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  1. 1 of 3 negros sentenced to death in murder of WM, 18 Kent State student
  2. Oberlin College BF professor fired after anti-Semitic Jewbook posts
  3. Re: Jew Soros effectively admits enforcement of "Protocols of Zion" demise of Christian nation-state
  4. Negro dismembered lactose intolerant crying toddler found in Chicago lagoon
  5. Police: Upper Chi Man In Possession Of 39 Images, 11 videos Of Child Porn
  6. Coon couple kicked out adopted chilluns after winning home makeover, work performed by yt coddlers
  7. Re: Is you seen my mammy? Hungry Kids Found Alone Without Beds: Mom Faces Charges: Police
  8. Illegal alien mestizos ask Norristown Police, Officials to Turn City Into Sanctuary
  9. Blackface Is the New Black for Some College Students, Apparently
  10. Black Man gunned down by Hispanic outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump
  11. FDNY hires nine ex-felons amid effort to boost diversity
  12. Egyptian Dad Abdallah Mohamed accused of stealing $1.4M from daughter, kicking her out of house
  13. WM, 64 dies after fight at Spokane bar; negro charged with 2nd degree murder
  14. Re: Remembering MOVE 20 Years Later
  15. Rutgers Professor Gets Psychiatric Evaluation Following Anti-Trump Tweets - threats to kill Whites
  16. Afrocoonus named spook student arrested in connection to on-campus rape in April
  17. Discrimination Suit Against Bucks County Town Over Construction Of Mosque Moves Forward
  18. Female Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students - Teacher’s Aide Engaged In Sex Acts With 2
  19. Bill Cosby's latest efforts to get criminal charges tossed are denied
  20. WM, 51 shot to death back of head by negro Anchorage workplace violence
  21. Negro threatens to rape, kill Papa John’s delivery driver after robbing her at Akron home
  22. One Dozen (with foriegn names) Face Charges in New Jersey ATM Skimming Scheme
  23. #StandWithPenn: Groups Urge Students to Walk Out After Racists Texts Target UPenn Students
  24. UPenn Students Stage Walkout Over Racist Text Messages
  25. (Black) Montgomery County Armed Robbers Hold Up King of Prussia Walmart Employees: Police
  26. (Black) Man Accused of Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend to Death Taken Into Custody
  27. Good Samaritan shoots, kills negro attacking Lee Co, FL WM deputy
  28. Trump may not be able to work in the Oval Office for over a year
  29. NBC WF Reporter Resigns After "I'm tired of reporting on these niggers killing each other in Detroit
  30. Hispanic Man claims Dominican girlfriend tricked him into marriage, bigamy
  31. Hate crimes in NYC dramatically rise
  32. Negro paroled death Victoria, BC WF now charged 1978 death Port Angeles, WA female
  33. Negro paroled death Victoria, BC WF now charged 1978 death Port Angeles, WA female
  34. Fayetteville negro accused of sex crimes involving 8-year-old
  35. (Black) Queens man serving 50-year prison sentence convicted of 1996 rape
  36. 3 (blacks) Arrested for Shoplifting 31 Polo Jackets In N.J.; May Be Philly Smash & Grab Suspects
  37. Philly: 3 Suspects Fired 18 Shots On Man Sitting In Parked Car, Police Say
  38. Atlanta negroid residents charged in connection with disappearance, death of Horry Co, SC WM, 51
  39. ‘You piece of s–t!’: Murder victim’s family tries to attack (black) suspect in court
  40. Negro arrest 2005 subway dismemberment of down low colored boy but head was never recovered
  41. Mudshark granny wants answers in shooting deff of her colored boy by off-duty kwap
  42. Lippus Booticus punches classmate over Trump sign
  43. 2 negros charged in connection with Gaithersburg, MD home invasion homicide of WM, 23
  44. Negro who sexually assaulted a child for 6 years sentenced to 46 years in prison
  45. Plea Hearing for Black Delaware Mom Accused of Sex With Daughter's Teen Boyfriend
  46. Omaha negro arrested for sexual assault
  47. High-ranking (BLACK) NYPD cop accused of muh dikking subordinate
  48. High-ranking NYPD cop accused of muh dikking subordinate - gets honored
  49. Chinese Billionaire’s nephew accused of human trafficking held without bail
  50. Feral nigger kicked, stomped 4 puppies to death
  51. TG wimman of color habs sex wif minor who den tried to kill her wif a hatchet
  52. 74-year-old man killed after confronting coon with wheelbarrow
  53. Negro released from prison after serving 47 years that shot Rockford, IL WM, 19 4X in head
  54. Scotland County Sheriff’s Office: negro arrested on child sex charges
  55. Some Kikes Feel Twitter Suspending Alt-Right Accounts Not Enough
  56. Officials: Woman Shoots, Kills (black) Friend Believed To Be Trying To Surprise Her
  57. Officials: Woman Shoots, Kills (black) Friend Believed To Be Trying To Surprise Her
  58. Police Search For black Coatesville Man Accused Of Running ‘Full Service Pharmacy For Illegal Drugs’
  59. Nigerian "Pennsylvania Couple" Guilty of Sneaking Nigerian Nanny Into US: Lawyer
  60. Heavyset negress shoots WM, 47 to death Little Rock auto detail shop
  61. Cops hunt monkey boy who pleasured himself before attacking woman in Bronx
  62. 2 teens, 3 women held as sex slaves in Detroit; Jiggaboo Jackscoon caged
  63. WF among 5 wounded by negro spraying lead in Seattle
  64. Woman, 40 found dead in central Toledo park was raped, murdered by the negro
  65. WF, 40 found dead in central Toledo park was raped, murdered by the negro
  66. Trump demands ‘Hamilton’ cast apologize to Mike Pence
  67. NYC: Cop released from hospital after being injured in shootout
  68. Climate change hoax: Antarctic ice has not changed in 100 years
  69. Delane Carlos Price apetemps to rob two people at a Chimpanooga Days Inn, gets capped dead
  70. Man Convicted of Cyber Stalking Teen Girl Harasses Her and Tries to Meet With Her at Starbucks
  71. White female Artist sues (black) ex for harassment that damaged her business
  72. Sex offender jumps to death from George Washington Bridge
  73. Should pic of negro monkey crying after arrest be the object of ridicule?
  74. Nigerian negro nurse accused of attempting to sexually assault patient
  75. French anti-globalist, Le Pen, takes large plurality lead in French polls for President
  76. Haitian that worked 13 hrs a days/went to church finds time to attack kwaps w/ machete iz now deff
  77. San Antonio WM, 50 cop shot, killed while writing a ticket; baggy pants negro sought
  78. Update: San Antonio WM, 50 cop shot, killed while writing a ticket; baggy pants negro sought
  79. San Antonio WM, 50 cop shot, killed while writing a ticket; baggy pants negro arrested
  80. Twitter Verifies Muslim Brotherhood Account After Purging Conservatives
  81. NYC: Mayor DeBlasio is going to fire a bunch of Child services employees over black kid's beating
  82. Black Gun dealer claiming to be Zymere Perkins’ dad fails paternity test
  83. Rutgers Confronts Ties to Slavery in Groundbreaking Report
  84. Robbery suspects yelled anti-white slurs at victims
  85. Cuomo creating statewide anti-hate crime force
  86. Man convicted for killing Hispanic alleged child rapist will appeal
  87. SMU connoisseur of bbc blond coed strikes back at racist flyers with her own printed message
  88. Black Man Faces Charges in Caught-on-Camera ATM Heist
  89. Colored Boy Deff After Shooting STL Police Officer
  90. NYC Democrat poletics: black female arrested for DUI to replace white guy that blew whistle on fraud
  91. Black Pastor wants cop who killed Eric Garner ‘immediately terminated’
  92. Deputies seek negro charged with burglary, forcible sodomy in York County
  93. Cinci kwaps release little info on WF, 35 shot to death by negro
  94. Mudshark shot to death by negro buck who went to sleep 6 hrs before calling 911
  95. Oklahoma City feral negro arrested after severely beating dog
  96. Negro Monkey Charged In Coonnection Wif Nude Pizza Shop Burglary
  97. Canada: Ape Throws Dog off Highrise Balcony
  98. Two women victims of negro's assaults with intent to rape
  99. Hate Hoax: Sow Charged for Claiming Rock Attack by Trump Fans
  100. PA Man Accused Of Abusing 6 Girls In Same Family Waives Hearing