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  1. Man murdered woman, had sex with body just for fun: cops
  2. (Black) Thief pleads guilty to robbing 40 fast-food stores at knifepoint
  3. Book Review: "The American Democrat," by James Fenimore Cooper
  4. Obama has granted clemency “more than the last 11 presidents combined.”
  5. Montgomery County Schools jiggaboo janitor arrested in sexual assault of 6-year-old girl
  6. Black Charged In Death of Kensington Boy Who Suffered Laceration To Liver
  7. NJ Employee Faces Accusations of Pulling Off Woman's Hijab
  8. Winter solstice at Stonehenge
  9. Pakistani Jasskirat S. Saini Student arrested for scrawling racist graffiti all over campus
  10. Cops ID illegal migrant from Ecuador who swiped gold flakes from armored truck
  11. City says these (foreign) owners are as ‘dirty as their restaurants’ - bribed inspectors
  12. 4 Hispanic adults arrested after assaulting police at Chuck E. Cheese
  13. Negro arrest made in "Vote Trump" black Mississippi church burning
  14. (White adulterous) 'Bridalplasty' Contestant Murdered with a Hammer (by her black lover) after she s
  15. L.A. County Falls Victim To Nigerian Phishing Email Attack Impacting Data Of 750,000 People
  16. "If You Don't Want to be Part of This, Get Out": (black) Robber Targets Philly AT&T Store: Police
  17. NJ Manager Repeatedly Uses 'N-Word' to Address Workers: Suit
  18. Sacramento WM, 85 dies hours after gas station assault by negro
  19. Groton, CT WM ‘good Samaritan’ trying to stop negro beating girlfriend shot dead
  20. An aged 26 negro strangles, drowns hims aged 63 wite wimman acquaintance
  21. Trove of child rape videos found at ex-USA Gymnastics doctor’s home: FBI
  22. Black gangster accused of killing infamous Orthodox Jewish landlord says they were pals
  23. (Indian, Sikh) Pension fund manager Navnoor Kang busted in drug-fueled pay-to-play scheme
  24. Pension-fund manager Navnoor Kang accused of drug-fueled sexcapades ordered to stay sober
  25. Conway, SC WM, 54 cab driver shot to death by the negro
  26. Conway, SC WM, 54 cab driver shot to death - a 2nd negro charged
  27. Goyim High School Hockey Season Cancelled Due To Team’s ‘Pervasive’ Antisemitism
  28. Negro monkey flashed white Portland mom, daughters at PDX
  29. Q+A: ADL jew rodent cries that as Trump surged, so did pics of lampshades or bars of soap and ovens
  30. Coon on Most Wanted list for robbery chased by kwaps hijacks golf cart from golfer on 13th hole
  31. Coon robs Miami CVS With 2x4 Piece of Wood
  32. Cops catch black bank robber using GPS - also black female? bank robber
  33. Buffalo boon ooked to cast a "spell" on police officers after being arrested for DWI
  34. Cops hunt spigger who forced woman to strip during robbery
  35. {{{Zuckerberg}}} debuts AI assistant voiced by magical negro Morgan Freeman
  36. Low down homo faggots thrown off flight after harassing Ivanka Trump
  37. Low down (jewish) homo faggots thrown off flight after harassing Ivanka Trump
  38. Mississippi man pleads guilty to killing ex-girlfriend because she was transgender
  39. Negro monkey arrested for urinating over sleeping woman at Memphis airport
  40. Spic arrest made in burning death of Burney, CA WM clerk, 54
  41. Hispanic arrested for murder of Burney man set on fire and burned alive
  42. Tennessee blue gum Gets $75 After Being Wrongly Imprisoned For 31 Years
  43. Princeton Ends Men’s Swimming, Diving Season Over ‘Racist, Misogynistic’ Materials
  44. Philly's Mayor Jim "Banana Nose" Kenney concered with Asian victims (of black & illegal Mex crime)
  45. A citizen of India, Ganesh Park, Accused Of Sexually Abusing Woman On Flight From India
  46. (Black) Attempted Murder Suspect Commits 4 Violent Sexual Assaults, 2 on Same Day in New Jersey
  47. (Black female) Mail worker busted for stealing Christmas giftcards to buy sex toys
  48. Gay man says Trump slogan-shouting men attacked him
  49. Seriously: stupid queers actually tweet (hence admit) they're "harassing" Ivanka Trump on plane
  50. Colo, World's Oldest Gorilla, Turns 60
  51. ‘Hitler actually wasn’t that bad’; B’nai Brith Canada’s League Female Jew Rodent Whines
  52. Massive boon brawl erupts at wedding reception after ex buck shows pics of sow bride in muh dik act
  53. Republicans accuse Dems of 'hypocrisy' after 'bathroom bill' repeal falls apart
  54. Spook, Burner Sought In Home Invasion Robbery In Montgomery County
  55. (Black) NJ Morgue Technician Charged With Stealing Money From Corpse
  56. (Black) Man Targets NJ Professional Offices in Credit Card Stealing Spree
  57. Negro Accused of Killing Stepmom for Gloating About the Dallas Cowboys Win
  58. Berlin Christmas market attacker killed in shootout with cops
  59. JPSO searching for sexual assault, burglary spook
  60. Smoke jumping substitute teacher arrested for carnal knowledge of colored boys
  61. Email shows Hasidic community knew about slumlord abduction for 2 hours before calling cops
  62. Meet Dan Goldstein, the faggot Jewish Lawyer Who Faced Off With Ivanka Trump on JetBlue Flight
  63. Nearly-blind Hispanic lady who smuggled jars of cocaine gets early release
  64. Coon child mentor accused of sex with 13-year-old boy
  65. NOPD searching for coon accused in St. Claude area rape
  66. Inmate recounts 12 minute negroid homo sexual assault in courthouse cell
  67. Two cent negro ISIS sympathizer in Phoenix was plotting a lone wolf attack
  68. 33-Year-Old Newark Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Raping Young Child
  69. Teennigger charged with first degree murder of Independence WM, 45 to be tried as an adult
  70. Top Trump ally wishes Obama would die of mad cow disease
  71. Billionaire’s son does damage control after dad’s racist remarks toward Obamas
  72. Top Trump ally wishes Obama would die of mad cow disease - apologizes
  73. White politician booted from school board for comment he made about Barack Hussein Obama II
  74. Book Review: Mudge's "Social Philosophy of John Taylor of Caroline"
  75. Mudshark strangled to deff by buck wit a violent past
  76. Duson, LA WM, 54 shot to death by 2 negros while delivering a pizza
  77. Nigger sow dragged off Delta flight at Metro Airport iz assistant professor at U Mich
  78. Nigga will steal yo stuff - Four arrested in Coweta County appliance theft ring
  79. Merry Christmas Its NYPD!’: Cop posts photo of handcuffed spic family
  80. Israeli Joobook virtual reality expert arrested in Tukwila, WA underage sex sting
  81. Tuscaloosa negro charged with rape, abuse, incest of a child
  82. Black Suspect Murders Beloved 81-Year-Old (White female) Grocery Store Owner Over Gunman's Chain
  83. Trump Versus The Green Blob: The Biggest Science Scam In History
  84. "We need to get down with this ISIS Sh*t." - Bootlip arrested for plotting attack
  85. Black Lives Fecal Matter Protesters Crashed Brunch At Trump's Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Course
  86. White mook confesses setting his cars on fire, painting racial slur on garage staged hate crime
  87. (Mixed race) Pennsylvania Baby Dies Days After Parents' Suspected Overdose Deaths: Coroner
  88. WATCH: Holiday Brawl Breaks Out at New Jersey Mall
  89. Landlord trying to ‘rid the building’ of Latrino residents: suit
  90. FBI grills de Blasio’s (Jewish) Satmar pals in fundraising probe
  91. ‘We don’t want them here’: Suit claims eatery used race to seat patrons
  92. DA withholding cash recovered from gem heist: suit
  93. Multiple negro peoples git hot lead for Christmas at Mount Vernon, NY nightclub; at least 1 deff
  94. ‘Tell them to go back where they belong’: J.C. Penney customer’s racist tirade caught on video
  95. Deputies searching for coon who sexually assaulted woman during Pontiac laundromat robbery
  96. Tips lead to arrest of coon in Pontiac sexual assault, laundromat robbery
  97. KC teen Devon Davis charged with shooting man to death after he stopped to tie his shoe
  98. BBQ restaurant owner and neighbor robbed, shot by jigaboos
  99. No joke, suckas: Jew S A now has official, Orwellian Ministry of Truth--removing free speech
  100. State Farm advertisement featuring a mixed race couple getting engaged is viciously attacked by raci