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Royal Oak victim ID'd; suspect is ex-girlfirend's brother

Updated:Oct 28 2015 09:15PM EDT

http://static.lakana.com/media.fox2detroit.com/photo/2015/10/28/roak_shooting_victim1_1446079262530_410047_ver1.0_ 640_360.jpg

Jameka Walton and her family are devastated that her brother, 28-year-old Kenith Walton was murdered in Royal Oak on Monday.

"Hurt cannot describe how I feel right now," said his mother, Jalina Brown.

Brown had just moved back to Michigan one week ago, just saw her oldest child over the weekend.

By Monday morning he was dead, shot and killed at a home on Fern in Royal Oak. The suspect, sources identify as his ex-girlfriend's brother, 27-year-old Kirk Leach.

http://static.lakana.com/media.fox2detroit.com/photo/2015/10/28/roak_shooting_suspect2_1446079262105_410045_ver1.0 _640_360.jpg

"I'm not supposed to bury any of my children," Brown said. "My children are supposed to bury me."

He's had some hard times but he's a loving, caring person," said Ashley Barker. "He didn't deserve this."

Barker has a 6-year-old son with Walton, also known as Kenith Walter, a man who spent time in prison for home invasion, but was trying to get his life back on track.:cool:

Instead, Kenith died of multiple gunshot wounds. The alleged shooter was arrested Monday in Garden City with the help of the FBI violent crimes taskforce and the DEA.

But Kenith's mother says her son's murder did not involve drugs.

"He did some time but he did his time," she said. "It was never drug-related like they are trying to make it seem like now. It was not drug-related, it was over a girl."

Now this family left trying to bury a young man, a son, a father, and a brother gone too soon - over something so senseless.

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Supporters of Kirk Leach shout out "he didn't do it" while he is taken away live at 10 @WWJ950
6:53 AM - 29 Oct 2015