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  1. Wite wimman takes a negro into her home, 2 days later gets pez dispensered over missing phone
  2. Wite wimman takes a negro into her home, 2 days later gets pez dispensered - black suspect admits
  3. Shreveport negro sought shooting death WM, 22
  4. 15-Year-Old Colored Boy Arrested For Sex Assault In Deep Ellum
  5. (Foreign-born Muslim) Suspect in New York, N.J. bombings - shootout with cops - takes plea
  6. (Hispanic) Dine-and-dash punks beat up employees at ‘Goodfellas’ diner
  7. Canada: Ugly Groid Uber Driver Charged with Sex Assault
  8. Colored woman gunned down in front of children identified, live-in black lover surrendered
  9. 2 colored boys, 2 colored girls charged in fatal shooting of WM, 18 outdoor party in La Plata, MD
  10. After tenderizing, negro cuts off nipples of pregnant ex-girlfriend wif scissors
  11. Richmond, CA WM, 21 shot to death by 3 negros from a “narcotics transaction gone awry”
  12. Prominent Liberal: Mobs could kill minorities under Trump administration
  13. Subway Rider Slashed Repeatedly On Northbound A Train By Feral Negro
  14. Black Man gets 10 years for jumping on pregnant rape victim's belly to force abortion
  15. DeKalb Dad catches negro sexually assaulting his son
  16. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  17. Clinton camp tried to muzzle ‘pain in the ass’ Zephyr Teachout
  18. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  19. Spartanburg, SC WM, 20 fatally shot in back during robbery by colored boy
  20. Spartanburg, SC WM, 20 fatally shot in back during robbery by colored boy - 3 caged, 1 sought
  21. Bootlip Arrested After Clown Causes Lockdown At Connecticut High School
  22. HP Inc. Plans to cut 3,000 to 4,000 layoffs as PC slumps persists
  23. Woman abducted, raped in DeKalb and ransomed for Falcoons tickets by 2 negros
  24. Negro Seen Walking Naked In Brooklyn Is Also Suspected In Rape Attempt
  25. Colored boy arrested in conenction to shooting death of Lafayette, IN WF, 52 teacher
  26. 60 yo 'gro stabs 17 yo Exxon mobil worker over chicken.
  27. WF killed in ‘totally random’ shooting on I-15 in Las Vegas by negro later attempt rape CVS clerk
  28. 21 dogs seized from apparent nigger fight training facility
  29. Trump spells it out. Clintons are criminals etc etc
  30. Hillary Pay For Play Commercial Goes Viral
  31. Here's latest Trump ad (60 secs) on hitlery, ho ho ho ho
  32. When Trump mentioned "International bankers"; kikes squealed, anti-semitism!--it touched a nerve
  33. Obola State Dept. tried to wheedle FBI to changing classification for hitlery e-mails
  34. Obola State Dept. tried to wheedle FBI to changing classification for hitlery e-mails
  35. Obola State Dept. tried to wheedle FBI to changing classification for hitlery e-mails
  36. 2 Jamaicoon Nationals Arrests Made In South LA Lead Spray 3 Shines Deff
  37. Comic desperation: CNN's Cuomo insists it's "illegal" to possess wikileaks hacked doc.s--why?
  38. Election ploy?--why is Obola threatening Russia w. war--is Russia attacking Jew S A?
  39. Election ploy?--why is Obola threatening Russia w. war--is Russia attacking Jew S A?
  40. Newt Gingrich (CFR member, himself) describes the literal "coup" that's going-on now against Trump
  41. Negro Rapes 51-Year-Old Woman In Kew Gardens Hills
  42. 10-year-old girl 'forcibly touched' by large nosed negro on MTA bus in Nashville
  43. Coonvicted negroid rapist faces three life sentences for attack at Montgomery College
  44. Up to 1,000 Seattle teachers to wear ‘Black Lives Fecal Matter’ T-shirts
  45. Self-hating white who shot at George Zimmerman on Florida highway sentenced to 20 years
  46. Crass, gross hypocrisy: NBC "leaked" the Trump p*ssy tape, but won't release original Broaddrick int
  47. Australia: new mixed-race head of ABC to force hiring of non-Whites
  48. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA ties man now charged in Pontiac woman’s 1994 cold case
  49. Muslims Spray Paint San Antonio Church With Anti-Trump and Terrorist Messages “Islam or Die…”
  50. Complaint says victim used negro's phone, he wanted sex in return
  51. Road raging boot lip charged in fatal shooting
  52. Negro in Jail on Two Count of Sexual Assault of a Child
  53. Police: (Black) Women Assaulted 61-Year-Old, Stole 2 Laptops From His Home
  54. (Black) Man Jumps Into River and Drowns After Police Chase and Crash
  55. (Black-named) Man Shamil, Woman Attack 7-Eleven Clerks After Claiming They Were Short Changed
  56. Fox news anchor admits he's a fag
  57. Lawsuit Against Penn State in Sandusky Case Going to Trial
  58. Lawsuit Against Penn State in Sandusky (homo boy rape) Case Going to Trial
  59. (Black) NJ Woman Throws Pine-Sol in Officer's Face: Police
  60. Pennsylvania Youth Pastor Impregnates 15-Year-Old (girl)
  61. Man Who Filmed Children Changing at Dorney Park Gets 12 Years in Prison
  62. Hispanic Man Darluis Ortiz Charged with Stealing $160K Worth of Jamaican Cheese
  63. Hispanic Bus Driver Raul Delatorre-Galaza stikes, kills 11-year-old Hispanic boy
  64. Fired Day Care Workers Get Probation in New Jersey 'Fight Club'
  65. Video Reveals Racial Tensions in Philadelphia's Gayborhood
  66. Philadelphia Archbishop among leaders in the Catholic church reacting to leaked Hillary emails
  67. Vaginas against Trump -Orange is the New Black cast says F word you Trump
  68. Postal worker caught destroying absentee Glorious Leader ballots in Major Swing State
  69. Some people of color are coming out for Glorious Leader in Philly
  70. Howard Stern: I won't replay Glorious Leader interviews, I won't betray Trump
  71. POLITICS LIVE: The ANC is splitting before our eyes. Soon, it's not going to be pretty
  72. Coonhunt for negro who sexually assaulted 10-year-old girl on the way to school
  73. Syracuse wite wimman beaten to deff knew Jiggaboo Johnson; kwaps look into previous hoing arrest
  74. Coon with assault rifle, body armor shot by Vallejo PD officers after he tries to ambush 2
  75. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA links ex-con to 1981 elderly murder victim in Lansing
  76. (White) Neighbors Shaken After Home Invasion, Shooting In Ridley Park
  77. Coon Beat CTA Passenger, Driver With Bag Of Frozen Chicken
  78. Negro Peoples Ook “Black Lives Fecal Matter” After Benton Harbor Kwaps Lead Fill A Groid
  79. Grandmother clings to life after (black thug) stranger knocks her out
  80. (Black) Grandma slugged by (black) ex-con may never fully recover
  81. Queens woman punched by black outside deli in October dies, NYPD says
  82. Chinese immigrant woman attacked, raped during early-morning walk to work (by black beast)
  83. (Black female) principal accused of caring more about parking spot than staffer’s heart attack
  84. LGBTQueer Teen negro arrested for homo raping 11-year-old and 13-year-old boys
  85. Malaysia: Hotdogs set for name change to not be offensive to muslims
  86. 77 year old white woman carjacked by 2 sows
  87. Coon Car Service Driver Sexually Assaulted Woman in Her Own Driveway
  88. Negro arrest made in Lakeland, FL hit-and-run death of WF, 74
  89. Drudge:Hillary Clinton is a bi/lesbo/homo secret sex freak
  90. Leaked audio- sWillary Clinton- 'kwans' have no right to bear arms
  91. Black Sports: Jury rules NBA star Derrick Rose and friends did not rape Rose's ex-girlfriend
  92. Anthony Weiner disgraced Jewish ex politician married to Hillary's muslim Huma - sexting indictment?
  93. Puerto Rican-born Creep Broyoan Lopez who swiped cash from old lady’s bra mulling plea deal
  94. Search is on for nigger thief who took selfie on stolen phone
  95. Baytown, TX PD seek public's help in search for 'negro of interest' in death of WF, 50
  96. (Asian) Columbia student Linhao Zhang sued for carrying sword, beating his dog
  97. Sheldon Silver crony Dr. Robert Taub (also an Orthodox Jew) claims Columbia is punishing him
  98. Update: Deadly mayhem before (black) parade in Brooklyn - black killer pleads not-guilty
  99. (Tunisian?) Cabbie Outmane Bouzid uses antenna to beat driver who cut him off
  100. Judge slams (Asian) driver Danny Lin in fatal accident for ‘worshiping speed’