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  1. Anti-Trump protests
  2. Groid Georgia State student charged rapes at gunpoint
  3. Louisburg negro charged with assault, rape of woman
  4. Roanoke deadly workplace shooter: Koonyan came to VA 2011 refugee immigration program
  5. Roanoke deadly (WM, 56) workplace shooter: Koonyan came to VA 2011 refugee immigration program
  6. Bucks County Man Says He’s Had 13 Trump Signs Stolen From His Yard
  7. Police Release Surveillance Video Of (Black) Suspect Accused Of Vandalizing Union League Staircase
  8. Police Release Surveillance Video Of Black Suspect Accused Of Vandalizing The Union League Staircase
  9. Ruben Fernandez arrested for stealing NYPD cop car
  10. 34-year-old Fayetteville negro charged with statutory rape of teen
  11. Sumter silverback graded negro charged with 4 counts criminal sexual conduct with a minor, incest
  12. Milwaukee snowho, 24 strangled, washed w/ toilet bowel cleaner is stuffed in tote by negro client
  13. Rapist, Jiggaboo Jamal arrested in DeSoto Parish
  14. Homeless woman guards Trump’s Walk of Fame star
  15. Police Shoot & Kill Sex Trafficking Spook In Carrollton, TX
  16. Pro illegal alien (no-borders) protest snarls morning commute on George Washington Bridge
  17. Re: NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe
  18. Re: Spic in custody for a 1979 murder case of a 5 year old boy
  19. Cops shoot knife-wielding bipolar black in Brooklyn
  20. (Black) Bipolar man arrested after attempted ‘suicide by cop’
  21. Negro Posed As Meter Reader To Shoot Nog Romantic Rival, Blow Up His Nest
  22. DelCo Teen Charged With Possessing Child Porn, Taking ‘Up-Skirt’ Recordings At Villanova
  23. Caught On Camera: (Black) Suspect Violently Attacks Employee, Robs Deli In West Philly
  24. This synagogue’s absurdly loud ‘siren’ is pissing people off
  25. Re: Fat nigger dies after suffering heart attack during arrest
  26. Jailed Hispanic drug trafficker Angel Melendez Orsini among 14 indicted in smuggling ring
  27. (Black) Convicted murderer busted after flashing gun on subway
  28. Flying Nigger Crashes into a Tree
  29. Book review: prof.-authors' "Politics of Command" on Confederate strategy, problems in Tennessee
  30. Mother sexually assaulted after walking child to school bus by a negro
  31. Black Man accused of rape arrested in Atlanta
  32. Autopsy concludes Wilmington mudshark died from strangulation, buck blows his brains out
  33. White Jackson, TN couple slaughtered by 2 negresses drag racing in July 2015
  34. White man killed by dark road raging creature
  35. Search On For Spook Who Attacked Man, 85, In Upper East Side Park
  36. Search On For Spook Who Attacked Man, 85, In Upper East Side Park - arrested
  37. WF, 44 Cleveland bartender shot to death in cold blood by black pack
  38. Second black charged in slaying of beloved (White female) bartender held on $1.5 million bond
  39. Black Woman is fifth person charged in deadly Cleveland bar robbery & murder of White bartender
  40. (black female) Singer Claims Sixers Deny Her Anthem Performance Due To ‘We Matter’ Jersey
  41. BOYCOTT BLACK SPORTS: Blactivist intimidates Philadelphia 76ers to let her wear racist "we matter" j
  42. Smoke jumper, unrelated W 3-year-old killed, buck hit w/ lead in Shelby, NC shooting
  43. Borger, TX negroid teacher arrested for sexual contact with elementary school students
  44. Police Seek (black) Suspects For Scamming Elderly NJ Woman Out Of $5,000
  45. Miami WF, 65 Cancer Survivor Killed In Roach Robbery Gone Wrong
  46. Negro arrested, suspected of three rapes in October, Baton Rouge police say
  47. How Clinton cronies steered millions into Bill’s wallet
  48. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  49. Leon the negro that attempted to rape Columbus, OH WF, 89 is put in a cage 21 years
  50. North Carolina fugitives (negro, wite wimman) arrested in Valley Center
  51. Jiggaboo Jones Sexually Assaulted Girl Over 12 Year Period
  52. Alexandria negro accused in home invasion, rape
  53. Re: Ex-Penn St. Coach Sandusky Charged With Homo Sex Abuse of Young Boys
  54. Oregon militia leaders acquitted in wildlife refuge standoff
  55. Re: Rutgers student jumps off G.W. Bridge after roomates tape him engaged in sodomy and post online
  56. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  57. Black Sports: Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper gets 8 years for Vegas sex assault
  58. Black Sports: Super Bowl chimp now knows exactly how long he’ll rot in jail
  59. White man victimized by package stealing teennigger
  60. Jiggaboo Jennings to be caged for life mudshark's 3X throat slit from 1 end of neck to the other
  61. Buck shoots ex-mudsharks teen brother dead, her mother critical and her
  62. Victim raped by negro, beaten so severely is left blind in one eye
  63. Mystery: Wite Wimman Soldier MIA Since 9/2; Clue 1: She Is/Was A Connoisseur Of The BBC
  64. (White) Wimman Soldier MIA Since 9/2 - her black ex-husband soldier and 'bro' arrested
  65. Wite Wimman Soldier MIA Since 9/2; Black ex - Skeletal remains are missing soldier
  66. Re: Nigga will steal yo stuff - Police Release Photos Of Alleged Walnut Creek Wallet Thieves
  67. Jiggaboo Jones charged for assault, robbery of woman in Maryland Live Casino parking garage
  68. Baffhouse Barry's Golf Trip Wif Nigger Woods Cost $3.6M: GAO
  69. Hartford PD: City Coon Charged With Sex Assault Of Child
  70. Cops searching for (black) thief who robbed a senior citizen
  71. Mugged mammy says thieves who prey on elderly are ‘brats’
  72. Black Councilman facing theft charges sponsors bill allowing inmates absentee ballots
  73. Judge threatens to jail (black) councilman after he shows up late for court
  74. Negro arrested in FBI raid is person of interest in Orange County, FL coalburner's disappearance
  75. Negro exposed himself to woman helping him register to vote at Broward College
  76. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby Is Legally Blind, According To Defense Attorneys
  77. Sambo named Sugar Foote pimped out teen in Eugene, OR
  78. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! charged in 2012 rape, murder of 82-year-old woman
  79. (Black) Bronx man arrested in beating, sexual assault of 15-year-old girl in Edenwald park
  80. Fairbanks, AK WM officer, 34 dies after eye surgery complications after being shot 6X by redbone
  81. (Black) Man Puts Bleach in Pregnant Girlfriend's Water
  82. Judge Rejects Bail, House Arrest for (Black) Philadelphia Mother of Child who Shot Self
  83. Morgan Hill Negro Arrested For Sexual Assault Faces New Allegations By 7 Women
  84. Memphis PD investigating several negro sex crimes in same area; several victims were students
  85. Memphis PD: Black man arrested, accused of exposing self fondling girls in Frayser
  86. Virginia authorities charge negroid creature with felony voter fraud
  87. NYPD officer shoots gun-toting Jamel Ethridge in the leg
  88. Dentist Aziz Khan arrested for groping patient during exam
  89. Bluegum mammy says posh private school ingnored son’s molestation because he’s black
  90. Book Review: "Hillary's America," by darkskin D'Souza
  91. Fraternity suspended because of student wearing blackface in photo
  92. Wite wimman w/ beautiful soul, negroid afwheat found dead in Las Vegas apartment shooting
  93. Teen human trafficking victim rescued, 3 negros arrested during sting
  94. CHP officers dun dispatched a "Kang" to knee grow heaven
  95. 3 Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of Black football star turned drug dealer
  96. UNCG police investigate reported negroid rape of student in dorm room
  97. The Clintons are a ‘crime family’: Ex-FBI big
  98. Professor who tweeted against PC culture out at NYU
  99. ‘Deplorable’ NYU professor gets a promotion
  100. Gang of 17 migrant men in horror sex attack on two women in church square