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Baptist minister accused of sex crimes against teen church member
Updated: Fri 2:23 PM, Nov 06, 2015


Abbeville The pastor of a church near Abbeville was arrested on charges he raped and committed other sex crimes against an underage girl who is described a member of his congregation.

Camerius J. Mills, 29, of Edison, Georgia is accused of three counts of Rape 2nd degree, one count of Sodomy 2nd degree, and three counts of Traveling to Meet a Child for the Purpose of Having Sex. The alleged victim is 15-years old. The crimes are alleged to have occurred in July and/or August.

Mills appeared before Henry County District Judge Derek Peterson Thursday and was remanded to jail under $455,000 bond.
Sheriff Will Maddox said Mills, pastor of St. Luke Baptist Church, confessed to investigators. When he was led from the courtroom, Mills—also known as Minister Mills-:p-told reporters he apologizes to the victim and seeks forgiveness from God.

During the hearing, Mills appeared to be confused and disorientated at times. Peterson repeatedly asked if he understood his rights to an attorney. After Mills indicated he would employ one, he later appeared undecided. Peterson appointed Dothan attorney Cada Carter to represent Mills.

Maddox said federal charges could be filed against Mills because some of the crimes occurred on property managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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