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  1. (Radical feminist) Marissa Mayer accused of illegally firing men
  2. Rentboy CEO pleads guilty to promoting prostitution
  3. Black with box cutter sexually assaults woman on Miami Beach, police say
  4. Coonposite sketch released of groid wanted for kidnapping, sexual assault Tulane student
  5. 3 coons hold hostages Lakeland, FL McNigger's after carjacking
  6. (Black) Man arrested in grisly attack on San Marcos gas station clerk
  7. HM, WF officers dead, one injured in Palm Springs shooting by cholo gangster
  8. (Black) New Jersey Man Kills in Retaliation, Gets 15-Year Sentence
  9. Urban Prep Academy WF teacher charged with having inappropriate relationship with (dark) student
  10. Protesters Overtake Philadelphia Pride Flag Raising Amid LGBT Racism Controversy
  11. A Philadelphia LGBT History Month Tradition Turns Hostile
  12. (Female) Ex-principal had x-rated photos of herself on school computers: probe
  13. Female Ex-principal Annie Schmutz Seifullah had x-rated photos on school computers: probe
  14. Female Ex-principal Annie Schmutz Seifullah had x-rated photos on school computers -takes 6 mo leave
  15. (Black) Girl Scout cookie case has turned into $30M dispute
  16. James Lovelock, Godfather of Green: Climate Change Religion is Bunk
  17. Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong
  18. Negroid chimp personal trainer accused of knowingly transmitting HIV
  19. Vermont ditches Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day, Hartford may make the switch for good
  20. Judge Jeanine sums it up regarding Trump's promise to prosecute & put hitlery in jail (3 1/2 mins)
  21. Psssst: hitlery's potty mouth puts Trump's to shame, by a long-shot
  22. Ex-Museum Director to be Sentenced for (Homo, boy) Child Porn
  23. Black who killed two Pakistani Muslim brothers in Paterson robbery gets 50-year sentence
  24. Disgraced Jewish ex-governor of New York was was ‘certifiably crazy’ in office
  25. Coon "Cookie Monster" sexually assaulted woman 12 hours after posting bond
  26. Turns out Chelsea Clinton is a bit of a "loose-cannon" within hitlery campaign, causes difficulties
  27. Turns out Chelsea Clinton is a bit of a "loose-cannon" within hitlery campaign, causes difficulties
  28. Paul Ryan (Rep. House Speaker) is true RINO, coward, traitor
  29. Negroid robbery on M subway in Brooklyn leaves man with cut face, broken rib
  30. Mammy accused of threatening girl with baseball bat for bullying her 9-yr-old niglet
  31. WIKILEAKS dump shows sHillary Clinton calling Muslims “sandniggers”
  32. Mestizo arrested in Walmart shooting says it was a mistake.
  33. Negroid Coaches Kneel During National Anthem at Homecoming Game
  34. Aide calls Chelsea Clinton a ‘spoiled brat’ in leaked emails
  35. Jogger sexually assaulted (by black) while running in Central Park
  36. Jogger sexually assaulted while running in Central Park - black arrested
  37. Russian prostitute who accused disgraced (Jewish) former NY governor Eliot Spitzer arrested
  38. Family catches sambo sex offender who broke into girls’ bedroom
  39. Philly's Homicide Count: Man Slain in North Philly is City's Third Homicide Victim in 15 Hours
  40. Russian Hooker extorted $400K from Spitzer over two years: prosecutors
  41. Asian Doctor Rho charged with killing woman who died from botched abortion
  42. Assemblyman demands elections official resign for linking minorities to voter fraud
  43. Manhattan (Democratic) Elections official subpoenaed after his claims of voter fraud
  44. Elections official caught blasting de Blasio’s ID program to be replaced
  45. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  46. Book Review: "Woodrow Wilson and Col. House," by the Georges
  47. This by bastard nigger son of slick Willie, pathetic for "reasoning," but PERFECT for libs, queers
  48. Negro Arrested In Sexual Assaults Of 2 Women In South End
  49. Senate Candidate Promises ‘Kool Aid, KFC and Watermelons’ at Harlem Campaign Event
  50. St. Roch negro accused of raping 6-year-old girl
  51. Negro coach arrested for the usual crime...muh dick.
  52. Negro charged in Stoughton CVS shooting now accused in rape
  53. Md. mudflap teacher admits to sexting 16-year-old male student
  54. Negro ejaculated on female, 28 at Thomasville Dollar General
  55. Controversial Reading Homework "Blue & Black" Pulled from Sussex County Middle School
  56. The New York Times abandoned its integrity just to bash Donald Trump
  57. Speech reveals Hillary sympathized with Goldman Sachs
  58. New Nation in Space Proposed by Russian Weapons Designer
  59. The infamous "Trump Tape" was RINO "inside coup" attempt orchestrated by P. Ryan cronies
  60. Speech reveals Hillary sympathized with Goldman Sachs
  61. Meet CoverGirl’s first cover boy
  62. WF, 14 dies drug overdose after pimped out by 2 negros, 2 spics; her sister, 15 also victim
  63. Negress 911 Operator Arrested After Hanging Up on Callers: 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For
  64. Hispanic Man Exposes Himself Several Times Inside Clothing Store in Plymouth Meeting Mall: Police
  65. (Black) Thieves Buy Cigarettes, Candy with Cloned Credit Cards at Wawa: Police
  66. New York nog with autism arrested 29 times for nabbing buses, trains - PLEA DEAL
  67. Forget baby showers! Young couples are holding 'vasectomy parties'
  68. Ethnic cleansing? California town now less than 10 percent white
  69. satanic prostitute liars of CNN blubber and whine when crowd yells "CNN sucks" (truth hurts, eh?)
  70. Philly-Sodom: LGBT Community To Address Allegations Of Racism At Gayborhood Nightclubs
  71. Witness describes moment woman set on fire at Golden Corral by a coon
  72. 2 Boston Cops Critical After Shooting; Spic Dead
  73. 2 Boston Cops Critical After Shooting; Spic Dead - MUSLIM CONVERT
  74. Ann Coulter: "Same Media Gasping in Horror at 'P*ssy' Sure Didn't Mind My Being Called a C*nt Repeat
  75. (Russian) Mob boss who spared millionaire’s life will squeal on mobster cronies
  76. Council Speaker Mark-Viverito reveals she was sexually abused as a child "thanks to Donald Trump"
  77. Two Negros Bound Over For Trial For Shooting Tulsa WF In The Back
  78. US-Saudi Plan: Let 9,000 ISIS Fighters Walk Free from Mosul – to Fight in Syria - (Drudge)
  79. Wite wimman takes a negro into her home, 2 days later gets pez dispensered over missing phone
  80. Wite wimman takes a negro into her home, 2 days later gets pez dispensered - black suspect admits
  81. Shreveport negro sought shooting death WM, 22
  82. 15-Year-Old Colored Boy Arrested For Sex Assault In Deep Ellum
  83. (Foreign-born Muslim) Suspect in New York, N.J. bombings - shootout with cops - takes plea
  84. (Hispanic) Dine-and-dash punks beat up employees at ‘Goodfellas’ diner
  85. Canada: Ugly Groid Uber Driver Charged with Sex Assault
  86. Colored woman gunned down in front of children identified, live-in black lover surrendered
  87. 2 colored boys, 2 colored girls charged in fatal shooting of WM, 18 outdoor party in La Plata, MD
  88. After tenderizing, negro cuts off nipples of pregnant ex-girlfriend wif scissors
  89. Richmond, CA WM, 21 shot to death by 3 negros from a “narcotics transaction gone awry”
  90. Prominent Liberal: Mobs could kill minorities under Trump administration
  91. Subway Rider Slashed Repeatedly On Northbound A Train By Feral Negro
  92. Black Man gets 10 years for jumping on pregnant rape victim's belly to force abortion
  93. DeKalb Dad catches negro sexually assaulting his son
  94. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  95. Clinton camp tried to muzzle ‘pain in the ass’ Zephyr Teachout
  96. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  97. Spartanburg, SC WM, 20 fatally shot in back during robbery by colored boy
  98. Spartanburg, SC WM, 20 fatally shot in back during robbery by colored boy - 3 caged, 1 sought
  99. Bootlip Arrested After Clown Causes Lockdown At Connecticut High School
  100. HP Inc. Plans to cut 3,000 to 4,000 layoffs as PC slumps persists