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  1. NJSP Looking For Black Suspect Who Attempted To Rob AC Casino Patron
  2. (Obese female) New Jersey Lawmaker Annette Quijano Calls for Renaming Route 1 After Obama
  3. Negro arrested for 2015 rape, head injury, extensive burn death of Robeson Co, NC WF, 68
  4. Michelle Obama: Hope is dead
  5. De Blasio says he’s ‘really angry’ about female Muslim teen’s attack tale - 'hatecrime' HOAX
  6. White Victim of (black) Chelsea slasher suing city for $5M
  7. White Woman viciously punched in face by black footballer after she refused sex
  8. Las Vegas negro who shot WF, 15 4X to death (over dad's $450 debt) gets death penalty
  9. Mandingo Warrior brings tribal warfare to da mall!
  10. Obola's last N-conf. laments people's opinions, dissent, "domestic prop." leading to "fake news"
  11. Groid Gophers football sexual assault claim, suspensions, boycott: What we know (10 niggaz so far)
  12. Three Russian men busted for growing $2M worth of psilocybin shrooms in home
  13. Struggling Jew York Times to vacate at least 8 floors & RENT OUT space to make shekels
  14. Failing (HISPANIC) Bronx junior high school set to close at end of year
  15. Negro arrested for October fatal hit-and-run crash of WF, 34 in SE Portland
  16. Negro, posing as delivery man, accused of kidnapping, sexual assault
  17. 2 colored boys denied access to party shoot Memphis WM, 18 to death
  18. Jiggaboo Jackson sexually abused four kids in his 'man cave' over several years
  19. Anne Frank may not have been betrayed to the Nazis after all
  20. Washington U. men's soccer team suspended over comments
  21. BYU students wear hijabs to show support for Muslim community
  22. Homo-Simian charged in 8+ hour standoff with KCK police
  23. UK:not sitting next to muslim now considered hate crime by British police
  24. White nationalism is white SUPREMACY; Jew nationalism is ok, according to k*ke, Lipstadt
  25. DHS Rigged Election 2016? Caught Hacking 3 States (So Far)! NOT Russia! US Voter Fraud
  26. Curtain closes on summer romance when coalburner stabs her buck to deff
  27. Jiggaboo Johnson who broke into home, sexually assaulted mom in front of child gets ten years
  28. University of Toronto Wants to “Save” Climate [hoax] Data from Trump
  29. Time to face reality, Obama — Trump is going to be president
  30. Pervy teacher axed for slew of alleged lewd comments - “Shut up before I rape you.”
  31. Drug deal gone bad led to Times Square stabbing - by Hispanic couple
  32. Road raging negro kills 3 year old
  33. Road raging negro kills 3 year old
  34. Road raging negro kills (black) 3 year old
  35. Trump fires back at Bill Clinton’s ‘angry white men’ dig
  36. (Black) Woman stuffed 61-year-old lady’s head in a trash can - (still attached to body)
  37. White kids learn about weed deals with niggers
  38. WF, 48 Miller Co, AR Jail employee dies following attack by caged negro
  39. ‘Give us more money or we will kill you’ Afrocoon migrants kidnap refugee centre workers in Italy
  40. Fired For Flying Confederate Flag, Georgia Officer Sues
  41. {{{Platinum Partners}}} Executives Charged With $1 Billion Securities Fraud
  42. Fraud Probe Ricochets Through {{{Platinum Partners}}}, a Hedge Fund With Ties to Jewish Community
  43. Black Man (named 'Abdul') Accidentally Shoots Self: Police
  44. Negress sow, live-in oil driller sexually assault m/f siblings
  45. Accused (black) Killer of Two NJ Women Now Faces Third Murder Charge
  46. Homeless man arrested for (allegedly) throwing hot coffee on Muslim woman
  47. Anchorage police arrest Jiggaboo Jamal charged in 2X homicide coalburner, new buck or unrelated nog
  48. Hedge-fund honcho contemplated fleeing to Israel with his family
  49. TG girl, 9, stars on the cover of the new National Geographic; {{{Goldberg}}} Editor-in-chief
  50. Nosy mom finds 'sexting' on teen's phone, 26-year-old shine arrested
  51. Customs Officers Seize More Than $1 Billion Worth Of Counterfeit Products This Year
  52. Delaware County Man Arrested On Child Porn Charges For Second Time
  53. Caught On Camera: 4 (black) Suspects Sought In Olney Home Invasion/Robbery
  54. Hispanic Ex-Cop Sentenced For Using His Job To Sexually Assault Teen
  55. Muslim terror attack Berlin Christmas market
  56. Black mother accused of killing 1-year-old son rejects plea deals
  57. Knife-wielding Hispanic madman attacks newly engaged couple
  58. Knife-wielding (Mexican) madman attacks newly engaged couple
  59. Trump faces a minefield of manufactured “crises” by Justin Raimondo
  60. WHAT are "facts" for ZOG's (farcebook, google, et al.) "fact-checkers"?
  61. Nsa whistleblower just shredded obama’s ‘russian hacker’ narrative
  62. {{{Garcetti}}}, LA Officials Unveil $10M Legal Defense Fund For Immigrants Facing Deportation
  63. Obama has granted clemency to 1,324 people over the course of his presidency—the highest number
  64. Former WF Reality Show Contestant Missing After Attending Torrance, CA Birthday Party w/ Negro Is CB
  65. (Alleged) Adulterous interracial affair leads to murder of white woman by black lover/killer
  66. Jiggaboo Jones made good over stepping on another nog's feets in club, fambly ooks
  67. Rapist, kidnapper Jiggaboo Johnson ooks dindu nuffins
  68. Nestless Negro Tries to Rape Woman on Union Square Sidewalk
  69. Six detained in connection to assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey
  70. Former fugitive Balkumar Singh sentenced for killing teen wedding guest
  71. A large cafeteria fight broke out between African-American and Hispanic students at Central High Sch
  72. Retired cop allegedly killed four squat monsters in coke deal gone bad
  73. Former negroid Durham teacher charged with statutory rape and a sex offense with a student
  74. Mestizo Accused Of Filming Others In Bathroom
  75. Obama Bans Oil Drilling Off Parts Of The Atlantic Coast For Good
  76. Niggers And Cars Don't Mix - Truck Driver Faces Charges in Deadly Lower Merion Hit-&-Run
  77. Man murdered woman, had sex with body just for fun: cops
  78. (Black) Thief pleads guilty to robbing 40 fast-food stores at knifepoint
  79. Book Review: "The American Democrat," by James Fenimore Cooper
  80. Obama has granted clemency “more than the last 11 presidents combined.”
  81. Montgomery County Schools jiggaboo janitor arrested in sexual assault of 6-year-old girl
  82. Black Charged In Death of Kensington Boy Who Suffered Laceration To Liver
  83. NJ Employee Faces Accusations of Pulling Off Woman's Hijab
  84. Winter solstice at Stonehenge
  85. Pakistani Jasskirat S. Saini Student arrested for scrawling racist graffiti all over campus
  86. Cops ID illegal migrant from Ecuador who swiped gold flakes from armored truck
  87. City says these (foreign) owners are as ‘dirty as their restaurants’ - bribed inspectors
  88. 4 Hispanic adults arrested after assaulting police at Chuck E. Cheese
  89. Negro arrest made in "Vote Trump" black Mississippi church burning
  90. (White adulterous) 'Bridalplasty' Contestant Murdered with a Hammer (by her black lover) after she s
  91. L.A. County Falls Victim To Nigerian Phishing Email Attack Impacting Data Of 750,000 People
  92. "If You Don't Want to be Part of This, Get Out": (black) Robber Targets Philly AT&T Store: Police
  93. NJ Manager Repeatedly Uses 'N-Word' to Address Workers: Suit
  94. Sacramento WM, 85 dies hours after gas station assault by negro
  95. Groton, CT WM ‘good Samaritan’ trying to stop negro beating girlfriend shot dead
  96. An aged 26 negro strangles, drowns hims aged 63 wite wimman acquaintance
  97. Trove of child rape videos found at ex-USA Gymnastics doctor’s home: FBI
  98. Black gangster accused of killing infamous Orthodox Jewish landlord says they were pals
  99. (Indian, Sikh) Pension fund manager Navnoor Kang busted in drug-fueled pay-to-play scheme
  100. Pension-fund manager Navnoor Kang accused of drug-fueled sexcapades ordered to stay sober