View Full Version : Peace Corps Victims' Advocate Claims She Was Pushed Out - for reporting rapes

12-02-2015, 10:12 AM

Peace Corps Victims' Advocate Claims She Was Pushed Out



The woman hired by the Peace Corps to help fix the way the government agency treats its volunteers who are victims of sexual assault has been pushed out of her position on what she claims were trumped up charges to silence her dissent in the agency, as newly revealed documents indicate the Peace Corps continues to struggle with sexual assault and its handling of the victims.

Kellie Greene, former Director of the Peace Corps' Office of Victim Advocacy (OVA), told ABC News this week that earlier this month she was given a 120-day unpaid suspension from the Peace Corps, months after she said the agency accused her of "creating a hostile work environment." Greene alleged the Peace Corps was using a "flimsy excuse... to figure out a way to remove me from my position, so I wouldn't be in a position to really push the agency in the direction in the agency they need to go in - to be fully accountable to volunteers when they're sexually assaulted."

Greene said she was trying to force the agency to live up to its end of the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act, signed by President Obama in 2011 and named for 24-year-old Peace Corps volunteer Kate Puzey, who was killed while serving in Benin, Africa. Puzey's murder, which was the subject of an ABC News "20/20" investigation, came after she tried to report that a local Peace Corps employee was allegedly raping female students at a local school. Puzey was found in Benin in March 2009 with her throat slit.


Kate Puzey, 24, was murdered in March 2009 in Benin