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  1. Chimp out at da ol' skool house
  2. Former Teacher Who Allegedly Served as 'Lookout' for Teenage Tryst Fondles Student: Police
  3. Boon babysitter threw infant (now vegetable) because he pulled PlayStation cables
  4. Flat head mestizo arrested for arson and attempted murder
  5. George Cooney proves 'migrants' are an enrichment
  6. Bootlip charged with 1 count of rape
  7. Police: (Black) Passenger In Back Of Taxi Stabs Driver Multiple Times
  8. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  9. Watch: Obama in 2008 Boasts to Ohioans ‘It Helps’ That Dems Are ‘in Charge of’ Voting Machines
  10. Black Boy, 13, will have leg amputated after teacher 'BODY-SLAMMED him to the floor three times
  11. Joni Mitchell criticizes Jew, Bob Dylan, who's "plagiarist," and American culture, Madonna, etc.
  12. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  13. Negroid preacher known as ‘Romeo’ accused of forcing boys into prostitution and drugs
  14. Negro Charged Shooting Death Terrebonne Parish, LA WM, 86
  15. Oklahoma City negro, Tyinnocent arrested for sexually abusing 10-year-old girl
  16. Milwaukee nog officer who made a nog good suspended, charged in homo sex assault
  17. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! Ohio man arrested for 2003 rape in Hendersonville
  18. 10 people at home when suspooks kick in front door, shoot one man
  19. Police Bust (Black) Mother-Daughter Theft Ring Spanning DE, PA, NJ
  20. Drunk Rookie (Hispanic) Cop Rodriguez Faces Criminal Charges For Fatal Off-Duty Car Crash
  21. Re: Amazing!--MORE hitlery e-mails, newly-found and -released, showing play-for-pay--it never ends,
  22. (Black) Mom, (black) boyfriend arrested in death of ‘bruised’ 6-year-old boy
  23. (Chinese) Woman who made $160K in ‘Chinese blessing scam’ busted
  24. Hispanic Conrado Juarez raped and murdered 4 year old Hispanic girl
  25. UK: Army apologizes for racist tweet of soldier in jumgle
  26. Cops bust alleged heroin dealer Dashawn Hawkins with machine gun
  27. MTA bus driver got slashed after morning coffee run by Hispanic slasher Carlos Lema
  28. History: doubt election fraud?--just ck Civ. War hist. including "reconstruction"
  29. Book Review: Jack Cashill's "TWA 800, Crash, Cover-up, Conspiracy..."
  30. Topeka WM, 28 shot to death road rage incident by negro and mudmix
  31. Feral negro arrested for animal abuse after hanging puppy by neck, punching it
  32. 2nd Negro Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of Mpls. Wigger, White Baby
  33. DNA evidence used to make negroid sketch in 2001 Orlando cold case homicide of WF
  34. Miami-Dade PD arrest negro they say attacked and sexually assaulted 2 women walking to bus stops
  35. St. Paul Negro Charged with Raping 12-Year-Old Girl
  36. NYC: Mom claims school downplayed daughter’s ‘near-gang-rape’
  37. Chink Myong Hwan Han arrested after trying to bank $1M in fake ‘vermin fines’
  38. Angry white Texas students storm out of class after teacher says humans emerged from Africa
  39. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  40. Swillary Clinton proven guilty of inciting monkeys w/ pet retards to attack Trump supporters
  41. Billboard hints illegal immigrants should get a sugar daddy
  42. (Black) Mother stabs daughter 8 times in Memphis
  43. Bus Driver For NJ School District Robert Lynch Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography
  44. 3 Chuckers Charged For "Allegedly" Assaulting Mailman In Delaware County
  45. Pennsylvania Man Jerry Negron Abuses 4 Girls Over Years: District Attorney
  46. Pennsylvania High School Teacher Abuses 2 of Her Students Over Years:
  47. More than a dozen arrests in (black gang) gun trafficking takedown
  48. Naked nig who allegedly tried to rape woman busted: cops
  49. Re: Nigger flash mobs on the hunt - Teens Steal Over $13K In iPhones From Natick Apple Store
  50. Lawsuit Over Lehigh Valley Police Officer Kicking Hispanic Robbery Suspic Hector Medina-Pena in Head
  51. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! Cigarette Butt Helps
  52. Sheboon ampfem shrieker kneels during her performance at Heat game
  53. 2 teen sows arrested after 62-year-old (White) man attacked in Facebook video
  54. Bluegum that killed niglet given federal prison sentence for gun offen
  55. Police release image of ‘negro of interest’ in indecent assault on MBTA bus
  56. Officials Seek Negro Of Interest In Triple Shooting That Killed 2 Near Sebastopol, CA
  57. Officials Seek Negro Of Interest In Triple Shooting That Killed 2 Near Sebastopol, CA -Suspects ID'd
  58. Officials Seek Negro, HF In Triple Shooting That Killed 2 WM's Near Sebastopol, CA
  59. Negro, Mudshark (Trojan Whore) Arrested in Millville, DE Home Invasion
  60. Trump files charges on hitlery for being behind the rioting in his Chicago rally which was cancelled
  61. High yellow robs man of $800
  62. Eleanor Roosevelt’s ‘mistress’ died heartbroken and alone
  63. Universities Ban Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes
  64. Queer Subway flasher stabbed 7 times by homeless man
  65. Video: Mammy shoots Detroit nest in joobook rant and gets arrested
  66. Beaner gets 1,503 years in prison for raping teen daughter over 4-year-period
  67. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  68. FDNY firefighters disciplined for hazing African-American member
  69. Floral company discriminated against Italian workers: suit
  70. Metro Brooklyn yeshiva settles with sexual assault accusers for $2.1M
  71. Dead mudshark voice screamed to 911: "Please hurry, the negro has a gun!"
  72. Mark-Viverito wanted to replace (black) city manager with Spanish speaker: suit
  73. Seattle University students notified of swastikas on campus
  74. 'Colored chillunz iz going to bees out on the skreets': Section 8 famblies gitz eviction notices
  75. PDX PD looking for spook in sexual assault, armed robbery
  76. Sex assault spook gave 6-year-old girl STD
  77. Negro, "Lil E" arrested for beating (North Little Rock W?M, 42) with 'piece of lumber'
  78. El Paso Co, CO woman shot dead by 2 brudahs; kwaps make 1 a very good negro
  79. Tenured sh itskinned teachers get slap on the wrist for ‘disturbing’ actions
  80. Kyke residents want to dump ​​Trump’s name from high-rise
  81. (Foreign) Food vendor pummels, robs fellow worker Mahmoud Metwali
  82. Coalburning blond bimbo NBA reporter carjacked, robbed at gunpoint in Atlanta by 3 coons
  83. Negro took boy from bounce house, restrained with duct tape before sexually assaulting him
  84. Police search for naked negro jogger in Massapequa Preserve
  85. White Temple Students Attacked, Officer Thrown To Ground, Police Horse Punched In Negro Assaults
  86. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  87. (Black) Gunman in wheelchair at large after fatal shooting: cops
  88. Anne Arundel Police Arrest Negro Named Martin Luther King Jr. Lead Spray Sow's Vehicle
  89. JAX PD arrest 1 of 2 negros after WM, 19 shot dead in face at Walmart during weed deal
  90. Homicide victims (negro shot to death, wite wimman stabbed to death) were dating
  91. Ebonic/Spic Named Teens Arrested In Shooting Death Of Popular WM, 33 Denver Chef
  92. Negro (with Ethiopian name) accused of carjacking women at gunpoint in Seattle and Redmond arrested
  93. OKC-Police release video of deadly officer-involved shooting on city bus - Spanic shot dead - (July)
  94. Negro dun stabbed hims cuzz at Sunday skool cos thought he put curse on him
  95. SEPTA Offers Amnesty To (black) Man Who Took Camera Left Behind At Subway
  96. Even Obama admits ObamaCare is about to be a ripoff
  97. DOJ warns efforts to stop voter fraud could be illegal
  98. Negro sought for making purchases with stolen credit card
  99. Mestizo kills wife’s father and sister to lure her to their funeral then murdered her at the service
  100. Alert: Texas voting machines changing trump votes to clinton