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  1. Should life of convicted black killer of White female co-ed be spared(?)
  2. (white female) Teacher allegedly had sex with student after steamy Snapchats
  3. Negro arrested, accused of raping William & Mary student
  4. Guyanese Man on tourist VISA arrested for allegedly stabbing girlfriend to death
  5. ‘I will cut your throat!’: Man (allegedly) attacks Muslim cop and her son
  6. Off-duty black female corrections officer fatally shot in car - her black ex-lover arrested
  7. Off-duty black female corrections officer fatally shot - her black ex-lover charged with murder
  8. Bronx DA calls for grand jury in fatal NYPD shooting (of naked black 66-yr-old woman)
  9. Oklahoma City negro, Money arrested after raping woman he met through dating app
  10. Indianapolis homeless WF, 65 stabbed to death by the negro
  11. Indianapolis homeless WF, 65 stabbed to death by her negro buck
  12. Brockton negro blackmailed, raped Bridgewater State student
  13. Negro charged with rape of 14-year-old girl in Manassas
  14. Negro arrested in Florida Ave. rape suspected of other assaults, NOPD says
  15. (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  16. ‘Pistachio Girl’ Fired From Vendor Job At Citizens Bank Park after her support of white nationalists
  17. World Wide Computer Crime Network Taken Down
  18. (SPLC) Report buried Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white kids
  19. Man allegedly tried to sic pit bull on Muslim cop he called an ‘ISIS bitch’
  20. (Black) Child services worker accused of forcing desperate moms into sex
  21. (Foreign-born Muslim) Feds probing Chelsea bomb suspect’s domestic terror ties
  22. Parents home-schooling kids probed for ‘educational neglect’
  23. Did Jeb Bush Win The Election?
  24. Muslim MTA worker in hijab (allegedly) pushed down stairs, called ‘terrorist’
  25. Gook tries to rob store with toy gun gets shot with real gun instead
  26. Pearl Harbor farce: FDR lied USA into WWII by inviting P.H. attack, duped US forces, lies & cover-up
  27. Mason City, IA WF, 19 dies from head shot by aged 60 negro at 4am, motive unclear
  28. Update: (W) future First Lady of Missouri robbed at gunpoint by 3 colored boys - 1 nappy head nabbed
  29. Negro charged with raping, assaulting 11-year-old girl
  30. Delaware School District Disputes Racial-Discrimination Claims -dumping ground for black delinquents
  31. Fights and Racial Tension (between Spanics & Blacks) Cause Concern for Camden School
  32. New Nation Swastika Sightings - racist sidewalk graffiti - Hate-filled graffiti is taking over
  33. Lafayette negro charged with kidnapping, rape arrested months later
  34. Trial starts against sambo sex trafficker who ooked to wimmanz hims wuz Hollywood modeling agent
  35. Negro wanted for alleged sexual assault arrested while trying to evade T fare
  36. 1 coon caged, 1 coon hunted shoot deaths of Colorado Springs WF, 2 others
  37. Feds Seek 17 To 21 Years For (black) Ex-Congressman Chaka Fattah
  38. (Black) Brute uses broom to rob fried chicken restaurant
  39. Ku Klux Klan Members Drive Through North Carolina Town To Celebrate Trump Victory
  40. Groid driving instructor charged with sexually abusing woman during driving test
  41. Israeli Shlomo convicted of stabbing a Jew he mistook for an Arab
  42. Police Seek (Black) Suspect They Say Stole Woman’s Purse, Drove Off While Dragging Her
  43. Vallejo, CA Resident Makes Lamonte A Very Good Negro During Home Invasion
  44. (Black female) Comedian Dodges Bullets in NJ Club Rampage
  45. TX takes custody of 7 special needs children locked in 'deplorable' house by niggers
  46. WF battling breast cancer posts 'humiliating' nigger sow TSA search at LAX
  47. (Hispanic?) Man Attacks, Sexually Assaults Woman Running on Trail in Amity Township: Police
  48. Montgomery County Man Faces Child Porn Charges
  49. Jiggaboo Jvaun pulled down his pants, told 4 y/o to do something sexual in nature
  50. Update: WM, 25 officer dead, one critical in Americus, Georgia shooting; coonhunt for spook underway
  51. 2 Americus, GA WM officers shot dead during negro domestic call, spook commits suicide
  52. Cleveland coon accused of raping two women in The Flats
  53. Coon sentenced to 30 years for child sex trafficking
  54. Speaker Ryan Retreats on H-2B Visa Outsourcing Program
  55. Four more babies born with Zika in New York
  56. A black man, an Afro American man and a colored man walked into a bank....
  57. (Hispanic) Rikers guard Jose Urena repeatedly raped young child: cops
  58. 3 Cy Springs HS colored students charged after allegedly kidnapping girl to force her to have sex
  59. Bernie Madoff talks crime in rare audio recording
  60. (Black female) Teacher who tampered with student exams gets her job back
  61. Fugitive Gerard Zalewski Caught In England - guilty of raping a 13 year-old girl
  62. Illegal alien Mestizo charged in fatal DUI had been deported 8 times
  63. (Black) Armed Suspect Pretended to Use ATM Machine Awaiting Victim: Police
  64. (Black) King of Prussia Armed ATM Theft Suspect Behind Bars
  65. Black College Student Accused of Trying to Abort His Girlfriend by Putting Bleach in Water
  66. Here's millenial, snowflakes whining, crying song over hitlery's tragic loss of election, boo hoo ho
  67. Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor? By Patrick J. Buchanan
  68. 2 negros arrested in fatal shooting of WM, 20 near Goose Creek, SC
  69. Philly Mayor Ready To Battle Trump Over Promise To Remove Funding From Sanctuary Cities
  70. Teen Accused of Using Racial Slurs & Recording Video of Black Student Eating Chicken Could Face Char
  71. Teen Accused of Using Racial Slurs & Recording Video of Black Student Eating Chicken Could Face Char
  72. O Canada: Shegro Appearing on $10 Bill, What about Koko?
  73. (Black) Giants player’s home (allegedly) vandalized with ‘KKK’ graffiti
  74. Houston armored car rob: 1 dead nigger storage, 4 coons in custody
  75. Dallas Mayor Says He is More Afraid of White Men Than Syrian Refugees
  76. Student accused of harassing, shoving transgender teacher
  77. It’s basically impossible to fire a New York City school teacher
  78. (Black) Jackson woman charged in murder of disabled father - scalded to death
  79. Man who snatched woman’s hijab charged with hate crime
  80. JEW?eler doesn't appear to be very forgiving when Jiggaboo Johnson swipes a Rolex from him
  81. Negro buck ooked hims mudshark wuz “dating a crackhaid,” before stabbing her to deff
  82. Negro buck ooked hims mudshark wuz “dating a crackhaid,” before stabbing her to deff - gets life
  83. 18-Year-Old Colored Boy Charged in Fatal Shooting of STL WM, 38 Cab Driver
  84. 94-year-old WF WWII veteran beaten during SW CHI Side robbery; negro crashed stolen SUV
  85. 94-year-old WF WWII veteran beaten during SW CHI Side robbery; negro crashed stolen SUV
  86. (Black) Suspect Sought In West Chester Rite Aid Robbery
  87. Police: 2 (Black) Men Attack Woman, Steal Purse Containing $800 In Overbrook
  88. Attempted rapes by the negro minutes apart in St. Louis may be linked
  89. Attempted rapes by the negro minutes apart in St. Louis may be linked
  90. Negro sexually assaults woman who dumped him at knifepoint, steals her car
  91. Admitted Delaware Cocaine Dealer Jamal Maddox Faces 15 Years for Drug, Gun Charges
  92. Cops nab ARABIC suspect Aizaz Siddiqui in college tennis player’s hit-and-run death
  93. Cops uncover trove of weapons, drugs inside Queens home
  94. Sex offender negro monkey charged with masturbating, touching woman on Blue Line train
  95. Caught On Video: 2 "Hispanic" Suspics Get Into Altercation With Officer Trying To Stop Robbery
  96. Man Accused Of Offering (underage) Girls $1K To Have Sex
  97. Fact-challenged Brian Williams whines about fake news
  98. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  99. Dune coon arrested for groping sleeping woman on subway
  100. Video of nigger beating puppy with mop handle in South LA leads to arrest, felony charges