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  1. Negro kidnaps young boy from front yard, touches him inappropriately
  2. FDNY ‘cadet’ program aims to give minorities fast track to openings
  3. De Blasio refuses to join Cuomo in calling Chelsea blast ‘terrorism’
  4. FBI’s Fake ‘Investigation’ of Hillary’s Emails
  5. The changing immigration narrative
  6. Coonvicted niglet raper stalks a younger nest
  7. Philadelphia Building Collapse Collapse 2013 in Center City killed 6 - trial underway
  8. Philadelphia Police Find Cross, Full Tank of Gas Outside Center City Church - possible hate crime
  9. Obama stays silent on Chelsea explosion but talks election
  10. Rikers Island vendor Joseph Garcia, under fire, has gone MIA
  11. Canada: Knuckle Walkers Shoot Cashier at Dominos
  12. Gofundme campaign for Dresden Holocaust memorial.
  13. Hellary out of bed for NY bombing psyop work, can you guess who she blames?
  14. Montgomery County Kitchen Remodeling Company Owner Jose Javier Cruz Faces Deceptive Business Charges
  15. Black man fatally shot by white Tulsa cop was unarmed
  16. Disgraced (black) state senator’s bid for new trial is denied
  17. (Black) Convicted ex-state senator Sampson continues to break laws: lawyers
  18. Disgraced (black) Ex-state senator John Sampson to finally be sentenced in January
  19. Disgraced black politician John Sampson sentenced to five years in prison for corruption
  20. Radcliff, KY WM, 71 stabbed to death in his home by negro, juvenile girl
  21. Barack Hussein Obama II doesn’t mention terror in remarks on bombings
  22. Updates: Foreign-born islamic terrorist planted bombs in NY and NJ
  23. WM, 49 Lexington clerk shot by 3 (1 slim and short with dreadlocks) in critical condition
  24. Hands of Heartland negroid employee pleads guilty homo sexual assault case of mentally dimininished
  25. Hands of Heartland negroid employee pleads guilty homo sexual assault case of mentally dimininished
  26. Police identify rape spook from fingerprint on window
  27. Beer bottle, brick, and fence post used in boon brawl
  28. Negro hides in dog house after attempting ATM theft
  29. Teenniggers Rob Man on Park Bench, Post Video on Facebook
  30. 'The Klan Is Awake': Message Offering KKK Protection & Lollipops Turn Up on Pennsylvania Lawns
  31. Idiot captures his own mugging while live-streaming Pokémon Go
  32. Missoula Woman Wakes Up to Find Negro in Her Bed, Spook Charged With Sexual Assault and Burglary
  33. Frustrated over "infidelity issues", sow chucked boiling water on boyfriend, baby
  34. Homo Flag Flies at USAF base
  35. Slimy jew inmate sues over non-kosher diet
  36. 14-year-old girl 'sold' to negro by a negro for sex
  37. 14-year-old girl 'sold' to negro by a negro for sex - Fugitive arrested for pimping 14-yr-old
  38. Wow. Eagles Players Raise Black Power paw During National Anthem
  39. Boon Brown sprays lead at 2 in domestic at McCarran airport parking garage
  40. 4 Coloreds Caught Breaking into Trucks
  41. Missouri Boot Lip charged in the fatal shooting of High School student
  42. Negro Masturbated While Registering as Schwoogie Sex Offender
  43. Negro deff in officer-involved shooting in northeast Charlotte
  44. Negro deff in officer-involved shooting in Charlotte; chimpouts, 12 cops injured, looting follows
  45. Updates: Charlotte NC - Black riots, racism, crime, terrorism - anarchism - jungle drums
  46. Kansas City blue gum sentenced to 22 years in prison for wreck that killed KCPD investigator
  47. Classroom Argument Leads To Student-Teacher Fight, Teen Charged With Assault -appears black-on-White
  48. Stonehenge Autumn Equinox Celebrations
  49. Weird eyes: Hillary Continues to Fall Apart Now She has Intermittent Esotropia
  50. Black Sports: Philadelphia Police Officers Sue LeSean McCoy Over Off-Duty Brawl at Philly Club
  51. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  52. Transgender Alexis Arquette thingee died of heart attack after long battle with HIV
  53. ‘Perfect’ suburban family torn apart by mestizo mom’s dark secrets
  54. Negro suspected in 2 sex assaults, kidnapping in Norwich
  55. Carthage College coon feetsball player accused of second-degree down low sexual assault
  56. Cedar Rapids kwaps stop mudshark being processed into fish bait, make the buck a very good negro
  57. Westbrook High girls’ track coon coach arrested, accused of sexually assaulting student
  58. Lubbock negro indicted, charged with sexual assault of a child
  59. San Francisco YMCA coon camp counselor arrested on charges of molesting campers
  60. Negroid, youf arrest made in sex assaults near U of L
  61. Africoons devour bush meat after ban lifted
  62. Lithonia negroid gets life for raping, pimping 16-year-old girls
  63. Bassetball nigger chimps out, stabs three other players
  64. (Unknown) Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo killed in fiery crash
  65. Crack-whore beaten to death by niggers
  66. 1993 Tomball, TX wetback rapist that beat WF, 82 to death caught 23 years later
  67. Ahmed Khal Says Armed Driver Who Claimed to Be Police Officer Threatened Him, Called Him Racial Slur
  68. Negro Erectus Sex Offender Wanted For Rape Arrested Charged With Upskirting
  69. "White-on-white" Ion Media boss terrorized staff with racist and sexist jokes: suit
  70. Negro, 40 anally sodomized daughter, 18 then strangled to death in KC motel, DNA found tip of penis
  71. Anthony Weiner disgraced Jewish ex politician married to Hillary's muslim - jail time for sexting?
  72. Jacksonville jiggaboo gets life in prison for child sex case
  73. Negroid High School Teacher Suspended After Stepping On American Flag In Class
  74. Mississippi state flags confiscated at Ole Miss football game
  75. Footbal game parking lot. Disturbing moment a (black) male attacks (White) female in a parking lot
  76. Rape victims confront negroid attacker at court hearing
  77. Rug munching lesbo CNN anchor posts insane tweet about Sharia law; gets OWNED in comments
  78. McDonalds Hires Foreign H-1Bs, Fires 70 American Accounting Staff
  79. Lincoln negroid student charged with dorm rape
  80. 3 negros get the white boy to rob negress weed dealer, ends up w/ murder 1 after shooting her
  81. Breaking: Dr. Ted noel reveals hillary's major new parkinson's health warnings that could end her
  82. Philadelphia’s 99th Mayor Jim "Banana Nose" Kenney Sounds Off Against Sanctuary City Bill
  83. Female Delaware Teacher's Aide Has Sex With Male Migrant Teenage Student
  84. Johnny Flores Stabs Vineland Police Officer in Face: Officials
  85. Please donate a can of beans for lee parker
  86. Florida School Allows Low-Down Homo Faggot to Run for Homecoming Queen After First Rejecting Request
  87. Coon 'Teacher' Stomps on American Flag in class- Military not amused
  88. Caught on Cam: Armed Store Owner Scares Off Armed Bootlipped Robber
  89. Chelsea bomb suspect’s blood-soaked diary full of ISIS praise
  90. Hip-hop-producer Swizz Beatz accused of reselling leased luxury cars
  91. Cops find Hispanic rape suspect H. Flores-Guerra at scene allegedly attacking 2nd victim
  92. Groid Shoves Gold from the Mint up his Rectum
  93. Canada: (Black) Mint employee guilty of smuggling $165K of gold in rectum
  94. Canada: Groid Shoves Gold from the Mint up his Rectum - gets 30 months
  95. Teen Sisters Hurt During Stockton Protest Felt Targeted Because They Are White
  96. Negro monkey arrested after another reported exposing incident on MU campus
  97. (Black female) ‘Fake’ landlord swindled tenants out of $194K in rent
  98. Swastikas, Racist Messages Found In San Jose State Dorms
  99. Crazy Negro Deff After Fight With Baltimore County Officers
  100. Negro Larue County High School Girls Basketball Coach Resigns After Indictment on Sexual Assault