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10-30-2015, 05:53 PM
The war in Norway (http://voxday.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-war-in-norway.html)

It isn't over. It has barely begun (http://www.infowars.com/norway-immigrants-brutally-gang-rape-14-year-old-girl-one-gets-off-with-community-service/).

Three African immigrants who brutally raped a 14-year-old girl to the point where she wanted to kill herself were given extremely light sentences by a court in Norway, with one receiving community service and avoiding prison altogether.

The incident happened on the night of July 30 when the three men accosted the girl on a commuter train before also molesting her in a farm house and at an apartment in Oslo.

During her ordeal, the girl was raped both orally and anally before being forced to take drugs. According to reports, the abuse, which lasted for hours, was so horrific that at one point the girl expressed a desire to take her own life to end the suffering.

The girl suffered “severe mental damage” and PTSD as a result of the incident, missed a year of school and is still struggling to deal with what happened.

The three men, 18-year-old Bile Mohamed Elmi, 21-year-old Abdirizak Nur Ali and 21-year-old Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed, were initially charged with gang rape, which carries a maximum sentence of 21 years.

However, prosecutor Cecilie Schloss Møller insisted there wasn’t enough evidence and the three men were convicted of sexual contact with a child under 16 years of age, which carries a lighter sentence.

I always figured they'd put up statues to the guy one day, but at this rate, they'll be letting him out of prison and turning over the military to him before long. He looks less and less crazy every passing day.


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Denmark jacks off invaders

Denmark is to make mandatory sex education classes a pre-requisite for migrants before they can receive*state benefits, as part of an ongoing shake-up of immigration law in the country, and to curb*migrant rape activity.

Reacting to statistics which show migrants are almost three times*more likely to rape than ethnic Danes, the government has announced its intention to package sex education into language courses now taken by migrants. A*majority of MPs are ready to vote for the measure.

The new right-wing government changed the laws on state benefits*shortly after their election in July so migrants could no longer claim unemployment money from the state. Under the new system, they receive a much lower amount called an ‘integration benefit‘, the receipt of which depends on them taking Danish classes.

By rolling sex education into language lessons, the government may make*learning about Danish sexual culture mandatory for foreigners hoping to receive state aid.

Europe has a developing rape problem, one it has imported as hundreds of thousands of migrants flood to the continent in search of a better standard of living, bringing with them radically different social standards and accepted norms. The rate of ingress has hampered integration and fostered ghettoisation,*factors which have exacerbated the rape crisis.

The programme will follow the example set by Norway, which has made a five-hour course on how not to rape people mandatory for inhabitants of asylum centres. The lessons explain that women who drink alcohol or dress in western style clothes are not automatically inviting men to have sex with them, reports*TheLocal.dk.

Norwegian asylum coordinator Linda Haden explained the culture clash which makes sex education for foreigners important:

“It’s difficult if you come from a country where women never go out,” she said. “When you see a girl with a short skirt dancing at a party late in the evening, what kind of message will it give you?

“It’s important to tell them that this kind of behaviour or clothing doesn’t mean that your’e allowed to go the whole way. If a girl says ‘no’, it’s a ‘no’.”

The statistics behind the move are powerful. Unlike other European nations, Denmark counts its population as either native Danes, or foreigners and their descendants as one category. In 2010,*over half of all rape convictions*in the country were handed to migrants and their descendents, mostly*Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis. At the time, this group accounted for just one-in-ten people in Denmark.

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Norway: Immigrants Brutally Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl and Get Extremely Light Punishments (http://www.discussionist.com/1014196973)

One of them only gets community service.