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  1. (Black) Man charged with attempted murder at Shawnee Wal-Mart was on parole for drug, etc...
  2. Arson fire destroys mosque attended by Orlando nightclub shooter
  3. Coontown cops seek kinky-headed killer
  4. Holohoax memorial vandalized (Hungary)
  5. UN report: Islamic Slavery making a comeback
  6. Mudshark can't even have a funeral much less even just a viewing because of the extent of injuries
  7. ‘Crazy Eddie’ Store Owner, Jew Fraudster Eddie Antar Dead At 68
  8. USPS offers reward for (black) Chicongo armed-robber
  9. Mudshark drove 2 negros that shot Alcorn Co, MS WM, 44 to death
  10. 3 shootings reported in DC within 5-hour span - black male suspects
  11. FBI, police seek (black) man in connection with Plymouth bank robbery
  12. Nigger stabs Walgreens employee, escapes
  13. How Israel obtained nuke weapons?--stole it fm Jew S A w. help of zionists, etc.--new book
  14. Nigga will steal yo stuff - PD searches for 5 women accused of stealing $900 worth of hair
  15. Detroit negro faces charges after woman kidnapped, tortured, raped in vacant house
  16. Detroit negro faces charges after woman kidnapped, tortured, raped in vacant house
  17. Detroit negro sentenced for kidnap, torture, rape of woman in vacant house
  18. Condemned negro killer of WM, 63 in San Antonio robbery loses appeal
  19. Sow robs 85 year old woman in wheelchair
  20. Brown skin shoots cousin while testing flak jacket
  21. Former hospital negro security guard accused of sex with 16-year-old patient
  22. Negro charged with 7 counts of assault for alleged involvement in Westport shooting
  23. Ding-bat Bernie will be the Demo replacement candidate when dying hitlery is removed (soon, we hope)
  24. Black serial rapist: Multiple Rapes And Home Invasions Affecting St. Thomas
  25. Black Sports: Steelers RB Defends 75 Cent Tip For 'Poor' Waitress Service
  26. Cameras, witnesses led Fayetteville police to rape spook
  27. Woman raped in Central West End home by the negro
  28. Woman raped in Central West End home by the negro - suspect arrested
  29. 'I Felt Like I Was Rejected': Student in Gender Transition Finds No Place at NJ Catholic High School
  30. Louis LaSalle Uses Neighbor's Wi-Fi to Access Child Porn: Prosecutors
  31. Drunk mestizo charged with manslaughter in crash that killed white sheriff’s deputy
  32. Darius and Antwan Shot During Fight After Pennsylvania High School Football Game
  33. Negroid youth football team takes knee for national anthem
  34. (Orthodox Jewish) Man guilty of beating (black) gay man has no problem paying raised bail
  35. Bratton blasts stop-and-frisk critics
  36. NYC: Bratton blasts stop-and-frisk critics
  37. NYC: (Black) Alleged J’Ouvert shooter indicted, could get life sentence
  38. Muslim woman in religious garb set on fire while shopping
  39. Video surfaces of brute who set Muslim woman on fire
  40. Muslim woman in religious garb set on fire while shopping - NOT 'hate crime'
  41. Miss Rosamond beauty queen was 20 on Oct. 24, 1978, when she was raped and strangled to death
  42. Black man was found guilty of murdering a teenage American beauty queen 34 years ago
  43. Negro wanted in string of home break-ins, sexual assaults in South Richmond
  44. Police search for negro with gold teeth wanted in sexual assault
  45. WF wants people to be aware after negro exposes himself along Bridle Path trail
  46. WF wants people to be aware after negro exposes himself along Bridle Path trail
  47. Police Seek Black Man For Allegedly Sending Flowers To A Woman With Threatening Message
  48. PA Priest Charged After Child Pornography Allegedly Found On Laptop
  49. Priest who once served at Marian Catholic waives child porn charges hearing
  50. Swastika Found At Haverford Tennis Court, Officials Seek Answers
  51. Rape of 2-year-old boy reported in New Orleans East, police say
  52. Delaware Police Officer Robert Vasecka Stands Accused of Child Porn Possession, Sharing
  53. NYC: Pair of Times Square desnudas accused of assaulting elderly man - (Graphic)
  54. Eric Garner ‘chokehold’ cop made $120K last year
  55. Anthony Weiner disgraced Jewish ex politician married to Hillary's muslim Huma - Divorce?
  56. Mom busted for running underage sex ring out of her apartment
  57. Ivory Coast native 9/11 scammer busted on 15th anniversary for credit card fraud
  58. UNC Chapel Hill white coed claims rape by negroid football player
  59. Flip President: China in, U.S. out
  60. Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA test leads to Baton Rouge man's arrest in 2013 rape
  61. Crying shame: Trump kids shooting sabre tooth tigers and woolly mammoths, Mark Dice vid, seriously
  62. Black Sow robs 85 year old (black) woman in wheelchair
  63. Mestizo Couple Arrested After Child is Bitten by Dog
  64. Black Teen burned drowning victim’s clothes day after his death
  65. 18 year old mestizo stabs 13 and 10 year old siblings
  66. Wimman of color charged wif stabbing manz wif scissors over spilled coffee
  67. 3 Phoenix police officers injured after car driven by negro hits them, crashes into gas station
  68. Negro wanted on sexual assault charges in Denver is behind monkey bars in Red Oak, Iowa
  69. UK: Muslim illegal immigrant father shoots dead 7 year old daughter
  70. Negro Arrested Again Just 5 Minutes, 75 Yards Away After Being Released From Wayne, NJ Cage
  71. Pompano Beach Negro Peoples Demand Answers After BSO Shooting Of Knife-Wielding Nog
  72. Md. negroid track coach charged after having sex with a minor
  73. Ford moving all production of small cars from U.S. to Mexico
  74. Evanston Police Release Sketch Of (Black) Suspect In Attempted Sexual Assault
  75. Body found in crawl space of Birmingham house is missing WM, 29 who was strangled by the negro
  76. Reward for robbery spooks who dragged woman loading groceries
  77. Negro seen performing sex act on himself at Wright Brothers library
  78. Meek Mill's Cousin Among 5 Dead in 15 Hours of Bloodshed Throughout Philadelphia
  79. Canada: Muslim Stabs Man To Death After ‘Religious Argument’ at University
  80. Sydney ISIS Attack: Muslim Stabs Australian Man in Park
  81. Negro gets 30 years in 2012 sexual assault on South Side
  82. Negro accused of sneaking into sleeping woman's downtown Cleveland hotel; rape of other woman
  83. Lesbian Ex-Math Teacher Sleeps Over Teen's House, Sexually Assaults Girl: Police
  84. Trio of Tar Babies Swipes $7K in Cigarettes From Wawa Delivery Truck
  85. Niggery Thingee Punches Woman, Drags Her Through Bleach in NJ Home: Police
  86. Updates: Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  87. Chaos erupts when (black) off-duty cop attacks (female) subway conductor
  88. Chaos erupts when (black) off-duty cop attacks (female) subway conductor
  89. Black Alleged gunman in fatal shooting of (black) Cuomo aide indicted
  90. Mestizo Gets Maximum Prison Sentence for Drug Charge
  91. Cops shoot knife-wielding Hispanic maniac Carlos Colon
  92. (Black) Transgender babysitter complained about slain boy after he died
  93. (Black) Transgender babysitter thought slain boy was faking
  94. (Black) Transgender babysitter takes plea deal for killing 4-year-old
  95. Sow state senator sits during Pledge of Allegiance at veto session
  96. Negro Arrested in Antioch Sexual Assault of 13-Year-Old Girl
  97. Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Claims King of Pop Ran Sophisticated Child Sex Abuse Ring
  98. Negro got 11-year-old pregnant, DNA test shows
  99. Jewish man arrested for arson of mosque attended by Orlando nightclub shooter
  100. Lexington, KY WM, 24 found shot to death in burner car; negro, mudshark arrested