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  1. Hispanic Man fatally shot at baby shower by one of a group of Hispanic men
  2. Hispanic Man fatally shot at baby shower by one of a group of Hispanic men
  3. Dad went undercover to bust nigger school aide hitting on daughter
  4. ATL PD release sketch of rape spook
  5. White mom, her black daughter and her daughter burned to death in mobile home by the negro
  6. Knoxville negro charged with child rape
  7. Miami kwaps say nigga they made good had gun; fambly ooks hims habs hands up
  8. South Jersey Man Charged In Sexual Assault Of 7-Year-Old Girl
  9. Report: Homeland Security Officials Took Millions in Bribes to 'Look the Other Way' on Drug Cartels
  10. Cartel Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agent in Arizona
  11. WF Waffle House waitress fired after shooting gun during robbery; niggers threaten to shoot everyone
  12. Boynton Beach police arrest colored boy groping, pleasuring himself in front of elderly women
  13. Video: Crackhead Re-enacts Dead Nigger Storage For Memphis Wite Wimman TV Reporter
  14. AMBER ALERT Canceled, Hispanic Baby Girl Found Safe in Reading, Pennsylvania - her mother was killed
  15. (Black) Suspect Stones Man to Death in Atlantic City: Police
  16. Super Solar Flare of 1859 -- potential to knock out all cellphones
  17. Most likely the 1st dead nigger storage of 2017 comes out of Buffalo, NY @ 1am
  18. White couple shot during CLT Plaza Midwood robbery by negros released from hospital
  19. Coon Hunt for New Year's Day shooting in Fort Smith
  20. Coon Hunt for New Year's Day shooting in Fort Smith
  21. Geraldine Ferraro’s son wins pardon in coke dealing conviction - pardoned by Democrat
  22. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  23. EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm
  24. Afghan teenagers are convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point in Sweden NONE will be deported
  25. Mort "Button Man" Berkowitz sells out of Trump merchandise
  26. 2 Injured, (Hispanic man) Delgado Charged In Violent Mobile Home Park Dispute
  27. Cosby’s Attorneys Give Reasoning For Moving Trial
  28. Ex-wife of energy tycoon is sued for asking chef to cook ‘black people food’
  29. Two roachettes among 4 dead in apparent murder-suicide
  30. (Hispanic) Lawmaker shot in the head at New Year’s party survives
  31. Transgender man says he was assaulted, robbed on subway
  32. Texas Cops Fired On by 4 or 5 (black) Armed Robbery Suspects
  33. Negro followed woman into Ditmas Park, Brooklyn elevator in attempted rape
  34. Video shows aftermath of feral negress chimping out in Shlomobucks
  35. North Carolina bluegum gang member charged with raping, kidnapping college student
  36. Poll: Transgender Goal Supported by Only 22.7 Percent of Americans
  37. Mandingo charged with rape, kidnapping of 16-year-old
  38. Re: Niggers are to banks what flies are to feces
  39. Philadelphia Police Investigating Videos of Sheboon Officer Fighting
  40. Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President says that the black female that slapped an officer
  41. ‘Next Pope’ Says Trump Could Be Like ‘Best President’ Reagan
  42. Caught on Cam: Peeping Uncle Tom Stares Into Bathroom of NJ Home: Police
  43. Cuomo defends commuting sentence of radical Brinks robbery getaway driver
  44. Lawmakers move to block clemency for cop killers’ getaway driver
  45. Dapper (black) gunman tries to rob parking garage
  46. Murder case dismissed against (dying demented) ex-wrestler 'Superfly' Snuka
  47. WF, 23 shot in the back by negros during boutique robbery may never walk again
  48. New Jersey Man Sentenced To 135 Months In Prison For Distributing Child Pornography
  49. 6 negros sexually assaulted girl in Colorado Springs
  50. (Black) New Jersey Corrections Officer Smuggled in Items to Inmates: Indictment
  51. Negro arrested after body of missing WF, 53 found in crawl space of Paris, Ky. duplex
  52. Bagel shop worker fired for refusing to serve cops
  53. UK: Awards to be denied to any British movie that only has heterosexual white actors.
  54. "Nigga will steal yo stuff"
  55. Exterminator Dashawn Leggett crashed city-owned car after night of drinking
  56. TV reporter gets schooled on fraudulent Obama birth certificate
  57. Second negro arrest made in deadly hit-and-run of WM, 23 in Summerville, SC
  58. 18-year-old negro arrested following deadly home invasion of WM, 46 in Linconlnville, SC
  59. Broward County Negress Arrested for Deadly Hit and Run of WM, 57 Outside Casino
  60. University of Wisconsin Course Examines Negative Effects of Masculinity
  61. Nigger monkey wit big bootlips, hims gf robbed, assaulted dozens (some white) on LA streets
  62. Tyler negro indicted for sexual assault of a child
  63. Former Radnor Township Official Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 103-Year-Old Woman Multiple Times
  64. Negress Sow Seen Using Missing Bethesda, MD WM's Credit Card Turns Herself In
  65. Obama’s pal catches major break in for-profit college deal
  66. Negro thrill kill of Indianapolis WM father on front porch still unsolved
  67. Focus on jogger’s murder helps cops solve 1995 cold case (by dark dead Hispanic)
  68. Video shows NYPD cop punching Hispanic man Heriberto Nunez in head during arrest
  69. (Evil black) Elf stalks subway rider with icepick in hand
  70. West African Harlem resident: Revenge porn victim to Google: Make me disappear
  71. Revenge porn victim whose West African name is four words long wants Google to "Make me disappear"
  72. NY Sen. (((Charles Schumer))) says National Harriet Tubman historical park closer to reality
  73. Sen. (((Charles Schumer))) pushing National Harriet Tubman park under fire for lack blacks on staff
  74. Negro arrested in Elizabethtown, KY stabbing death F ResCare worker, 66
  75. Crazy negro arrested in Elizabethtown, KY stabbing death WF ResCare worker, 66 - psych eval
  76. Member of U.S. Army honor guard passes out during Barack Obama's farewell ceremony
  77. Four Niggers In Custody After Alleged Kidnapping, Torture Of White Man Is Live-Streamed
  78. High School Forced to Change Mascot over Accusation ‘Stallions’ Is ‘Sexist’
  79. (Black female) Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off Loser Keeps Phoning in Threats: Police
  80. Judge rules ex-gym teacher wasn’t fired for being a straight man
  81. Cops take down 32-member (Hispanic) drug ring in massive bust
  82. Video shows (black) thief beating man with broomstick
  83. Wite wimman "knew" the 3 niggers and smoke jumper that shot her to death
  84. Re: Time to Fry Mumia
  85. Colored peoples prez, 4 coons, cuck arrested at sit-in to protest Trump’s nomination of Sessions
  86. Marietta mudflap gets 30 years for targeting, molesting girl with special needs
  87. Portage, WI WM, 22 shot to death in weed deal w/ 4 negros
  88. Mom Shangbo Xiangshengjie, confesses to strangling baby to death
  89. $3k reward capture Jiggaboo Johnny June; dun crimes against nature wit 16 y/o
  90. (Foreign-born Muslim) Judge blasts accused Chelsea bomber’s lawyers for trial delay
  91. Muslim terrorist bomber’s lawyers want case moved out of state
  92. Watch Porch Monkey Pharrell and Ellen DeGenerate Talk Dropping Black Gospel Singer Kim Burrell
  93. Negro raped woman at gunpoint on Christmas suspected in other sex assaults in Cleveland
  94. Four Niggers In Custody After Alleged Kidnapping, Torture Of White Man Is Live-Streamed
  95. Al Sharpton Organizing Philly Groups For Pre-Inauguration March On Washington
  96. Catholic Hospital Denied my Hysterectomy: Transgender Man
  97. Catholic Hospital refuses Hysterectomy to Transgender - Denies Unfair Bias
  98. US Senate takes first steps towards repealing Obola-care, voting 51-48 starting debate
  99. Pennsylvania Graduate Learns Fate for Homo Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Fraternity Brothers
  100. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news