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  1. After Donald Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union
  2. Williamsport, PA WM, 25 his mom, 50 shot to death in home by 2 negros during drug rob
  3. PDX protester shot following coonfrontation by a "looking menacing" negro
  4. PDX protester shot following coonfrontation by a "looking menacing" negro
  5. Gulfport police looking for (2 black female) perfume bandits
  6. New York Slimes: We blew it on Trump
  7. Coon arrested for stabbing IHOP employee, ooks hims wuz poisoned
  8. 4 negros arrested in connection to Chesterfield Co, VA shooting death WM, 30
  9. (Black-on-White) triple murder, fire: (black) Uncle with lengthy rap sheet arrested - lied for alibi
  10. Anti-America Graffiti Found On Side Of Firehouse In Montgomery County
  11. Black arrested after shots fired at Albany mall
  12. Black Sports: Worst Purchase Mistakes Made By Athletes
  13. Rashad robs 7-Eleven, armed citizen makes him a good negro, fambly wants gibbsmuh for dirt nap
  14. 8 to 10-week old female Pitbull set on fire dies, miserable nigger sought
  15. 8 to 10-week old female Pitbull set on fire dies, miserable nigger arrested
  16. Big bootlipped buck sexually assaulted wimman den stabs 2 sprogs in fambly's nest
  17. Philadelphia Police Investigating Alleged Attack On Gay Man
  18. Police Investigate ALLEGED Race-Related Assault Of Black Female Villanova Student
  19. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  20. Man screamed homophobic slur before slashing man on train
  21. (Black) Man slashes mom’s thumb in argument over Trump
  22. Illegal Mexican Alien Using Center City Church As Immigration Sanctuary
  23. Cop suspended for taunting anti-Trump protesters with Confederate flag
  24. Cops arrest Richard Rosa for holding woman hostage for 3 months
  25. Lawsuit-happy (black) tenant forbidden from suing landlord ever again
  26. Boon Boone wanted for sexually assaulting woman in her apartment
  27. Negro "John Wayne" Runs from Police on a Bicycle-Later Arrested
  28. Silverback negro came in through the baffroom window to violently sexually assault woman
  29. Police Release Video of Shooting Near Philly Barbershop; Black or Spanic Suspect Sought
  30. Hispanic NJ Police Officer Luis Santiago Charged With Sexual Assault, Harassment
  31. (Black) Drunken Customer Denied Service at Bar Opens Fire: Police
  32. Sambo sex offender arrested for masturbating on woman’s leg on subway
  33. Man shot during spat over parking space - The shooter is described as Hispanic
  34. Black Woman charged with attacking husband with hot oil, knife
  35. Riverside, CA Authorities Arrest Negro in Murder of 21-Year-Old Long Beach White Man
  36. Toronto: 4 niggers on bicycles steal WM's Tibet Toy Dog
  37. 3 negros sought robbery, beating of Louisville WF, 87 cancer patient
  38. Racist ‘Ape In Heels’ Moochelle Obama Post Lands West Virginia Officials In Hot Water
  39. Re: Philadelphia’s 99th Mayor Jim "Banana Nose" Kenney addresses unrest
  40. Naked negro arrested after assaulting police officer
  41. Pack of 8 black men rob Family Dollar store in Crown Heights as worker tries to fight them off
  42. Caught on Cam: Store Owner Fights Off Serial Armed Robber - thin man with a brown complexion
  43. Harris Co, TX negro robbers fatally shoot 4-year-old over mom's purse
  44. Harris Co, TX negro robbers fatally shoot 4-year-old over mom's purse
  45. (Black female Democrat politico) Donna Boonzile fires back at CNN for ‘ripping me a new one’
  46. Distraught students get therapy dogs to cope with Trump’s win
  47. Rat Faced Joo Emanuel Tells Undocumented Immigrants Chicago ‘Always Will Be A Sanctuary City’
  48. Abandoned Spanish-speaking girl leads cops to dead Hispanic mom in possible ‘love triangle gone bad’
  49. Abandoned girl leads cops to dead mom in possible ‘love triangle gone bad’ - Spanic father arrested
  50. Donations to Clinton Foundation fell by 37 percent
  51. Re: Negro volunteer charged with videotaping sexual acts between kids at elementary school
  52. Why crime in Chicago soars while New York is safer than ever
  53. Westwego negro booked with rape of 4-year-old girl
  54. Photo Surfaces, SJ Prep Students Hold Up Images Of Confederate Flag, Donald Trump
  55. (Hispanic) Juan Maldonado charged for gruesome hit-and-run murder of bicyclist
  56. Cops plead not guilty in unarmed (black) teen assault
  57. “Shore habs dun dat:” 17 years in cage for buck coonvicted in shoot deff of tons of fun mudshark
  58. Oakland: TG wite 'wimman' stab,shot B/W lesbo duo, colored boy to deff then starts love nest on fire
  59. OR negress recalls alleged YT racist attack: hit w/ brick, threatened w/ rape, strung up by tree
  60. Negro holy man raped preteen runaway at Cleveland motel
  61. 1 of 3 negros sentenced to death in murder of WM, 18 Kent State student
  62. Oberlin College BF professor fired after anti-Semitic Jewbook posts
  63. Re: Jew Soros effectively admits enforcement of "Protocols of Zion" demise of Christian nation-state
  64. Negro dismembered lactose intolerant crying toddler found in Chicago lagoon
  65. Police: Upper Chi Man In Possession Of 39 Images, 11 videos Of Child Porn
  66. Coon couple kicked out adopted chilluns after winning home makeover, work performed by yt coddlers
  67. Re: Is you seen my mammy? Hungry Kids Found Alone Without Beds: Mom Faces Charges: Police
  68. Illegal alien mestizos ask Norristown Police, Officials to Turn City Into Sanctuary
  69. Blackface Is the New Black for Some College Students, Apparently
  70. Black Man gunned down by Hispanic outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump
  71. FDNY hires nine ex-felons amid effort to boost diversity
  72. Egyptian Dad Abdallah Mohamed accused of stealing $1.4M from daughter, kicking her out of house
  73. WM, 64 dies after fight at Spokane bar; negro charged with 2nd degree murder
  74. Re: Remembering MOVE 20 Years Later
  75. Rutgers Professor Gets Psychiatric Evaluation Following Anti-Trump Tweets - threats to kill Whites
  76. Afrocoonus named spook student arrested in connection to on-campus rape in April
  77. Discrimination Suit Against Bucks County Town Over Construction Of Mosque Moves Forward
  78. Female Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students - Teacher’s Aide Engaged In Sex Acts With 2
  79. Bill Cosby's latest efforts to get criminal charges tossed are denied
  80. WM, 51 shot to death back of head by negro Anchorage workplace violence
  81. Negro threatens to rape, kill Papa John’s delivery driver after robbing her at Akron home
  82. One Dozen (with foriegn names) Face Charges in New Jersey ATM Skimming Scheme
  83. #StandWithPenn: Groups Urge Students to Walk Out After Racists Texts Target UPenn Students
  84. UPenn Students Stage Walkout Over Racist Text Messages
  85. (Black) Montgomery County Armed Robbers Hold Up King of Prussia Walmart Employees: Police
  86. (Black) Man Accused of Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend to Death Taken Into Custody
  87. Good Samaritan shoots, kills negro attacking Lee Co, FL WM deputy
  88. Trump may not be able to work in the Oval Office for over a year
  89. NBC WF Reporter Resigns After "I'm tired of reporting on these niggers killing each other in Detroit
  90. Hispanic Man claims Dominican girlfriend tricked him into marriage, bigamy
  91. Hate crimes in NYC dramatically rise
  92. Negro paroled death Victoria, BC WF now charged 1978 death Port Angeles, WA female
  93. Negro paroled death Victoria, BC WF now charged 1978 death Port Angeles, WA female
  94. Fayetteville negro accused of sex crimes involving 8-year-old
  95. (Black) Queens man serving 50-year prison sentence convicted of 1996 rape
  96. 3 (blacks) Arrested for Shoplifting 31 Polo Jackets In N.J.; May Be Philly Smash & Grab Suspects
  97. Philly: 3 Suspects Fired 18 Shots On Man Sitting In Parked Car, Police Say
  98. Atlanta negroid residents charged in connection with disappearance, death of Horry Co, SC WM, 51
  99. ‘You piece of s–t!’: Murder victim’s family tries to attack (black) suspect in court
  100. Negro arrest 2005 subway dismemberment of down low colored boy but head was never recovered