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10-21-2015, 06:08 PM

Subordinate seduced me — then got me fired: executive
By Julia Marsh
October 21, 2015 | 8:28pm

A lawsuit claims that Tila Azeem (main) set Citi's Head of Global Prime Finance, David James Murphy (inset) by telling her bosses that he sexually harassed her.
Photo: Main: Facebook, Inset: Citi Group

A former Citigroup executive says a young banana-nosed sandnigger female underling set him up to be fired from his $2.4-million-a-year job by subjecting him to an evening of drinks and dirty talk about her breasts, lips and sexual prowess at a SoHo hotel bar — and then falsely telling their bosses he came on to her, court papers said.

David James Murphy, who pulled in $1 billion in revenue as Citi’s Head of Global Prime Finance, claims junior analyst Tila Azeem told him lurid tales about her sex life in an apparent effort to get him to say he had the hots for her during their night out in 2014.

The 45-year-old banker insists there was never any hanky panky with the 25-year-old worker — but that didn’t stop her from ending his career by claiming to his bosses that he stalked and sexually harassed her, court papers says.

“The relationship—while an extremely close one—was never sexual, nor did Mr. Murphy ever make any overtures towards the formation of a sexual relationship,” his attorney John Singer insists in an arbitration claim that accused Azeem of slander.

The married father goes into excruciating detail in his 66-page claim to try and prove that Azeem is to blame for his dismissal from Citi.

The Australian recalls one night at the James Hotel in 2014 when Azeem allegedly tried get him to admit he had the hots for her.

“Azeem attempted … to induce and coerce Mr. Murphy into revealing his true ‘feelings’ for her,” which were only “friendship” said the suit. It added that she tried to “provoke ‘confessions’ of romantic proclivities.”

At the hotel, Azeem allegedly “boasted at nauseam and gleefully about her breasts and how they were undoubtedly larger than Mr. Murphy probably realized,” he claims.

Azeem also talked of how she was asked to be a “swimsuit model and as a lip model.”

She also “confided that she and her fiance were having sex every week. … She also unprovoked, shared her preferred lighting arrangements for the performance of said act,” court papers said.

The next day Azeem cut off all communication. Two weeks later, company HR told him Azeem claimed “He stalked her, [and] tried to get her in bed.” He was fired days later.

He filed an arbitration claim in September against Azeem for slander. Azeem countered this by seeking to stop the arbitration in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Murphy has returned to Sydney with his wife and daughter.

His attorney, John Singer, called Azeem’s case was “baseless.” Azeem’s lawyer, John Snyder, had no comment.

10-22-2015, 05:49 PM
The family are believed to be originally from Karachi, Pakistan. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3284046/Australian-executive-claims-New-York-woman-seduced-graphic-tales-sex-life-breasts-sacked-2-4-million-year-job.html)