’t be allowed to roam the streets.

“I hope he will not be let out this time,” she said. “I hope this is it for good and he’s not able to do this to anyone else.”

“I think the hardest thing for me, if I meet Amanda, is telling her that I was attacked less than a week earlier and this could have been prevented,” she added.

“I wish this never to happen to anyone. It has been so upsetting. I have hardly told any of my family or friends because what’s done is done. Why tell them something that is so painful to repeat and something so sad to hear?”

01-09-2016, 06:12 AM

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/01/09/04/2FEDB50500000578-3391162-Victim_Nikki_Pagliaro_28_was_just_20_yards_from_he r_front_door_o-a-1_1452313042832.jpg
Victim: Nikki Pagliaro, 28, was just 20 yards from her front door on January 1 when she was approached by a man who said 'don't worry, I won't hurt you', when slashed her across the cheek

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/01/07/04/2FDB7BB400000578-3387878-Morris_was_taken_to_Bellevue_Hospital_where_she_re ceived_seven_s-a-49_1452142327509.jpg http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2016/01/07/04/2FDB7BF000000578-3387878-Amanda_Morris_pictured_after_the_attack_says_her_a ttacker_wanted-a-48_1452142327288.jpg
Second victim: Amanda Morris (pictured before the attack, left, and after, right) was viciously slashed in the face on her daily commute to work

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‘Slasher’ hit woman with bottle while yelling ‘white b–h’: cops
By Shawn Cohen and Danika Fears
January 9, 2016 | 12:21am

Kari Bazemore (left) has been charged with multiple assaults since being arrested in the slashing of a young woman earlier this week. Photo: Robert Mecea

The career criminal accused of slashing a woman on her way to work at Whole Foods on Wednesday is also suspected of striking a 25-year-old victim on the head with a bottle while calling her a “white bitch,” police sources said.

Kari Bazemore, 41, was charged Thursday night with a third assault, and has been linked to two more attacks since the end of September, sources said.

According to the newest charges, he struck a 43-year-old victim in the face with a heavy shopping bag as she stood on Fifth Avenue in Midtown on Nov. 4.

Cops have also linked him to a Sept. 29 attack on a 25-year-old salon worker and her 28-year-old friend as they were walking on East 174th Street near Walton Avenue in The Bronx, police sources said.

They had just left a subway station with a third friend, when the 25-year-old victim noticed a man in a gray hoodie running straight at her, police sources said.

The man then smacked the right side of her head with a bottle in a plastic bag, calling her a “white bitch.”

Her 28-year-old friend was injured as she tussled with the bottle-wielding man, who continued screaming, “Bitch!” at her, police sources said.

He is also expected to be charged in the slashing of Nicole Pagliaro, 28, who needed 150 stitches after she was attacked outside of her apartment building on Jan. 1, sources said.

Less than a week later, he was arrested for slashing 24-year-old Amanda Morris’ face as she walked to her job at a Whole Foods in Chelsea.

Bellevue Hospital doctors are evaluating Bazemore’s mental health, and he has yet to be arraigned for the Nov. 4 and Jan. 6 attacks, sources said.

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Chelsea slashing is chilling reminder of 1986 nightmare
By Dean Balsamini
January 9, 2016 | 10:40pm

Marla Hanson (L) in 1986 and Amanda Morris. Photo: AP; Paul Martinka

The vicious slashing of a young woman in Chelsea last week conjured nightmarish flashbacks for Marla Hanson, a stunning model whose disfiguring by two razor-wielding thugs horrified the city three decades ago.

“I just feel sick hearing something like that,” Hanson said of Wednesday’s assault on Amanda Morris, whose face was sliced by a deranged man as she walked to her job at Whole Foods.

Marla Hanson in 1986.
Photo: AP

Her alleged attacker, Kari Bazemore, 40, a career criminal with a history of mental illness, was being held at Bellevue Hospital on Saturday night and awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

“This was random,” Hanson told The Post. “It’s so friggin’ scary. Just walking down the street. It’s everybody’s worst nightmare.”

Hanson’s own horror occurred in Midtown on June 5, 1986, when she was just 24 years old.

Her landlord at the time, Steve Roth :orth:, had hired two hoodlums to attack her after she rebuffed his advances. After announcing a “stickup,” the assailants sliced her face with a razor blade outside a Midtown bar.

It took 150 stitches to close the wounds crisscrossing her face, and Hanson was left with an S-shaped scar from her right cheek to the corner of her mouth.

Gotham rallied behind the plucky Missouri native whose fresh Midwestern looks had already landed her spots in Visine and candy commercials.

Hanson’s continued courage and grace — even as defense attorneys tried to sully her character — dominated the headlines for years.

In 1987, Roth and his two hoods for hire, Steven Bowman and Darren Norman, were convicted. Each was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison for the attack.

With her modeling career over, Hanson found herself locked in a jail of depression and even considered suicide.

“The whole thing was such an awful experience,” she said from her Hudson Valley home. “I couldn’t figure out who I was most angry at — the cops or the courts or the press.”

The Post’s front page from Post front page June 6, 1986.

Now 54, she said she focuses on her screenwriting and her 18-year-old daughter, who attends NYU, like she once did.

“It’s all good . . . I love New York. I’m not in the city anymore, but there’s so much creativity. It’s such a happy, vibrant place,” Hanson said.

A longtime victims advocate, Hanson campaigned for the anti-stalking law in New York, pushed for a law against gender bias and helped extend the rape-shield law so victims could protect their anonymity.

Hanson said she would reach out to Morris to offer support.

“She’ll go through shock and disbelief before the healing,” she said.