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  1. NYC millennials are crawling with STDs
  2. Jonathan Sanchez, 33, allegedly shot gal pal Araceles Colon, 45, once in the stomach
  3. Lawton negro monkey arrested for indecent exposure
  4. Negro Couple Face Drug Charges After Fayetteville Drug Bust
  5. South Philly negroid arrested, charged with multiple counts of sexually assaulting strangers
  6. NYPD sergeant dead, 2nd wounded in Bronx shooting, spic dead
  7. WM NYPD sergeant dead, BM wounded in Bronx shooting, spic dead
  8. (Black) 'James Bond Gang' Burglary Ring Members Accept Plea Deals in New Jersey
  9. "Trans" Gunman Shoots Wal-Mart Employee Inside Pennsylvania Store
  10. Wite wimmans deff ruled a homicide, ex-boonfriend, Jiggaboo Johnson sought
  11. Wite wimmans deff ruled a homicide, ex-boonfriend, Jiggaboo Johnson indicted for murder
  12. Chinese bank hit with $215M fine for money laundering violations
  13. Alleged pervert Heribito Torres busted for grinding women on train
  14. Rutgers student fired from campus newspaper after writing ‘illegal alien’ in column
  15. "Professor (allegedly) Leaves "Racist" Note on (Latina victim) Student's Paper"
  16. (Black) Teens Crash 3 Stolen Muscle Cars Almost Immediately After Leaving Dealership: Police
  17. Negroid high school coach posts bond after charges of sexual misconduct with students
  18. Pittsburgh WF raped at knifepoint by a filthy nigger in racially motivated attack
  19. WM, 25 shot, killed during negro attempted robbery in Norfolk
  20. WM, 25 shot, killed during negro attempted robbery in Norfolk
  21. Cobb mammy forced son, 11, to walk nude in school parking lot
  22. 2 Children, 1 Woman Killed In Newark Stabbing, 3 Others Injured; Negro of Interest Sought
  23. Mammy ooks "Chicago kwaps gunned muh little nigga down like a viscous animal"
  24. Mammy ooks "Chicago kwaps gunned muh little nigga down like a viscous animal" - brother attacked cop
  25. Negroid Sexually Assaults 14-Year-Old Girl On Her Way To School
  26. Coon from the Congo, 29, on trial for rape of 90-year-old woman on Dayton bike path
  27. 'I am constantly terrified': WF Victim hits out at decision to let Somoolie rapist stay in Scotland
  28. Obama’s ‘hope and change’ has given us ‘fear and loathing’
  29. (Black) Assemblywoman who allegedly hit son with broomstick arrested
  30. (Black female) Assemblywoman who allegedly hit son with broomstick arrested
  31. Topeka detective, suspect shot responding to armed robbery; negro booked
  32. 2 Negros, Coalburner Sought In Abbeville, LA Homicide of WM, 61
  33. Senator joo rodent Al Franken accuses Donald Trump of launching antisemitic TV ad
  34. 4 negros arrested in connection with shooting death of WM, 21 MS U student
  35. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  36. Slain (black female) choir singer’s (black) ex charged with murder
  37. REPORT: East Texas Child Murdered by Previously Deported Illegal Mexican Mestizo
  38. Cops hunt for coon who exposed himself on Brooklyn subway train
  39. Gainesville, FL WM, 69 survives shooting by negro during Subaru Legacy carjack
  40. Everett, MA WM, 21 shot to death by carjacking negro
  41. White gay boi was an up-and-comer and a shining light until he picked up some bbc rough trade
  42. Coon posed as cop before sexually assaulting teen
  43. (Black) ‘Central Park 5’ member: ‘Had Donald had his way, I’d be dead’
  44. Negro monkey exposes penis to 2 7-year-olds arrested after being severely assaulted
  45. F,49 dead after being pushed onto subway tracks in Times Square by crazy negress
  46. Mudshark murder - negro buck suicide: 'They were two beautiful people'
  47. Negro shoots Garden City, KS WM, 25 to death during meth transaction
  48. St. Louis sambo accused of sodomizing autistic teen
  49. Negro caught sexually abusing women in downtown Phoenix
  50. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  51. IMPD searching for negro erectus wanted for home invasion and rape
  52. Gresham 18-year-old groid charged with murder of oildriller
  53. Pennsylvania Man Zachary Santiago Sells Drugs to Pay College Tuition: Police
  54. Negro sets pregnant ex-mudshark on fire, kills her parents NOLA triple slaying
  55. Negro sets pregnant ex-mudshark on fire, kills her parents NOLA triple slaying
  56. Victim in Burnsville, MN Dollar Tree Negro Shooting ID'd: Male Customer, 69
  57. Let's see which of these joo rodents keep their promise to make exodus from US if Trump wins
  58. Negro Arrested in Connection to St. Paul Stranger Rapes
  59. Negro Arrested in Connection to St. Paul Stranger Rapes
  60. WM, 36 shot to death broad daylight Coatesville, PA by the negro
  61. Have you seen this negro wanted in an Easton sex assault?
  62. Feds bust Russian Kyke drug ring in early morning raids
  63. Departing hospitals chief Ramanathan “Ram” Raju took 52 out-of-state trips in brief tenure
  64. New images show Hispanic suspect in mugging of 84-year-old woman
  65. Hispanic Cabbie Macias Rubio illegally soliciting fares drags Port Authority cop after being busted
  66. Atlanta WM, 30 gunned down by negro boonglar in his apartment
  67. Atlanta WM, 30 gunned down by negro boonglar in his apartment - suspook arrested
  68. Look out: Katy Perry has now called for revolution, and she seems to be somewhat serious, I think
  69. Real white man (Trump) inspires more respect among minorities, Trump getting more than Romney did
  70. 3 children without a mudshark mother after history of negro buck domestic violence leads to murder
  71. Teen coalburner killed in accidental shooting; boonfriend din think gun wuz loaded
  72. Knee grow lovers calls for Moochelle Obama to run in 2020
  73. New Nation Swastika Sightings
  74. ‘I Find It Very, Very Scary’ Middle Eastern, Muslim Communities React To Trump Victory
  75. Muslim terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahimi Makes First Manhattan Court Appearance in Chelsea Bombing Case
  76. Accused Chelsea bomber limps into court to enter not guilty plea
  77. Police believe Richmond rape spook is hiding out with friends
  78. Negro arrested after attacking woman at resort in Virginia
  79. (Black) Woman Shot to Death Inside Philly Apartment - police question her boyfriend covered in blood
  80. Mob of nucking figgers pummels man supposedly because he voted for Trump
  81. White Man beaten on West Side while black onlookers yell, 'Don't vote for Trump' speaks out
  82. 4 (racist blacks) Charged In Traffic Altercation That Turned Into Attack On Trump Voter
  83. (Black) Woman randomly punches 9-year-old girl in the face at subway station
  84. NOPD accuses 7th Ward negro of raping woman in backyard shed
  85. Black DNA: serial sexual predator captured 8 years after alleged crimes
  86. Book Review: "Where the South Lost the War," Ft.s Henry and Donelson
  87. Italy - Girl gets a healthy dose of "muh dick" from Nigerian
  88. Police: Muslim Student ‘Fabricated’ Hijab-Grab by White Trump Supporters
  89. Obamas skip traditional first couples photo with the Trumps
  90. NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe - Shomrim leader pleads guilty to bribing cops for gun permi
  91. Is the city about to scrub records of undocumented immigrants?
  92. NYC: won’t store background info of (illegal aliens) applying for ID cards (so Trump won't get data)
  93. Purse snatcher too busy arguing to mug victim
  94. 3 blacks arrested for Fake ID ring paid for boob jobs for hookers and strippers
  95. Re: Global warming is not happening - How Trump Could Walk Away From Decades of Climate Deals
  96. Vietnam native Faces Trial in Case of Brothers Stabbed, Dumped Into Schuylkill River
  97. Canada: Black Mint employee guilty of smuggling $165K of gold in rectum
  98. Negroid truck driver took victim from OKC to Metro STL and forced her to participate in sex acts
  99. KKK celebrating Trump’s election with victory parade
  100. (Black says) I was racially profiled at the New York Public Library