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01-12-2016, 07:25 AM

Dad walks in and finds adult daughter murdered; suspect charged

Posted: Jan 10, 2016 10:31 AM PST

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A Hardin County father made a grisly discovery Sunday morning when he walked into his home in the 7500 block of FM 92, just north of Silsbee, and found his adult daughter murdered.

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office confirmed to 12News that Wendi Wanell Warner, 44, was found dead around 10 a.m. Warner was a mother of two and had a grandchild, according to her aunt Dorothy Underwood.

Joseph Anthony Latulas, 40, was identified as the suspect in custody and charged with murder according to Sheriff Ed Cain. Family members claimed the two were formerly in a romantic relationship.

Latulas was arraigned Monday afternoon with bond set at $1,000,000. As of Tuesday, Latulas remained in the Hardin County Jail.

It was not immediately clear to detectives how she died. An autopsy for Warner is scheduled for Monday.

Many friends and family members gathered at the home on Sunday afternoon to cope with Warner's loss.

"She was the funny one, the clown,” said Underwood. “Always had you laughing.":p:):D:barf9: