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The Bobster
09-04-2014, 05:49 AM

Allentown Man Facing Charges In Womanís Strangulation Death
September 4, 2014 8:33 AM

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) ó Authorities in Pennsylvania say they are charging a man in the strangulation death of a woman in an apartment that authorities say was regularly used as a place to smoke crack cocaine.

Police said the 33-year-old Allentown man will face a homicide charge in Lehigh County in the death of 60-year-old Shirley Dileo, whose body was found over the Labor Day weekend.

Prosecutors said the victim was found after an unidentified person told police that there could be a body in the apartment. Officials said the informant said multiple people were smoking crack in the apartment over the weekend but the suspect wasnít letting people enter the bathroom.

DiLeoís body was found in the unitís bathroom, and an autopsy concluded that she had been strangled.

11-10-2015, 08:13 AM

Allentown man blames alter ego of strangling 60-year-old woman in crack den

updated September 30, 2015 at 10:22 AM

In a truly bizarre hearing in Lehigh County Central Court, multiple witnesses openly admitted smoking crack, attorneys argued over whether a car was stolen or used as a "crack rental," and a man accused of strangling a woman told police an alter ego did it.

At the end of the hearing today, Jesus "Playboy" Dominguez now faces trial in the killing of 60-year-old Shirley DiLeo and for stealing two cars.

Dominguez remains in prison without bail. Prosecutors said they need to review the case to determine if they will seek the death penalty if Dominguez is convicted of first-degree murder.

Dominguez, in an orange prison jumpsuit and his hair in two tight braided pigtails, said nothing in court. He began slightly rocking in his chair at the beginning of the hearing, but that stopped once testimony began on the discovery of DiLeo's body.

While Dominguez stared straight ahead or at witnesses testifying during the hearing, he smiled when one witnesses identified him as a man who helped steal a 98 Cadillac in a separate case.

Asked who confessed to taking the car and then begged for forgiveness, Kenneth Howard Jr. pointed to Dominguez and said "Playboy" was sitting there "like he's never see me before. But ya have."

"He thinks he can smile now," DiLeo's daughter said with scorn from the courtroom audience. The woman cried when Dominguez entered the courtroom and pushed to watch him be escorted out before prosecutors and sheriff's deputies convinced her to leave.

Calls victim 'his cougar'

DiLeo was found dead Aug. 31 after Hugo Fajardo went to police to report a stolen car and then said there could be a dead person inside an apartment on the 500 block of Chew Street, police testified.

Fajardo testified today he and other people would go to DiLeo's apartment to smoke crack, and when they went the night of Aug. 30 Dominguez answered the door and said DiLeo was spending the weekend with family in Bethlehem.

Fajardo said it was his first time meeting "Playboy" but the group smoked crack. Domniguez "wouldn't let nobody get close to the bathroom at all" while they were there, Fajardo said.

After midnight, Dominguez said he was taking Fajardo's car to get more drugs and Fajardo said he refused to give him the car keys back. While Dominguez was gone, another person went into the bathroom.

"He told everybody that Shirley was laying on the floor, naked," Fajardo said. "I ran out. Everybody ran out."

Fajardo left with other people and smoked crack at another location before going to police to report the stolen car; he then told police someone told him they saw a body.

An autopsy found DiLeo was killed by strangulation, and Coroner Scott Grim on Tuesday ruled the manner of death as homicide.

Domingeuz was found Sept. 2 near the stolen car at Ninth and Hamilton streets, and was arrested, police testified.

In an interview with police, Dominguez said Fajardo's car was a "crack" rental, that he had given Fajardo five days' worth of crack in exchange for using the car for five day,

When police asked Dominguez about DiLeo "he referred to Shirley as his cougar," Allentown Detective Stephen Milkovits said; that he enjoyed getting high and having sex with her.

'Gabe' did it

Dominguez said that weekend he smoked crack with DiLeo, the two had sex and he passed out, Milkovits testified. When Dominguez came to, DiLeo's body was kneeling with her torso on the bed and she was dead.

"He said he could not recall what happened," Milkovits said.

Dominguez told police he took the body to the bathtub and began cleaning it with Ajax, Milkovits said.

"He did not want to get caught. He wanted to get rid of himself on her," the detective said. At the end of the interview, Dominguez said there was no way to sugar coat it, "He killed an old lady."

Police are not sure what was used to strangle DiLeo, but have sent several household items to be tested.

During the interview Dominguez told police "Gabe" was also in the apartment at the time, and described Gabe's piercings, and that he was wearing a necklace and gloves. Dominguez told police "Gabe" wouldn't let people into bathroom, was in room with him and Dileon.

"He made Gabe to sound like another human being," Milkovits said.

Detectives began to think otherwise when Dominguez spoke about not taking his medications and of being bi-polar and schizphrenic. Witnesses said there was no person at the apartment that matched Gabe's description.

Dominguez also spoke of hearing voices, and that the voices told him to kill everyone, Milkovits said.




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