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  1. Negro Arrested for November Shooting Case in North Little Rock
  2. Texas Muslim Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire to His Own Mosque
  3. Aide sent student a video of him masturbating inside school
  4. Black sports: Louisville football players shot celebrating Heisman Trophy win
  5. Police hunt for simian subway flasher
  6. Woman fends off (black) attempted subway mugger
  7. Book Review: "Hist. of the Confederacy 1832-1865," sad but revealing story
  8. Nog Domestic Violence Call Sumter, SC Mall: Kwaps Liquidate Buck Wit Hot Lead
  9. Man (allegedly) threatens to have 'Blood gang' teen son stab 7-Eleven worker during anti-Muslim rant
  10. FDNY adds women’s bathrooms to all city firehouses
  11. Victim hires Backpage Lola ended up beaten, kidnapped and robbed; 3 nigger, 2 smoke jumper arrests
  12. Wite wimman removed gun from dead nigger storage crime scene
  13. Low-down Homo Faggots Blast Vatican for Banning Homosexuals from Seminaries
  14. Nigeria: Youths Hack Man to Death Over Brother's Faggotry
  15. 1 of 2 negros, 2 Wite Wimmanz Arrested, Charged in Murder of WM, 46 Found Bound in Dallas Hotel
  16. Negro faked 'KKK' hate crime, own kidnapping after lighting car on fire
  17. Update: Negro faked 'KKK' hate crime, own kidnapping after lighting mudshark's car on fire
  18. Independence police seek public’s help in identifying BLACK armed robbery suspooks
  19. Nigga will steal yo stuff - recent news 'medley'
  20. Lisa Bloom Calls Women To “Hurry And Get Pregnant SoThey’ll Be Ready For Abortion Before Trump Bans
  21. Indian girl punched in face by racist straphanger, police say
  22. Austria: Outrage as migrant rapes soar by 133% – in just one year
  23. Dirty low down disgusting queer homo faggot says all men should try being penetrated once
  24. Negro Arrested In Fatal Stabbing Of Woman In San Francisco
  25. 2 Lavonia, GA cops (1WM confirmed) shot during traffic stop by a negro
  26. Coon that tenderized dog goes feral in court and the chimp gets tased
  27. Shine Accused Of Wearing Clown Mask, Wielding Machete During Robbery
  28. New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Expected to Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Toss Charges in Corruption Cas
  29. San Jose police search for negro who targeted WM with disability
  30. Major League Baseball Rookie Hazing Rules Ban Dressing as Women: Report
  31. Gook student arrested after bringing weapons into Trump Tower
  32. UK negroid beast caged 29.5 years raped mudshark for love after hammering her, mum & dog to death
  33. Eagle-eyed Ajax Jones (InfoWars.com) gives 14 signs of ZOG consp. to steal election fm Trump
  34. Records: Too many votes in 37% of Detroit’s precincts
  35. Lincoln Heights negro charged in rape of 11-year-old
  36. Del. Police: Black Man Stumbling In Street Had 630 Bags Of Heroin, Fake Crack
  37. Penn Students Replace Shakespeare Portrait With Sheboon Hack Writer Audre Lorde
  38. Assistant principal accused of sharing transphobic meme
  39. Teen Montell Hooks busted with loaded gun in subway station
  40. (Black) Suspected gangbanger was ‘big fan’ of American Girl dolls
  41. Teen girl severely burned after boy sets her hair on fire (in 77% minority school)
  42. Royal Oil Driller - Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle Describes Struggles Growing Up Biracial
  43. Blood and several shell casings littered love nest of dead mudshark
  44. Roanoke judge imposes 40-year sentence for negro in fatal stabbing WM, 58 employer
  45. North Little Rock police make negro arrest shooting death WM, 29
  46. Iraqi refugee raped boy, 10 in Vienna swimming pool because it was 'a sexual emergency'
  47. Pair of spades arrested for taking gun to school
  48. Pennsylvania Sow Collected More than $100,000 in Benefits for Three Non-Existent Children
  49. Little girl uses anatomical dolls to re-enact sex crimes committed by the negro
  50. A Romanian national Gets 5 Years for $5 Million NJ, NY ATM Theft Scheme
  51. Walmart Pulls 'Offensive' “Got Retard?” Mugs From Website
  52. School board member under fire for wearing blackface
  53. Negro arrested for rape and blunt force trauma death of 69-year-old Washington Co, NC woman
  54. Oneida county negro charged with rape in connection with person younger than 17
  55. Chinese Year of Cock
  56. Cops: Black Man Threatens Wawa Worker: ‘Do What I Say Or I’ll Blow Your Head Off’
  57. Police: Delaware Negress Arrested In Hit-And-Run That Injured 12-Year-Old White Boy
  58. Suspook charged after allegedly shooting man in the face inside Waldo home
  59. New Jersey Shine State Trooper Pulled Over Women To Ask Them Out
  60. (Black) Mom accused of smothering her baby to death mulls plea deal
  61. Cheating spouse website Ashley Madison reaches $1.7M settlement over cyber-hack
  62. (Illegal Israeli migrant) Nadav Raviv, arrested after throwing tantrum inside Trump Tower
  63. Book Review: "Lincoln Uber Alles: Dictatorship Comes To America," by Emison
  64. Retard 101: DNC Hacked by Phishing eMails
  65. 1 black arrested, 1 Hispanic sought After Elderly Woman Is Robbed Leaving Parx Casino
  66. NYPD dispatcher in hot water for calling fellow cop N-word
  67. Reward offered in search for gungroid who raped, robbed UA student
  68. Bay Minette negroid charged with rape, sodomy of 15-year-old
  69. Ex-TV stripper accused of hurling racist slurs at Muslim landlord
  70. Has-been celebutard crybabies beg electors to be ‘heroes’ and vote against Trump
  71. Virginia Beach WF, 60 shot to death in front of her own home by 3 colored boys
  72. Virginia Beach WF, 60 shot to death in front of her own home by 3 colored boys to be tried as adults
  73. Halfway House Biscuit Lip Severely Beats Employee With Fists
  74. Plainfield negro gets 30 years for 'barbaric' sexual assault of minor
  75. Jiggaboo Jones arrested in St. Augustine after fight over cold Steak 'n Shake fries
  76. Negro decides to have a "fambly" BBQ. Pours gasoline over twin sister, lights fire
  77. Camel jockey cabbies bilked passengers for $40K in bogus trips, officials say
  78. Motorist told schoolchildren ‘f–k black lives, they don’t matter’
  79. (Black) Children’s Services worker with lengthy rap sheet also has spotty resume
  80. Sow assistant manager arrested in armed robbery at own restaurant
  81. Princeton Suspends Men’s Swimming, Diving Team’s Season Over Alleged Racist, Misogynistic Materials
  82. DeKalb Co. negroid teacher accused of child molestation
  83. Two Brooklyn hate crime investigations may be connected - suspect is BLACK
  84. Mount Vernon, WA police officer shot in head; violent offending spic in custody after standoff
  85. PROVEN: conclusively, without doubt, suckas--Obola's B. certificate is FORGERY--let it sink-in
  86. Police: Abington Man Had More Than 130 Images Of Young Girls Engaged In Sex Acts On Phone, Computer
  87. Ocean County Man Caught Downloading, Sharing Child Porn, Police Say
  88. Pa. Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 6-Year-Old
  89. Negro arrested after raping woman inside Bridgestone Arena
  90. NJSP Looking For Black Suspect Who Attempted To Rob AC Casino Patron
  91. (Obese female) New Jersey Lawmaker Annette Quijano Calls for Renaming Route 1 After Obama
  92. Negro arrested for 2015 rape, head injury, extensive burn death of Robeson Co, NC WF, 68
  93. Michelle Obama: Hope is dead
  94. De Blasio says he’s ‘really angry’ about female Muslim teen’s attack tale - 'hatecrime' HOAX
  95. White Victim of (black) Chelsea slasher suing city for $5M
  96. White Woman viciously punched in face by black footballer after she refused sex
  97. Las Vegas negro who shot WF, 15 4X to death (over dad's $450 debt) gets death penalty
  98. Mandingo Warrior brings tribal warfare to da mall!
  99. Obola's last N-conf. laments people's opinions, dissent, "domestic prop." leading to "fake news"
  100. Groid Gophers football sexual assault claim, suspensions, boycott: What we know (10 niggaz so far)