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  1. KC teen Devon Davis charged with shooting man to death after he stopped to tie his shoe
  2. BBQ restaurant owner and neighbor robbed, shot by jigaboos
  3. No joke, suckas: Jew S A now has official, Orwellian Ministry of Truth--removing free speech
  4. State Farm advertisement featuring a mixed race couple getting engaged is viciously attacked by raci
  5. Domestic Call Nog Refuses To Drop Knife, DC Kwaps Dispatch Hims To Negro Heaven
  6. Negro in Vero Beach homicide case of WM, 25 jailed on more charges
  7. Silverback negro arrested Christmas Eve after providing alcohol, drugs to minor, raping her
  8. Obama cried at send-off, says he could have been re-elected
  9. Transgender black man slashed by Hispanic female after offering his seat
  10. Hispanic Ex-student killed teacher lover, son because new girlfriend is pregnant
  11. Hispanic accused of killing ex-teacher, love child says mom cut visit short
  12. Firefighter slashed by racist black thugs who stole his presents
  13. EMT lied about being slashed by thugs on Christmas: police
  14. 2 Hispanic men injured after knife fight over woman
  15. NYC education official accused of punching, kicking spouse - “Get out of my office, you n—-r! Get ou
  16. If an ape screws a woman, will there be viable offspring?
  17. Drexel Professor Under Fire For ‘White Genocide’ Tweet
  18. (Afghan) Driver in Bob Simon’s fatal wreck won’t disclose medical records
  19. Camel jockey arrested for walking on beams above Brooklyn Bridge
  20. Black Murder suspect falsely accuses commissioner of excessive force
  21. Kwaps connect missing wite gurl to Chesapeake dead nigger storage
  22. Omaha WM, 50 shot to death in his own home by 2 negros in clown masks
  23. Omaha WM, 50 shot to death in his own home by 2 negros in clown masks -1 black killer clown arrested
  24. Negro in RAPE and death of DC WF yoga teacher, 46 was also wanted for robbery and assault
  25. Kenya: Homoerectus Gets Rapes An Entire Zoo's Worth Of Animals
  26. Jerry Curl Jiggaboo Deletes Hims Faddah
  27. Negress Lyft Driver Held On $15K Bail For Dorchester Stabbing
  28. hitlery and slick Willie negotiating w. Obola for pardons
  29. Report: 8-Year-Old Transgender NJ Boy Asked To Leave Cub Scout Pack
  30. Family Sues NJ Boy Scouts Over Kicking Out Transgender
  31. Murder Charges For (Colored) Woman Who Shot (Black) Boyfriend While He Was Driving
  32. Gay couple featured in Second Avenue subway mural
  33. KC police release video of armed robbery of WF in parking garage by negros
  34. Unit 731: Japanese WWII covert biological research
  35. Lawrenceville, GA WM, 21 shot to death by the colored boy
  36. Lawrenceville, GA WM, 21 shot to death by the colored boy
  37. Quadroon Ex-Employee Claims Livermore, CA Versace Outlet Racially Profiled Nogs w/ Code “D-410”
  38. 2 Spics Playing Vulgar Music Stab Nog To Death Inside Hayward, CA Target
  39. Black Ex-state senator broke the law because he was ‘embarrassed’
  40. Wite wimman wearing mudshark sunglass dun aerated buck to deff after tenderizing
  41. Spook arrested in sexual battery of 80-year-old woman
  42. Army Colonel Learns Fate in Child Pornography Case
  43. Canada: Queers Want to Alter HIV Disclosure Law
  44. (Hispanic, Asian) Federal agents took bribes to let drugs, illegal immigrants into US
  45. Cops nab (black) crybaby suspected purse snatcher in Central Park
  46. ‘God made me bulletproof’: (black muslim) cRapper survives being shot for 11th time
  47. Cab driver Imman Hussain accused of groping woman, saying ‘this ass is going to be mine’
  48. ANOTHER assassination, little known: France almost had premier who might have stopped WWI
  49. DUI negress guilty in death of Bloomington, MN WM public works employee, 38
  50. Feral niggers filmed themselves injuring a cat by pouring boiling water on it
  51. Mexican charged in Hillsborough, NC white child's death was in country illegally, ICE says
  52. McCalla, AL WM, 17 shot to death illegal firearm transaction by negro, 2nd un-named perp
  53. Hip hop monkey Trey Songz chimps out on stage; kwap injured from chucked object
  54. NYPD Changes Policy, Will Allow Officers To Wear Turbans
  55. (Jewish) Activist, filmmaker (((David Steiner))) killed during bus crash in Uganda
  56. Re: Murdering raping NAGA finally gets deff penalty - black Army cook rape-murderer
  57. Police Arrest Sergey Kapustin, Pennsylvania Auto Dealer for $2M Fraud on Russian Citizens
  58. Woman in late 70s sexually assaulted by the negro in Dover
  59. Re: Is you seen my mammy? Toddler found wandering in Brooklyn
  60. Low Down Homo Faggot School Teacher And Partner Accused of Sexually Abusing 8 Boys Kill Themselves
  61. Half-breed blacktivist:Jesse Williams race baiter extraordinaire, inciting maximum TNB at BET awards
  62. Nigger Footballer Suspended From Bowl Game For Shoplifting
  63. (Barack Hussein Obama II) Slaps Sanctions on Russia, Expels 35 Diplomats
  64. Putin Says Russia Won't Expel US Diplomats in tit-tat Obama baby tantrum flap
  65. DARK Hispanic Prisoner Daniel Ortiz escapes from Greenwich Village hospital
  66. DARK Hispanic Prisoner Daniel Ortiz escapes from Greenwich Village hospital
  67. Escaped (Dark Hispanic) prisoner caught after allegedly riding subway
  68. School board demands Trump ally resign over racist Obama comments
  69. Negro charged with threatening Austin police officer has 82 previous arrests
  70. Boko Haram Jihadists Teach Boy Soldiers How to Rape Women
  71. Woman sexually assaulted while jogging on levee by the negro, NOPD says
  72. History: how St. Constantine the Great established SUNDAY as definitive Christian day of rest
  73. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA Links Suspect to 1999 Rape of Teen; Police Seeking Man
  74. Horrifying video shows nigger dragging sick pet dog from his truck and dumping it outside shelter
  75. White 9-year-olds robbed of $13.53 at lemonade stand by g-money nigger Deante
  76. Caught On Video: 3 (black) Suspects Attack Teen At Gas Station
  77. Bill Cosby "America's Rapist" - His Lawyers File Request To Change Venue For Trial
  78. Dumb wite gurl wheeled Jiggaboo Johnson that shot Mexican to death road-rage
  79. High school negro allegedly posed as FBI agent to receive services from prostitutes
  80. Fired ‘School of No’ black female principal has petition to get job back tossed by judge
  81. Down low negro, 31, charged wit stabbing boyfriend
  82. Valdosta negro arrested after woman sexually assaulted
  83. Rodrigo ‘Scully’ Duterte Throws Chinaman from Helicopter?
  84. White Worship of LeBoon James, Coonvaliers: Private Cessna Most Likely Bottom of Lake Erie
  85. White Worship of LeBoon James, Coonvaliers: Private Cessna Most Likely Bottom of Lake Erie
  86. White Worship of LeBoon James, Coonvaliers: Private Cessna Most Likely Bottom of Lake Erie
  87. Wetback that raped 13 y/o on Greyhound bus had 19 deportations, removals
  88. Columbus coon sexually assaulted woman in front of 1-year-old
  89. Secret email, letter reveal psychiatry to be a total fraud
  90. Police: 3 Sheboons Entered Wawa Just to Throw Coffee On Employees
  91. Negro TV Personality Nick Cannon Says Planned Parenthood Founded To ‘Exterminate’ Black People
  92. California Democrats legalize child prostitution
  93. Former Low Down Homo Faggot Says It Was Easier to Leave Homosexuality Than to Change His Diet
  94. Florida Man Arrested for Demanding McDonald’s Stop Playing Christmas Songs
  95. Police: (black) Duo Beat Man With Rake, Tied Him Up, Then Stole His Marijuana
  96. Ex-Delaware Principal Noel Rodriguez Faces 40 Yrs in Prison If Found Guilty on Federal Theft Charges
  97. 100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering
  98. Pair of Spades Rob Restaurant At Gunpoint
  99. Mook Using 'Plenty Of Fish' Dating App Gets Robbed, Beaten Trying To Meet Coalburning Whore
  100. Greek diplomat murder: Wife's mulatto? lover confesses to plot in Brazil