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The Bobster
10-27-2015, 08:55 PM

Caught on Camera: Woman Hangs From Passenger Side of Car Along Delaware Road
By Dan Stamm
Published at 4:47 PM EDT on Oct 27, 2015

A video posted online shows a woman being dragged during an argument and the dramatic scene that played out once she let go along the side of a Delaware roadway.

The 12-minute long video -- shot from another vehicle -- begins with two women standing outside a car at the BP gas station at 2360 Pulaski Highway (U.S. Route 40) in Newark around 1 p.m. Monday, said Delaware State Police.
Aiun-Yea Chambers (http://mugshots.com/search.html?q=+De+Chambers&page=2) mugshot
As the women approach the passenger side of the sedan, the car -- driven by Aiun-Yea Chambers of Wilmington, said police -- takes off with a woman in a pink coat -- later identified as Mykia Lee of Wilmington -- hanging out of the open passenger side door as the car turns onto northbound South College Avenue (state Route 896) from Route 40. The video then cuts to the woman in pink attempting to stand up on the side of the road as the sedan is stopped.

Lee, who police say refused to let go of the car as she was dragged, then walks over to the trailing car and asks for help.

I swear to God, please call the cops, please, she says before collapsing beside the trailing car while holding her scraped leg.

The frantic woman in pink -- occasionally ooking on her sail foam -- then tries to explain what happened to her.

Shes trying to kill me, Im holding onto the car while she keeps driving, she says.

Other onlookers can be seen talking to 911 as Lee occasionally writhes in pain on the side of the road.

I cant move, she screams.

After a few minutes, the video cuts to a man responding to the scene and helping the woman. Later, the video cuts again to medics arriving and loading the woman onto a stretcher before putting her in a waiting ambulance bound for Christiana Hospital. Lee was treated at the hospital for minor injuries, said investigators.

Delaware State Police said they dont know the identity of Chambers' other passenger. They asked anyone with information on the incident to cal 302-365-8505.