View Full Version : Brazil: Gang of spigger kids are violently mugging White tourists in daylight

The Bobster
01-09-2016, 02:46 PM

Gang of kids are violently mugging tourists in daylight
By Yahoo Travel
January 9, 2016 | 12:11pm


In August, millions of tourists from all over the world will be flocking to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

But now, all eyes are already on Rio de Janeiro thanks to a video of street youth gangs brazenly and violently mugging people that has gone viral.

The video, shot over the last few weeks, shows young criminals physically attacking passers by and stealing their phones, jewelry, and other belongings. Additional footage shows an adult male advising the group of thugs how to steal from victims.

According to the Daily Mail, the scenes were filmed by a local businessman who constantly heard cries for help from mugging victims. He placed a camera in his office window on the corner of Avenida Rio Branco (a major thoroughfare of the city) and Avenida Nilo Pecanha.