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  1. Picture of shiney QT robber released
  2. Ole Miss Student Arrested for Possession of (Confed) State Flag
  3. DNA Exonerates Negro In Rape Case, Lands Other Black Sex Offender In Jail
  4. Mammy Says Niglet "Attacked" for Kneeling During National Anthem - Seeks Legal Action
  5. Open Borders Rap Sheet: 30+ Crimes by Immigrant Suspects in September Alone
  6. Raleigh WF, 39 dies after shooting at Arkansas gas station; negro, negress arrested
  7. Woman shocked when escaping negroid sex attacker; causes 8,000 power outages
  8. Woman shocked when escaping negroid sex attacker; causes 8,000 power outages - ARRESTED
  9. Update: Little Rock WF shocked, body 40% burned escaping negroid sex attacker
  10. Tyson To Pay $1.6 Million To Settle Hiring Discrimination Allegations
  11. 100 refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Central Africa to be resettled in Northwest Arkansas
  12. Colonie negro accused of attempted rape, burglary
  13. Black Sports: Colts Release Antonio Cromartie Two Days After He Kneels for National Anthem
  14. Air Force Announces It Will Mandate Diversity Quotas In Candidate Pools For Key Positions
  15. Authorities stunned by DA letting Hispanic handyman skate in fatal blaze
  16. What was AG Lynch doing, meeting w. Bill Clinton on Tues. 28 Jun 2016?--making deal for hitlery?
  17. Low-Down Homo Lesbian Clam Lappers Claims Harassment when Obtaining Marriage License
  18. DeKalb sambo sex offender offends again
  19. Naked, bloody, tattooed muh dik fondling negro runs through home in Maricopa
  20. Obitz: Nigger music written by Rod Temperton
  21. Tabor City, NC WM, 41 robbed, beaten to death by negro, 2 negresses
  22. Registered Sambo Sex Offender Charged With Glendale Rape of Homeless Woman
  23. San Francisco Female, 63 Fatally Stabbed By Negro In Affluent Pacific Heights
  24. Jackson jiggaboo charged in break-in, rape at Ann Arbor-area apartment complex
  25. Dillon negro sexually assaulted one of two women he stabbed
  26. Black Driver Intentionally Runs Over Crossing Guard: Police
  27. Koonie West had ‘chimpout,’ fired entire staff after fashion show disaster
  28. Black Sports: Title-winning HS football coach out of job amid enrollment scandal
  29. 50% of donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign come from Jewish contributors, according to new study
  30. Negro accused of forcible sex offenses now charged with attempted murder
  31. Negro, negress arrested for forcing teen girl into prostitution
  32. LASD WM, 53 sergeant dies after being shot in Lancaster, CA; 1 negro in custody
  33. LASD WM, 53 sergeant dies - Black stood over and 'executed' sheriff's sergeant
  34. Crane collapse: it’s prejudice that the only people prosecuted were two black men.
  35. Former Student Pleads Guilty to Harassing Fellow Penn State Student Over Race
  36. Pennsylvania Boy Scout Leader Charged With Having Child Porn
  37. (Censored) media helps cover-up Hillarious failing to admit Benghazi op. was gun-running, terror
  38. Pentagon Issues Tranny Handbook for Military Service Members
  39. Bisexual identity overtaking faggot and clamlapper in Britain, official stats show
  40. Finding a way out of mudshark sunglasses: Heather shares her story
  41. Black thug punches White woman in the head while she waits at traffic lights
  42. Amazing!--MORE hitlery e-mails, newly-found and -released, showing play-for-pay--it never ends, eh?
  43. Protesters in Ethiopia chucking rocks kill UC Davis WF, student doing research
  44. O Canada: Saudi Student Cuts Female Student's Throat
  45. This school staged a ‘Color Wars’ pep rally. Then students showed up in ‘White Pride’ shirts
  46. 2 Cali coons caged for bringing, pimping hos into Montana
  47. Sentencing hearing finished in Halifax Co, VA of negro that raped, beat WF, 84 to death
  48. negro that raped, beat WF, 84 to death - avoids death penalty
  49. Police alert people of level 4 cone headed boon sex offender moving to Fort Smith area
  50. Schenectady negro accused of sexual assault of elderly woman pleads guilty
  51. Coonvicted sex offender re-arrested after woman says he assaulted her daughter, 2
  52. 3 "dark complected" sought in shooting death Concord, NC WF, 90 inside her home
  53. 3 "dark complected" sought in shooting death Concord, NC WF, 90 inside her home - 2 charged
  54. Backpage.com CEO Arrested In Texas
  55. Transgender Students Sue Pennsylvania District Restroom Rule
  56. Inmate Joel Perez Convicted of Slashing Pennsylvania Prison Guard
  57. Penn State NAACP Students Stage Sit-in During Volleyball National Anthem
  58. Dark Crime: Police Find 910 Packets of Heroin During New Jersey Mall Parking Lot Bust
  59. Police Find 910 Packets of Heroin During New Jersey Mall Parking Lot Bust (of 2 blacks)
  60. (Black) 'Cop killer’ takes plea deal in separate drug case
  61. Black Cop killer’ trial gets underway without the alleged shooter
  62. Black pol Malcolm Smith still doesn’t think he deserves jail time
  63. Uber blocked NYPD probe after irate driver Abul Hassan attacked pretty blonde woman: suit
  64. Jiggaboo Johnson dun hung himself cherry bucket Comcast truck, mudshark decomposes from head trauma
  65. Dayton negro accused of raping 2 children, offering to pay
  66. Sambo sex offender exposes himself at West Haven daycare
  67. President Obama Grants Release To Over 100 Inmates, 774 inmates this year
  68. Cops: Black Monkey Man Climbs Through Drive-Thru Window, Robs Dunkin Donuts
  69. Russia enacts "no fly" zone over Syria, all un-authorized aircraft will be shot-down
  70. South Jersey Man Shares Images of Newborns Engaged in Sex: Prosecutors
  71. Negro Coonvicted Of Sexually Assaulting Woman At Grandmammy’s House
  72. Steelton negro wanted for child sex assault
  73. Another mudshark passed away "unexpectedly"
  74. Another mudshark passed away "unexpectedly" - black boyfriend charged
  75. Uzbek Man Roman Gorbunova seen with foul-smelling garbage can tells cops he killed mom
  76. Knife fight between two (Hispanic) brothers leaves one dead
  77. Trump still believes the ‘Central Park 5’ are guilty
  78. Teen Keanu Lopez busted at school with weed and a loaded gun
  79. Sow charged with contributing to child’s misconduct
  80. male model at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts permanently banned for verbal assault on negress
  81. New Jersey Town Removes Veteran Memorial With Christian Cross
  82. Negro arrest made in shooting death of Winston-Salem WM roomie
  83. Negress trucker indicted crash that killed young white mother, injured her infant son
  84. Why black lives fecal matter to juden rodents Ben & Jerry
  85. $2,000 reward offered for ID of double-murder spook in Seattle Pioneer Square
  86. Negroid teacher accused of sex in classroom
  87. Negroid Student Advisor Arrested For Taking Photo Of Man Using Bathroom At FIU
  88. Haddendam U.K. 'overun' by 400 Nazi warriors
  89. Chicago coon beat cops; slammed female cop's head by her hair
  90. Schwoogie enters woman's Mesa home, eats her food, uses her shower, and sleeps in her bed
  91. Negro accused of brutally beating WF (or WHF?) in Tempe robbery arrested
  92. Dark-skinned Spic, Female Wanted For Raping One Teen, Robbing Another
  93. (Black) Burnett gets prison for Winona homicide; (white) victim's mother addresses court
  94. (Radical feminist) Marissa Mayer accused of illegally firing men
  95. Rentboy CEO pleads guilty to promoting prostitution
  96. Black with box cutter sexually assaults woman on Miami Beach, police say
  97. Coonposite sketch released of groid wanted for kidnapping, sexual assault Tulane student
  98. 3 coons hold hostages Lakeland, FL McNigger's after carjacking
  99. (Black) Man arrested in grisly attack on San Marcos gas station clerk
  100. HM, WF officers dead, one injured in Palm Springs shooting by cholo gangster