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  1. Negro accused of sneaking into sleeping woman's downtown Cleveland hotel; rape of other woman
  2. Lesbian Ex-Math Teacher Sleeps Over Teen's House, Sexually Assaults Girl: Police
  3. Trio of Tar Babies Swipes $7K in Cigarettes From Wawa Delivery Truck
  4. Niggery Thingee Punches Woman, Drags Her Through Bleach in NJ Home: Police
  5. Updates: Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  6. Chaos erupts when (black) off-duty cop attacks (female) subway conductor
  7. Chaos erupts when (black) off-duty cop attacks (female) subway conductor
  8. Black Alleged gunman in fatal shooting of (black) Cuomo aide indicted
  9. Mestizo Gets Maximum Prison Sentence for Drug Charge
  10. Cops shoot knife-wielding Hispanic maniac Carlos Colon
  11. (Black) Transgender babysitter complained about slain boy after he died
  12. (Black) Transgender babysitter thought slain boy was faking
  13. (Black) Transgender babysitter takes plea deal for killing 4-year-old
  14. Sow state senator sits during Pledge of Allegiance at veto session
  15. Negro Arrested in Antioch Sexual Assault of 13-Year-Old Girl
  16. Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Claims King of Pop Ran Sophisticated Child Sex Abuse Ring
  17. Negro got 11-year-old pregnant, DNA test shows
  18. Jewish man arrested for arson of mosque attended by Orlando nightclub shooter
  19. Lexington, KY WM, 24 found shot to death in burner car; negro, mudshark arrested
  20. Women kidnapped, raped, robbed at gunpoint accosted at Louisville hotels by negro(s)
  21. Radford negro charged with rape
  22. Police: Woman Bitten By (black) Stranger At Made In America Festival
  23. Negroid rape arrest made after woman called police from locked bathroom
  24. Yogi accused of sex acts at bar mitzvah gets off
  25. Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  26. USC negroid football player Osa Masina charged with rape in Utah
  27. Bloomingdale’s cashier busted in $400K couture scheme by 3 Asian female thieves - Ivy Lian, Shih Tan
  28. German Police Tell Women 'Wear Sneakers' to Outrun Migrant Rapists
  29. Wite wimman lures man to apartment, tries to rob him with help of negro machete-wielding accomplice
  30. Negro rapist on the loose in Hickory Hills, Palos Hills
  31. Knife Wielding Negro & 2 Other Suspooks Allegedly Assault Pedestrian: LCSO
  32. Niglet Kneels in Protest of Pledge of Allegiance
  33. Abilene Negro Indicted for 3rd Sexual Assault
  34. Columbus, OH cop dispatches bb gun armed colored boy, Tyre King to negro heaven
  35. Migrants goad group of East German concerned citizens into a brawl
  36. Utah mestizo activist Tony Yapias arrested, charged with rape
  37. Lena Dunham Is Not Racist And Right For Once - unlikely to be raped by Asian
  38. 4 (Hispanic, black) sexual assaults in Georgetown area may be linked
  39. Lee deputies release new sketch of mestizo in Bonita assault
  40. (Black) Philly Man Charged With 5 Suburban Robberies
  41. apparent homicide (of white woman by her live-in Mexican boyfriend)
  42. White College student leaves university after taking selfie in a "blackface"
  43. Berlin's commie mayor whines: 'the Nazis are coming'
  44. Black Man arrested in toddler's beating death
  45. Black Parents arrested for beating death of 4-year-old girl
  46. Groid kills three wetbacks in drug-deal gone good
  47. Negroid nursing assistant accused of sexually assaulting elderly patients - 18 sex crimes charges
  48. More Victims in Portland after Ethiopian immigrant Charged with Rape of 87 and 94-year-old
  49. Ethiopian migrant Negroid nursing assistant accused of raping elderly patients gets 25 yrs
  50. Colorado Springs sex assault spook on the run
  51. Deputies on nest eviction, see girl, 15 w/ cognitive age of 6 perforforming sex act on negro
  52. Kansas City negro charged in rape of 14-year-old girl, now pregnant
  53. Easton negro charged with rape of a child and child porn
  54. List of Islamist Nations Who Gave Hillary $143 million in August Alone is Unreal:
  55. Negro, smoke jumper arrested for making threats against Louisa County school
  56. Illegal alien Sentenced To Decades In Prison In Rape Of 6-Year-Old Girl During Break-In
  57. Negro, age 37 arrested for sexually assaulting 3-year-old
  58. Negro charged with throwing bleach on rape victim
  59. City of Alexandria Stonewalling Investigation Into Illegally Registered Voters
  60. Pennsylvania Probing Sex Abuse at Lehigh Valley Catholic Diocese: Lawmaker
  61. Fort Bend ISD negroid band teacher sentenced 30 + 25 for child sex abuse
  62. Round Rock negroid teacher accused of filming female coworker in restroom
  63. (Black) Man arrested for stabbing woman with screwdriver
  64. Cops nab suspic Miguel DeJesus who left cigarette at crime scene
  65. Court denies ex-restaurateur (Hamlet Peralta)’s appeal to get out of jail
  66. NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe
  67. NYPD rocked by massive corruption probe
  68. Negro arrested for physically assaulting, exposing himself to women in Richmond homes
  69. Police Release Coonposite Sketch Wanted For Armed Robbery, Rape In Westland
  70. Roslindale negroid arrested after lewd act at T stop mens bathroom
  71. Coonvicted sex offender, Jiggaboo Jones ooks guilty in new case sexual conduct wif 10-year-old boy
  72. Re: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news
  73. Woman Charged With Hindering Investigation In Shooting Death Of (black) 8-Year-Old - black suspect
  74. 2nd Woman Charged With Hindering Investigation In Shooting Death Of (black) 8-Year-Old
  75. Black Man Charged With Murder In Shooting Death Of Black Camden Girl
  76. Black Suspect Arraigned In Murder Of 8-Year-Old Camden Girl
  77. 3 Indicted In Death Of (black) 8-Year-Old Camden Girl
  78. Another (black) Inmate Escapes Delaware Facility
  79. 86-year-old Elderly man beaten by pack of blacks during Park stroll for refusing to give thug $1
  80. Cullman, AL WF, 33 dead in her apartment; negro, wite wimman "of interest" sought
  81. Drunk negro doing 100mph flambés himself fiery crash; 2 wite wimmanz, nog passengers deff
  82. Ambush shooting by black Leaves 2 Officers, 3 Others Wounded; 2 Dead, Including Suspect In Philly
  83. Shooting Leaves 2 Officers, 3 Others Wounded; 2 Dead, Including Suspect In West Philly
  84. In Raving Note, (black) West Philadelphia Gunman Called Himself 'Solo Tattoo Tears'
  85. Negro caged 30 years for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old family member
  86. Outrage over serial rapist’s Hall of Fame nomination
  87. 2 Negros Sought After Teen Girl Fends Off Possible Would-Be Kidnappers in Apple Valley, CA
  88. Three sandniggers arrested for gang-raping woman near Eiffel Tower
  89. Negro charged with shooting, robbing HM, 71 who was watering lawn in Marquette Park
  90. CenturyLink plans to lay off up to 3,500
  91. Negro dance coach arrested for statutory rape of boi, criminal exposure to HIV
  92. White Weinie Doug Pederson Would 'Definitely' Join Team-wide Protest
  93. Black Sports: Wow. Eagles Players Raise Black Power Fist During National Anthem
  94. Black Suspect Tries to Dissolve Heroin by Urinating on it: Police
  95. Sistah ooks brudah dispatched to negro heaven by Tulsa kwaps dindu nuffins
  96. Sistah ooks brudah dispatched to negro heaven by Tulsa kwaps dindu nuffins - high on PCP?
  97. (White female) Tulsa Police Officer Will Face Manslaughter Charge In Unarmed (black) Man's Death
  98. Coolio nigga arrested at LAX with loaded, stolen gun
  99. (Felon) Rapper Coolio charged after gun found in*luggage
  100. Gun-toting bootlip arrested for the 69th time