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11-18-2008, 05:45 PM
Jury recommends death to double murderer (http://www.kjrh.com/content/news/breaking/story.aspx?content_id=19da9670-aa3d-43ee-9c25-f15337307304)
Video at link.
A Tulsa County jury on Monday night recommended the death penalty for a double murderer.

Last week, that jury convicted Victor Miller for the 1999 deaths of Mary Agnes Bowles and Jerald Thurman.

Investigators believe Miller and George John Hanson carjacked Bowles from a Tulsa mall parking lot, and drove her to a secluded area in north Tulsa County, where Thurman happened to be picking up a load of dirt.

Hanson was convicted and sentenced to death. He's now in a federal penitentiary in Louisiana.

Miller will be sentenced next month.

Jury in Tulsa selects death in 99 killings (http://www.newsok.com/jury-in-tulsa-selects-death-in-99-killings/article/3322965?custom_click=pod_headline_tulsa-news)
November 18, 2008

TULSA A jury delivered a death penalty for Victor Cornell Miller on each of two counts of first-degree murder Monday.

Miller received the death penalty at an earlier trial for the Aug. 31, 1999, murders of Mary Bowles, 77, a retired Bank of Oklahoma executive, and Jerald Thurman, 44, owner of a trucking company.

The earlier conviction was overturned on appeal.

A jury of seven men and five women deliberated a little under 21/2 hours before returning the recommendation to Associate District Judge Dana Kuehn, who said she will formally sentence Miller on Dec. 8.

Three witnesses and four family members of victims testified Monday in the penalty phase, as did Miller. The defendant said his multiple crimes were due to "my own incredibly stupid acts.†He did not admit to the two slayings, but said he was "deeply troubled due to the actions of some of my associates.â€

After hearing victim impact statements, Miller said, "Im truly regretful for the psychological trauma they have gone through.â€

In seeking to avoid the death penalty, public defender Pete Silva told the jury Miller will die in federal prison where he is serving life plus 157 years for other crimes.

"Does he get a freebie because he is already serving life plus 157 years?†Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris asked the jury.

Jurors deliberated less than two hours last week to find Miller guilty of the murders.

Jury To Consider Death Sentence For Miller (http://www.newson6.com/Global/story.asp?S=9359809)

Investigators say Miller and another man carjacked Mary Bowles from a mall parking lot back in August 1999. They say the two drove her to a secluded area. Jerald Thurman just happened upon Bowles and her abductors. Police say the suspects shot and killed both Bowles and Thurman.

12-14-2008, 12:14 PM
UPDATED: Jury hands two death sentences to killer whose appeal netted new double-murder trial

Tulsa County jurors decided Monday that Victor Cornell Miller deserved two death sentences one more than was meted out at his first trial for a double murder committed more than nine years ago.

A panel that deliberated about 2Úà hours handed Miller death verdicts for the murders of both Mary Agnes Bowles and Jerald Thurman.

The jury spoke loud and clear,Ãâ District Attorney Tim Harris said after the trial in Associate District Judge Dana Kuehns court.

Mary Agnes Bowles and Jerald Thurman's picture can be found at link below. Both victims were white. Victor Cornell Miller is black...

Judge gives double murderer 2 death sentences

11-12-2015, 04:52 PM

Convicted murderer in 16-year-old double homicide will not face death penalty
Thursday, November 12th 2015


Prosecutors in Tulsa County have decided to no longer seek the death penalty for a man convicted of a double homicide in 1999.

52-year-old Victor Cornell Miller is convicted in the fatal shootings of retired Tulsa banker, 77-year-old Mary Agnes Bowles and Owasso trucking company owner, 44-year-old Jerald Thurman.

The First Assistant District Attorney John David Luton announced the decision Tuesday in court, stating he came to this conclusion after talking with the victims' families.

Miller has fought a legal battle against Oklahoma since the jury convicted him in 2002.


Mary Agnes Bowles, 77 years old and a retired executive of Bank of Oklahoma.

Jerald Thurman, 44, an Owasso trucking company owner.