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  1. Aiken Co, SC WM, 15 shot to death home invasion by 6 colored boys for a PlayStation
  2. White Man's Records [1897 and 1917] show no change in Antarctic sea ice
  3. Mobile, AL WM, 17 Shot to death by 3 colored boys during robbery
  4. 12-year-old girl punched in the face and robbed in Coney Island by colored boy
  5. South San Francisco police officer in critical condition after skateboard assault by a beaner
  6. (Black) Man Gets New Death Penalty Trial in Disabled (White) Woman's Torture, Murder
  7. Mexican government launches 11-point plan to shield illegal Mexican mestizos living in the U.S.
  8. Hispanic Drug suspect Romulo Chabla nabbed near ‘Crack is Wack’ playground after high-speed chase
  9. A Heart Warming Story: 1999 Olds 88, GPS, K-9 Turbo and Dead Nigger Storage
  10. Mooresville , NC WF, 49 slaughtered by negro fleeing in stolen suv
  11. Sow sought in Dunkin' Donuts 'hot liquid' assault
  12. Obama urged Clinton to concede on Election Night
  13. New York City - female director Mina Malik accused Emery of calling her and other women "P-words"
  14. Delaware Police Find 465 Bags of Heroin and Handgun After a Car Chase, Arrest Deiantsy and Dauwud!
  15. (Black) Armed subway sex predator nabbed because of Playboy tattoo
  16. Cops search for (black) husband after (black) wife found dead in apartment
  17. Incredible!--real parents of Sasha and Malia Obola found, lent-out to Obola and Michelle (a tranny)
  18. 1 DNS, 9 shot in New Orleans Bourbon Street Lead Spray by 2 Groids
  19. 1 DNS, 9 shot in New Orleans Bourbon Street Lead Spray by 2 Groids - 1 arrested
  20. WM U.S. marshal, 53 shot to death in Ludowici, GA while serving fugitive negro warrant
  21. WM U.S. marshal, 53 shot to death in Ludowici, GA while serving negro warrant - 3 blacks arrested
  22. Wite wimman, negro, 2 more in custody in connection to Prior Lake, MN shooting death of a redbone
  23. We own Bolshevik Stein a Debt of Gratitude: The Spoiler
  24. Putin aide’s wife sparks uproar with Holocaust-themed skating routine
  25. (Black) Jazz musician claims landlord planted bedbugs in his rent-controlled East Village apartment.
  26. Woman shot at Quinceañera - (Hispanic girl turns 15)
  27. Dominicans Joshua Gilead, 31, and Jorge Santiago, 54 who stole FDNY vehicle didn’t get very far
  28. Airhead Hispanic teen Justin Casquejo busted for climbing World Trade Center stupidly pursues fame
  29. Nigger Sow Pickpocketed People Waiting For ‘Hamilton’ Stars Outside Richard Rodgers Theatre
  30. Nashville female, 59 attacked w/ metal stake, robbed by 2 worthless niggers
  31. Transgender Person Followed Out of Bar, Shot In Philadelphia, Police Say
  32. Nigga will steal yo stuff: Porch pirate & 3 black female Victoria Secret thieves
  33. Police: (Armenian?) Man (ALLEGEDLY) Targets Black Muslim Women With Slurs In Lot
  34. Twice-deported black Jamaican immigrant allegedly tried to kill cop
  35. Black (Kenyan) Brooklyn Law School professor in bitter eviction war
  36. Black Lives Fecal Matter to protest arrest that left sheboon Shanita's jaw broken
  37. Birthday party marred by swastika cupcakes
  38. Money stolen from feetsballer Robert Griffin III & his smoke jumper at Browns game
  39. Stab attack at Ohio State campus: 9 injured, Somoolie Mohammad Ali killed by police
  40. Update: Demonic POS black muslim Somali terrorist jihadi runs into and stabs students at Ohio campus
  41. Milwaukee and Marquette U police seek spook wanted in connection with sexual assault
  42. De Blasio slams Trump for telling ‘dangerous lie’ about voter fraud
  43. Cops seize big haul of pot-laced treats - (two Hispanics arrested, Sanchez and Cruz)
  44. Police: (White) 14-Year-Old Boy Dies, Shot Multiple Times In Northeast Philadelphia (by black thug)
  45. Pennsylvania Mosque (ALLEGEDLY) Target Of Anti-Muslim Hate Speech
  46. West African Immigrants Who Sought US Refuge From Ebola Fear Losing Legal Status
  47. Chicago kwaps make buck a good negro after he lead poisons big butt pregnant sow, aborts baby boy
  48. WM, 95 found murdered in Anoka, MN home; worthless nigger arrest made
  49. Nignog charged deff of hims nigga made good w/ 1 shot by Louisville WF during home invasion
  50. Nigger sow arrested after throwing hot grease on Stockton cops, K-9
  51. Phenix City police arrest groid in kidnapping, sexual torture of woman
  52. Zanesfield, OH WM, 45 Shot To Death In His Home By Negros
  53. Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim "Banana Nose" Kenny Hopes Sensitivity Training Will Keep Mummers From Offen
  54. Police Arrest Vandalism Suspect Behind Anti-Trump Graffiti At Chestnut Hill Grocery Store
  55. (Black) Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend to death makes tearful court appearance
  56. (Apparently Jewish) Slumlords admit to terrorizing tenants to drive them out
  57. (Hispanic) FDNY firefighter Daniel Torres charged with peddling pills outside firehouse
  58. 3 nigga sows dun passed coonterfeit cash at Chimp E Cheese
  59. Coalburner's cuts were so deep, they were trying to keep her living, but they couldn’t
  60. Tulsa's Most Wanted: Jiggaboo Jamal Gilbert, spook in rape, lewd molestation of child
  61. Greensboro groid accused of committing multiple sex crimes against college students arrested
  62. UK: Muslim pervert who stroked a girl in Greggs has been jailed.
  63. Negroid drug dealer faces new charges for sexual assault, stalking during attack on woman
  64. Caucasian death rate now outstrips the birth rate in a third of states
  65. 2 (black) Suspects Wanted In Philly Rite Aid Robbery
  66. Homeowner Struck With Guitar After 4 (black) Men Force Their Way Into Cape May Co. Home
  67. (Black) Woman Accused Of Killing Boyfriend’s Brother Over $10
  68. Dragnet Out For (black) Assault Suspect In Camden
  69. Search for (black) Camden rape suspect ends in standoff, arrest
  70. (Black) NJ Man Charged With Aggravated Sexual Assault Of 4 Women
  71. Police Look For (black) Armed Suspects Who Stole Narcotics From Elkins Park Pharmacy
  72. Fayetteville police: Man kidnapped at gunpoint; suspook on the loose
  73. Negros contract bovine TB .... moo... Published on September 20, 2010
  74. Trumps GD recites "little white rabbit" 小白兔, 白又白
  75. Philadelphia City Lawyer Identified In Anti-Trump Graffiti Surveillance Video
  76. Philly Homicide Unit Investigating ‘Suspicious Death’ Of 2-Year-Old (black) Boy
  77. Free Speech Debate Rages, Student Suspended After Music Video Depicts NJ High School
  78. McQueary had told investigators he saw Sandusky sexually abuse a boy
  79. Montco Pediatrician Accused Of Having Sexually Explicit Images Of Children On Phone
  80. Montco Pediatrician Accused Of Having Sexually Explicit Images Of Children On Phone
  81. TCNJ Dorm's 'Loser' Namesake Was a Segregationist: Students
  82. Negro in Tacoma officer's death killed by authorities
  83. 4 non-blacks arrested for criminal protest of black shot by police
  84. Cheltenham Suspends High School Teacher for 'Racially Insensitive' Comments to Students
  85. Colorado Springs police arrest two negros in connection with July shooting death WF, 24
  86. Penn, Trump's Alma Mater, Gives Sanctuary to Undocumented Students
  87. Updates: Penn, Trump's Alma Mater, Gives Sanctuary to Undocumented Students
  88. Coonhunt for Jiggaboo Jones, the buck that lead poisoned coalburner to death
  89. Update: Coonhunt for Jiggaboo Jones, the buck that lead poisoned coalburner to death
  90. Wu-Tang cRapper suing bandmates for $250K in royalties
  91. Peanut haided negro buck shoots mudshark to deff wif 1 shot in head
  92. Cops nab beanagers suspected of mugging nanny in Central Park
  93. Mudshark wounds a buck that was muh dikking her children
  94. Negro arrested in sexual attacks on woman in SE Houston
  95. Pregnant female tied to Backpage raped, smothered to death by negro
  96. Niggaz & banks: Cherry Hill Police Searching for (black) Bank Robbery Suspect
  97. (Black female) Pa. Daycare Worker Instructed Kids To Use Curse Words, Filmed Video
  98. Pittsburgh police make 6 nigger arrests in home invasion and beating
  99. Male Bong-Bong nurse Pratya Vichetpitayapong, busted for grabbing 9-year-old girl’s butt
  100. Cleveland coon accused of rape, robbery, attacking woman in last 18 months