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10-21-2015, 09:31 AM

I知 not afraid: Slain cop reassured family before fatal shooting
By Kathleen Culliton and Kevin Sheehan
October 21, 2015 | 2:41am

Officer Randolph Holder (left) was shot dead Tuesday night in a Harlem shootout. Tyrone Howard (right) was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Slain Officer Randolph Holder came from a long line of cops and recently told a relative he wasn稚 殿fraid of the risks of the job.

滴e loved being a cop, said cousin Natalie Andrews, who lives across the street from Holder in Far Rockaway.

溺y father was talking to him [recently] and asked him, 羨re you sure you want to be a cop? He said, 塑es, this is my passion. I知 not afraid. I can handle it.'

Holder was killed in the line of duty Tuesday night in East Harlem, fearlessly running into the face of danger and a report of shots fired.

Police sources identified the shooting suspect as Tyrone Howard, 30. He has not been charged yet.

滴e always wanted to join the police force because I was in the police force in Guyana, his grieving dad, also named Randolph, told The Post from Harlem Hospital, where his son had just been declared dead.

滴e was a very disciplined, fun-loving, caring young man, always with a smile on his face.

Not only was Officer Holder the son of a cop, his grandfather was a cop too, Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

滴e was well loved by his fellow officers, the elder Holder said. 的知 feeling sad for my son.

He added that his son was in the process of buying a house, and that he had been dating the same girlfriend, Mary Muhammad, since they were both 14 years old.

Muhammad, too, rushed to the hospital and tearfully remembered the man she loved.

滴e was a very, very good man, admired by all, she told The Post. 滴e was the best guy ever.

The cop痴 aunt called him a man New Yorkers will miss.

滴e was a good and devoted person who gave his life to protect others, said Shelia Johnson.

Randolph Sr. said he was considering taking his son痴 body back to Guyana.

Holder痴 heartbroken family said the hero cop had been sending money home to his grandmother and brother in Guyana.

滴e has a beautiful smile, like an angel on Earth, said Andrews, 32. 滴e passed the detective test and was supposed to be promoted next week.

Holder loved reggae and soca music and would DJ at parties.

典o the man who killed my cousin, I would say, 塑ou took a loving person, a good family member. I hope you feel it. We are feeling the big loss in the family this morning, the grieving Andrews said.

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10-21-2015, 10:12 AM

Accused cop-killer wanted for separate shooting
By Larry Celona, Jamie Schram and Philip Messing
October 21, 2015 | 11:09am

The man accused of killing an NYPD cop in East Harlem had been wanted for questioning in another recent shooting which occurred on the same street where Tuesday night痴 fatal incident began, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Detectives had already been seeking Tyrone Howard, 30, in connection with a Sept. 1 shooting on East 102nd Street in the 23rd Precinct where Officer Randolph Holder worked, sources said.

Tyrone Howard

Howard a gangbanger with a long criminal history of drugs and shootings fatally gunned down Holder, 33, on Tuesday night during a confrontation with cops that began on East 102nd Street, authorities said.

甜Howard] had 15 total arrests for drugs, shootings. He is a gang member, a law enforcement source said. 鉄omeone should have caught him before this happened.

Detectives have recovered a 30-round magazine from the East River that they believe Howard tossed after the shooting, sources said.

They are still looking for the .40-caliber gun they believe he also used and threw in the river afterward, sources said.

Cops think he threw the murder weapon in the water because fishermen near the scene reported hearing a splash after the shooting, sources said.

When Howard was nabbed last night, he initially gave a fake name Juan Gonzalez, a law enforcement source said.

The suspect was due in a Queens courtroom Wednesday after receiving a summons Aug. 29 for an open container of alcohol.

Howard has done two previous stints in state prison, according to corrections records.

He spent time upstate between Jan. 4, 2013, and April 23, 2014, for possession of a controlled substance. He already had been a state guest between May 4, 2007, and May 24, 2011, for sale of a controlled substance.

The slain officer, Holder, was responding to a report of shots fired near 420 E. 102nd St. when he began chasing the suspect fleeing on a bicycle, law enforcement sources said.

The suspect headed north on First Avenue before he got onto a foot bridge at 120th Street and crossed over the FDR Drive to the East River. That痴 when he opened fire on police, hitting Holder in the forehead.

Holder痴 partner returned fire, hitting Howard in the leg and buttocks before he was arrested.

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10-26-2015, 04:50 PM

NYPD recovers gun from East River likely used to kill cop
By Larry Celona, Jamie Schram and Bruce Golding
October 25, 2015 | 9:47am

An NYPD diver on Sunday found the pistol that authorities believe career criminal Tyrone Howard tossed in the Harlem River after using it to kill plainclothes cop Randolph Holder.

The discovery of the .40-caliber Glock capped a round-the-clock search of the murky water since Holder was slain Tuesday night and came as the NYPD shut down the FDR Drive again so dozens of cops in protective gear could scour it for evidence.

The gun was found 100 feet from where cops pulled a 30-round magazine from the river Tuesday night, after a fisherman said he heard a splash after the shooting on the promenade.

The handgun was recovered by Detective John Mortimer in about 20 feet of water about 40 feet east of the seawall at 123rd Street, cops said.

的t痴 dark. They can maybe only see 12 to 24 inches in front of them. They池e on their bellies feeling around for the stuff, and he found it, said Manhattan Chief of Detectives William Aubry.

Investigators will run ballistic tests to try to link the handgun to spent shell casings found at the scene of Holder痴 slaying and at the site of an earlier shootout between Howard and a rival drug dealer, authorities said.

The casings at the shooting site have already been tied to a bullet seized from Howard痴 backpack, sources said.

鄭pparently, the bullet can still have markings if it痴 slid through the rack without being fired, a source said.

Aubry said the gun 吐its all the characteristics of the one used to kill Holder, the fourth NYPD cop fatally shot in less than a year.

After his arrest, Howard was 努orried about us finding the gun in the river, a source said.

滴e really focused his attention on this point. He was like, 塑ou guys can稚 get DNA or fingerprints off that gun,  the source said.

Cops will also try to get fingerprints and DNA off the gun, but sources said being in the water likely 電egraded that evidence.

Meanwhile, Holder痴 fianc馥 said learning of his death was 鍍he worst feeling ever.

滴e left. He said, 選 love you, I値l see you later, and he never came back. And he痴 never going to come back, Mary Muhammad told CBS-TV.

Muhammad said she wants to start a foundation to send police gear to their native Guyana, where Holder痴 father and grandfather served as cops.

Also Sunday, comedian Amy Schumer joined Sen. Charles Schumer, her cousin, at a City Hall news conference in support of new gun-control laws.

典he stories are gut-wrenching: a little boy killed playing cops, and Holder, an NYPD officer shot with an illegal gun by a chronic criminal . . . a little girl shot in her living room on Long Island, she said.

的 just sit in stunned silence, watching newscasts that read like obituaries.

Later, Charles Schumer visited Holder痴 family in Far Rockaway, where he said he invited the cop痴 stepmother, Princess, to lobby for gun control in Washington, DC.
Princess Holder said she was willing.

的 would like to go to Congress to let them know the pain, the emotional pain, and scars and the void that痴 left within our heart that could never be filled, she said.

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10-26-2015, 04:57 PM

How accused cop killer dodged prison for freedom before fatal shooting
By Rebecca Rosenberg and Laura Italiano
October 25, 2015 | 6:08am

The first time accused cop-killer Tyrone Howard asked for a no-jail rehab program, in 2011, he was ordered locked up instead; the second time he asked, in 2014, the answer was yes, and he was green-lighted for freedom.

A tale of two very different prosecutors, as reflected in hearing transcripts, helps explain why Howard went to prison in the earlier instance and was allowed to pursue a no-jail rehab deal in the second case, going on to shoot third-generation Police Officer Randolph Holder dead during a foot pursuit in East Harlem last week.

Both times, Howard, a 30-year-old career crack and heroin dealer, was before a Manhattan judge on a felony drug-sale rap, asking for what痴 called 屠udicial diversion, a chance to be diverted away from prison and into a rehab program.

But when he was denied diversion in 2011, it was after strenuous arguments before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Coin by an assistant district attorney with the city痴 Special Narcotics Office.

ADA Daniel Davis arguments stretch across four pages of transcripts, leading Coin who already had her doubts about Howard to send him to prison.

Davis argues at length about Howard痴 youthful-offender conviction, at age 15, for first-degree armed robbery.

And he goes into detail about a second violent case from Howard痴 rap sheet a 2009 shooting at an East River Houses basketball court in which Howard had been implicated but never indicted.

The second prosecutor, ADA Christopher Prevost, would only glancingly mention the armed robbery and make no mention of the 2009 shooting.

的 am concerned by defendant痴 record, that he is a three-time predicate [felon] and he had YO [youthful offender] for robbery in the first degree, Coin says in starting to discuss the no-jail rehab option at a Dec. 20, 2011, hearing.

展ell, that concerns me, as well, Davis, the first prosecutor, responds.

添our Honor, this is my case, even separate and apart from any drug use that this defendant might have, because the arrest in this case is PCP, passing over that is the violence that disturbs me as well, Your Honor, Davis says.

He continues, 的t came to my attention recently that Mr. Howard, it seems, was involved in a shooting. He was not indicted on it, for reasons I can explain.

Davis goes on to explain that man Howard was allegedly in a shootout with is the only eyewitness that could put a gun in Howard痴 hand and that witness had stopped cooperating.

Davis then went on to describe the ballistic, ear-witness and identification evidence that nonetheless linked Howard to the crime.

展e feel this defendant has a history of violence, which makes him much, much too great a risk for any sort of treatment program, Davis concluded.

After hearing arguments by the defense lawyer, the judge rendered her decision: 滴e is a three-time predicate felon, and he is only 27. I find institutional confinement of the defendant may be necessary for the protection of the public and is necessary for the protection of the public. So accordingly, diversion is denied.

Fast forward more than three years to December 2014.

ADA Prevost takes less than a page痴 worth of transcript to argue before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin for Howard to be kept in prison for six years.

笛udge, the defendant has four prior felony convictions. Each were drug offenses. He also has a 2000 youthful adjudication for robbery in the first degree. He has an open indictment that痴 pending in The Bronx for possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, he argues.

McLaughlin then green-lighted the rehab process, sending it to Justice Patricia Nuez, who approved Howard痴 release in May.

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10-26-2015, 06:24 PM

Judge who freed 祖op-killer apologizes: 選 am truly sorry
By Kevin Fasick
October 24, 2015 | 5:00am

Now she痴 sorry five months *after freeing the career drug dealer who is charged with murdering *Police Officer Randolph Holder.

The hero cop痴 death this week, by a bullet to the forehead during a shootout in East Harlem, 澱reaks my heart, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuez said Friday.

的 know. I am truly sorry, Nuez said sadly when a Post reporter reminded her about the 33-year-old cop痴 devastated family.

鄭nd I will speak on the record at sentencing, she added, referring to suspect Tyrone Howard痴 Nov. 12 court date in a 2014 drug-sale case the very one she had 途esolved in May by sending the gangbanger to rehab instead of jail, despite his history of three similar felony sale convictions and the advice of prosecutors.

Nuez then paused as she sat in her car outside her parking garage in The Bronx.

典here is nothing, she said, her voice strained, 鍍hat breaks my heart more than a police officer dying.

The judge closed her eyes for a second before adding, 哲othing.

After that, she excused herself and drove off to the court complex in lower Manhattan where a grand jury was about to begin hearing testimony against Howard for first-degree murder, which is punishable by life in prison without the chance of parole.

Howard is awaiting indictment nearby in the Manhattan Detention Complex, a k a The Tombs, and will be brought back to court Tuesday to learn the grand jury痴 decision.

He is among the jail痴 general population but on suicide watch, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

NYPD scuba divers and Harbor Patrol cops were continuing to drag the East River for the murder weapon, a .40-caliber handgun that detectives believe Howard tossed into the water. Searchers stopped at nightfall and were to begin again in the morning.

Investigators will continue to canvass for witnesses on Saturday, sources said.

Cops have been unable to find any video surveillance footage of the murder, and the only eyewitness so far is Holder痴 partner, Officer Omar Wallace, 31, whose return fire left Howard shot clean through the backside.

Wallace and Holder encountered Howard as they chased on foot a group of armed gang members fleeing a shooting on 101st Street and FDR Drive.

Holder had been a fearless in-the-trenches fighter in the NYPD痴 war against guns.

In fact, his death came the night before he was to testify in Manhattan Supreme Court as the key witness against an alleged gangbanger he pulled off the street last year again after a perilous foot chase in East Harlem, The Post has learned.

Holder would have testified at a hearing against Brandon Waters, 26, telling a judge that on East 104th Street on Halloween night 2014, he saw Waters touching his waist band and pursued him into the stairwell of a housing project, according to a law-enforcement source.

Holder caught up to Waters in a hall and allegedly saw him with a gun in his hand.
鉄top! Don稚 move! Holder shouted, drawing his service weapon.

Waters allegedly took off and dropped the gun.

Holder was the only witness who saw Waters with the gun, according to sources.
Modal TriggerA police officer lights a candle in honor of slain New York City Police officer Randolph Holder at a makeshift memorial outside the Police Service Area 5 Precinct.Photo: Reuters
When that hearing does go forward in early December, Holder will, in effect, make his case posthumously. Prosecutors will have to rely on the cop痴 grand-jury testimony, along with statements he made to them.

的 saw the defendant pull a revolver out of his coat pocket and throw it on the ground, Holder told the DA in a criminal complaint.

Waters served three years in prison in 2007 for gun and drug possession. Soon after his release in 2010, he was sent back to prison to serve two more years for criminal drug sales.

Meanwhile, the judge who had suggested rehab instead of prison for Howard, Justice Edward McLaughlin, has defended his and Nuez痴 decision to free the accused cop-killer.

的 don稚 get a crystal ball when I get a robe,鋳 McLaughlin told reporters the day after Holder痴 death.

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10-26-2015, 06:49 PM

NYPD seeking three men in shootout that led to cop痴 slaying
By Natalie Musumeci
October 23, 2015 | 6:34pm

Minutes before career criminal and gangbanger Tyrone Howard, 33, allegedly shot Holder in the forehead at East 120th Street and the FDR Drive on Tuesday, a gun battle broke out between Howard and another man that stemmed from a long-running turf war at the East River Houses, sources said.

Two housing officers were on the roof of the East River Houses at 455 E. 102nd St. at around 8:30 p.m. when they saw and heard people firing at each other, cops said. Those suspects fled the area.

Cops are looking to question these three men who were caught on surveillance video leaving the area.

Holder and his partner were responding to the reports of gunfire when Howard opened fire on them.

Anyone with information in regards to the shooting is asked to call the NYPD痴 Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

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10-27-2015, 08:26 AM

He didn稚 like Sharpton: Slain cop痴 fianc馥 slams possible eulogy by Rev.
By Sarah Trefethen and Larry Celona
October 27, 2015 | 12:34am

Mary Muhammad, with the late Officer Randolph Holder, says her fianc didn't like the Rev. Al Sharpton and wouldn't want him speaking at his funeral. Photo: Gabriella Bass

Slain NYPD Officer Randolph Holder痴 fianc馥 was stunned to hear that the Rev. Al Sharpton was asked to speak at his funeral because the policeman detested the anti-cop preacher, she told The Post on Monday.

滴e didn稚 like [Sharpton]. He wasn稚 a fan. So I don稚 know why [Sharpton] is speaking,鋳 Mary Muhammad said.

Sharpton claims that he met with Holder痴 father and that the dad asked him to speak at Wednesday痴 service.

On Saturday, Sharpton made a condolence call at the elder Holder痴 home in Far Rockaway and tweeted a photo of himself with Holder and other family members.

甜Sharpton] was asked by Officer Holder痴 father, and he痴 expected to speak, Sharpton rep John Weinstein said Monday.

But law-enforcement sources said Holder痴 dad, Randolph Sr., called the NYPD on Monday morning after news of Sharpton痴 supposed invite broke to tell them he invited the preacher only to attend the funeral, not to address mourners.

The sources added that Sharpton would not be speaking at the service.

Sharpton dodged questions from The Post on Monday afternoon, saying, 鄭n invitation was extended. And I知 not addressing it 稚il Wednesday.

的 have not been briefed on what痴 going on, he said regarding the conflicting accounts.

哲one of those sources have been involved in what I know . . . I really don稚 want to get into this issue.

The elder Holder, who was a cop in his native Guyana, refused to comment about Sharpton to a Post reporter.

He also shook his head and waved his index finger when told about Muhammad痴 remarks.

The plan to have Sharpton address mourners at Holder痴 funeral outraged the NYPD痴 rank-and-file because of the activist minister痴 history of leading protest rallies against alleged police racism and brutality.

典he service needs to be a remembrance of Officer Holder and the sacrifices he made to make this a safer city, one cop said.

的f Sharpton spoke, the spotlight would be on him, and it would not be on Officer Holder.

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10-27-2015, 08:48 AM

Sharpton: I won稚 speak at cop痴 funeral because of police backlash
By Shawn Cohen, Ben Feuerherd and Daniel Prendergast
October 27, 2015 | 10:44am

The Rev. Al Sharpton said Tuesday that he will not deliver the eulogy at the funeral for slain cop Randolph Holder and immediately pinned the blame on police officials.

Sharpton said he wrote a letter to Holder痴 grieving dad explaining why he felt he had to 努ithdraw his acceptance of the family痴 妬nvitation to speak, saying that he didn稚 want to distract from Holder痴 funeral.

的 thought my coming might give a sense of unity in the city, the letter reads. 的t is clear though after reading several articles that some union leaders and some others want to turn your and your pastor痴 noble efforts into some kind of confrontation or sideshow and not keep focused on the brutal, senseless murder of your son.

的 refuse, despite my strong feelings on police issues, to be part of anything that would marginalize and take away from the focus of this city and nation mourning your son tomorrow.

Sharpton said later that his decision to back out of delivering the eulogy came after reading a story in Tuesday痴 Post, in which he faced sharp criticism from police sources because of his long history of leading protest rallies against alleged police brutality and racism.

The activist was also slammed in the same article by Holder痴 fiancee, who said her husband-to-be 電idn稚 like Sharpton and couldn稚 comprehend why he would speak at his funeral.

的 saw your story, and I said, 舛ome on, this is going to be a circus, Sharpton told a Post reporter.

的知 not getting involved in some sideshow when the emphasis should be on mourning the slain officer, he continued.

的 think it痴 a desecration to the officer, and it痴 not what [the family] asked me to do,

典hey proposed this to me, he stressed.

Sharpton said he expected some criticism after announcing his plans to eulogize holder but didn稚 expect it to be so strong.

的 had agreed to something I was asked, even though I knew I was going to be criticized even by people on my side of the movement, he said.

釘ut I took the risk because I think the whole city ought to mourn what happened to this officer and step out of our comfort zones to say there are some things we ought to stand together on.

鏑et the record show the next time they say we don稚 care about slain police, not only do we care, we extended ourselves here.

10-29-2015, 07:31 AM
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Accused cop killer appears in court
By Amanda Lozada
October 29, 2015 | 1:57pm

Accused cop killer Tyrone Howard appears in Bronx Supreme Court Oct. 29. Photo: David McGlynn

The career criminal accused of killing a police officer appeared at a bail hearing in a Bronx court Thursday morning for a prior drug charge.

Tyrone Howard, 30, who allegedly shot NYPD Officer Randolph Holder dead in East Harlem on October 20, was arrested in 2013 for possessing 33 small bags of crack cocaine while serving time on Rikers Island.

But after posting bail in 2013, he skipped out on five court dates and was finally brought back into court after being arrested for the cop shooting.

Clad in an orange jumpsuit, Howard stared straight ahead as his bail was raised to $50,000 on Thursday.

滴e痴 being charged and now has been indicted for shooting and killing a member of service who was on duty as a New York City Police Officer, Assistant District Attorney Avni Patel said at the hearing.

展hen the defendant was arraigned on this case back in 2013, the people did request substantial bail, and bail was set in the amount of $2,500, she continued.

典he defendant made that bail, it was not sufficient to bring the defendant back to court, or for preventing him from being rearrested and staying out of trouble.

In 2013, Bronx prosecutors had offered Howard a deal for three to six years if he pleaded guilty to the drug charge, but he was arrested in another drug case in Manhattan in October 2014 before the deal went through.

The Manhattan judge allowed Howard to enter rehab instead of serving a prison sentence for the drug charge but he dropped out of the program by Sept. 1.

Howard痴 next court date in connection to the Rikers Island drug case was scheduled for January 6, 2016.

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11-24-2015, 03:22 PM

NYPD officers show up in force for arraignment of 祖op killer
By Rebecca Rosenberg
November 24, 2015 | 3:15pm

Dozens of comrades of slain NYPD Officer Randolph Holder including his partner showed up in court Tuesday for the arraignment of his alleged career-criminal killer.

Some of the nearly 70 officers wore blue t-shirts emblazoned with the last text that Holder, 33, sent several of them the day he was shot dead: 的t is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as sheep. Holder痴 father and fiancee also were in court.

Holder痴 accused killer, Tyrone Howard, 31, wore an orange jumpsuit as he hobbled into Manhattan Supreme Court shackled and using a cane. He had been shot by Holder痴 partner that night as he tried to flee after killing the officer, authorities say.

哲ot guilty, Howard mumbled to the judge, his eyes downcast, when asked how he pleaded to the charges against him, including aggravated murder, murder in the second degree and robbery

He was remanded without bail.

After the brief hearing, Holder痴 father, Randolph Holder Sr., stoically stood beside Patrolmen痴 Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch as Lynch praised his son.

展e found out what a true hero Randolph Holder was, an ordinary hero, 猫ynch said. 鄭 person that went home to his family each and every day, came to work each and every day, to protect your families.

Holder痴 partner, Omar Wallace, his fianc馥 and several family members were also in court but declined comment.

Randolph Holder Sr., father of slain office Randolph Holder, on Nov. 24
Photo: Steven Hirsch

典he death of Detective Holder shook our city and left his loved ones without a fianc馥, a son and a brother, said District Attorney Cyrus Vance. 典his prosecution will not bring back this brave public servant, but we hope, by seeking justice, it will bring a measure of comfort for Detective Holder痴 family, his colleagues in the NYPD, and the City as a whole.

Holder and Wallace, 31, pursued Howard on foot Oct. 20 after the thug got into a drug-related shootout in East Harlem, officials say.

As they chased him down a ramp near the footbridge of the East River Promenade and 120th Street, Howard allegedly pulled out a .40-caliber Glock and shot Holder in the forehead. Wallace returned fire, wounding Holder in the buttocks, authorities say.

Howard, who has a rap sheet that includes 28 arrests, was already wanted in connection with a Sept. 1 shooting.

典he proper venue to consider evidence is in the courtroom, said Howard痴 lawyer Michael Hurwitz. 典he jury will consider that evidence and render a verdict.

If convicted, Howard faces life in prison.

The Bobster
12-07-2015, 06:14 PM

‘Cop killer’ claimed he was a police informant: court docs
By Rebecca Rosenberg
December 7, 2015 | 7:54pm

Tyrone Howard at his arraignment on Nov. 24. Photo: Steve Hirsch

The career criminal charged with shooting dead NYPD Officer Randolph Holder during a footchase in Harlem ​tried to claim to cops he was a police informant, newly released court papers show.

Shortly after Tyrone Howard, 31, was taken into custody Oct. 20, he asked two detectives, “Blondie? Is Blondie around? I don’t know his real name. I dealt with him before. I gave him information.”

He continued, “I can make you look good if you help me. I’ll tell you everything. I can give you other homicides. Are you going to tell the media what I say?”

It’s unclear whether Howard was actually an informant.

He also initially told cops that his name was Juan Gonzalez and he lived in New Jersey.

He later admitted his real name and that he was high on PCP.

He claimed that out of nowhere cops started chasing him and shot him in the back.

“That cop shot me. The one who arrested me. For no reason. They chased me, said ‘got you,’ then shot me and handcuffed me,” he whined to police. “I was unarmed. I didn’t have a weapon. I didn’t do anything. I ran. I just kept running.”

According to prosecutors, Randolph Holder, 33, and his partner pursued Howard on foot Oct. 20 after the thug got into a drug-related shootout in East Harlem.

As they chased him down a ramp near the footbridge of the East River Promenade and 120th Street, Howard allegedly pulled out a .40-caliber Glock and shot Holder in the forehead.

His partner Omar Wallace returned fire, wounding Howard in the buttocks.

Howard, who has a rap sheet that includes 28 arrests, was already wanted in connection with a Sept. 1 shooting.

“My life is ruined,” Howard whined to cops, according to the court papers. “Can I call my girlfriend one last time?”

The court papers also show that authorities recovered a .22 Ruger revolver, a box cutter, a Glock, a .9 mm Sig Sauer, .22 Smith & Wesson pistol, ammunition, handcuffs, a police radio and other items.

It’s unclear where these weapons were discovered and whether they all belonged to Howard.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Howard faces life in prison.