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  1. Long-pending murder trial of mudshark scheduled to start
  2. Newark authorities seek negro accused of sexual assault
  3. Waddymelon-flinging mammy stabbed to def by daughter
  4. Naked negro breaks into home, rapes woman in front of grandson
  5. 5 caged colored boyz re-arrested for rape of inmate
  6. Lauderdale Co, MS WF, 31 "knew" the negro that shot her to death; relationship unclear
  7. Negro sexually assaulted woman in bathroom Southlake, TX restaurant
  8. San Jose police arrest negro accused of shooting at drivers
  9. Goldsboro negro charged with rape after woman reports sex assault
  10. WM, 66 veteran was robbed and beaten with walker at St. Pete Walmart by a negro
  11. Black Man spotted walking naked may have tried to rape woman: cops
  12. Video: SF assault negro causes chaos on the Bay Bridge
  13. (Black murdered Jewish landlord) Grisly crime-scene video showing slain landlord is played in court
  14. Negroid serial rapist arrested after multiple sexual assaults, home invasions across metro Detroit
  15. Netherlands Muslim Fem Caught Driving While Using Her Phone Was Listening To Koran To Cure Toothache
  16. Hitman told FBI about rabbi’s plot to kill member of his sect
  17. Update: Hitman told FBI about rabbi’s plot to kill member of his sect
  18. Police search for two darkies after Great Western Bank robbery
  19. Jimmy John's robbed at gunpoint by negro
  20. Undocumented wetbacks arrested for operating New Orleans sex brothel
  21. St. Paul WM, 41 shot to death by uncaged negro that hates white people
  22. Incestious negro wanted for sexually assaulting 16-year-old fambly member
  23. Good vibe Vid: 13 yo (White what else?) invents free energy device - Mar 2, 2016
  24. Chicago Police: Negro monkey walking around is exposing himself to women
  25. Colored boy arrested in JAX bicycle shop (WF Alice or WF Lidia) employee attack
  26. 15-yr-old Colored POS arrested in JAX bicycle shop (White female) employee attack
  27. Sweden hit by huge number of child brides as young as ELEVEN
  28. Police: Teens Drove Stolen Cars To Burglarize Bensalem Home
  29. This guy is the worst person in New York - Broyoan Lopez stole $600 from 93-yr-old's brassiere
  30. Barack Obama is officially now a parasite
  31. Brave (even fool-hardy) Trump Takes on the Federal Reserve
  32. Negro demanding free food stabs employee Santa Monica pier
  33. Chinese-Born Miss America Contestant Was Called Ugly After Winning State Crown: 'It's Been a Very Po
  34. Robots are racist! A beauty contest was judged by AI and the robots didn't like dark skin
  35. Mom, Daughter Charged With Incest After Marrying in Oklahoma
  36. Update: (Black serial rapist) Bill Cosby in the news - Lawyers Claim Racism
  37. White dad uses 50" TV to defend family from armed negro in Kansas City home
  38. NYC: Pro-Palestine protesters booted from tense city hearing
  39. Killeen Police search for robbery "No Good" negro who shot woman in stomach
  40. Ping Pong nation Test Powerful Nuke: China condems (about 25 words)
  41. Witness: Harris Co motel WM in 40s' guest's body stuffed inside 2-ft deep bin, negro sought
  42. Dearborn police say (black) accused serial rapist could be suspect in 35 cases
  43. F victim at ATL Dragon Con: the negro's entire penis was out of his pants up against me
  44. Google Helps Montgomery County Police Nab to Alleged Child Porn Uploader
  45. Kidnapped KC man, 28 shot and killed during attempted ATM robbery spree by the negro
  46. Woman arrested for allegedly attacking two Muslim women
  47. Man, 66 shot to death in Conway, AR while helping daughter with flat tire by a negro with mudshark
  48. Man, 66 shot to death in Conway, AR while helping daughter with flat tire by a negro with mudshark
  49. NOPD arrests negro accused of strangling, raping ex-girlfriend
  50. Sponsor Drops Negro Football Player For Kneeling During National Anthem
  51. Spook preacher caged for child rape
  52. Man with MS-13 ties, accused of killing 18-year-old, deported twice
  53. Mex serial rapist nabbed, had been deported 5 times
  54. Turdler beaten to death by 10-year-old niglet
  55. Police search for negro who beat, robbed 72-year-old in the Bronx
  56. WF Talks About Violent Ambush Robbery At Hands Of Colored Teens In Brooklyn
  57. FBI Investigating After KKK Fliers Threatening Black People Turn Up In Trenton, MI
  58. Missing Union City, GA WM, 44 body found; death ruled homicide; negros in custody
  59. Missing Union City, GA WM, 44 body found; death ruled homicide; negros in custody - 1 charged
  60. Black State Sen. Napoleon Harris Fights Off Black Muggers, Helps Catch Murder Suspects
  61. "Knockout game" black arrested after knocking out woman in random attack in downtown Houston
  62. Negress arrested in fatal Mebane, NC hit-and-run of WM, 23
  63. Shelby, NC WM officer, 38 in critical condition after being shot by a negro
  64. Shelby, NC WM officer, 38 shot dead by negro arrested in RI
  65. Negro sentenced 25 years for rape of Soviet-era labor camp survivor, 81
  66. Time to Fry Mumia - black assassin of White officer denied 50k medical treatment
  67. Rival chefs battle in sushi restaurant knife fight
  68. Indiana negro accused in Calumet City of raping, beating hos he met online
  69. Dell Fires 3000 US Employees, Requests 5000 Visas For Foreign Workers
  70. Testimony: “Giving birth has become a business” for Syrian refugees in Canada
  71. Infant found days after (black) mom abandoned him at shelter: cops
  72. Incredible, Amazing: But Congress NOW to bring definite charges on scummy, lying traitor, hitlery
  73. Las Vegas negress arrested in oildriller’s death had stabbed him months earlier
  74. NYPD nabs murder suspect Edwin Burgos after 2 years on the run
  75. Hellary, more meltdown
  76. Vid (2 min) on hitlery staggering (fainting) at 9/11 memorial event; golly but is something wrong?
  77. Vid (2 min) on hitlery staggering (fainting) at 9/11 memorial event; golly but is something wrong?
  78. Vid (2 min) on hitlery staggering (fainting) at 9/11 memorial event; golly but is something wrong?
  79. Still Report #1182 – Clinton Foundation – Greatest Fraud in US History
  80. Updates: Here’s a "deplorable basket" of every scandal swirling around Hillary
  81. Chester City Among Highest Homicide Rates in U.S., Only a Third of Cases Solved: Report
  82. New York City - Bum caught masturbating in broad daylight next to Wi-Fi kiosk
  83. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  84. Kids boutique accused of discrimination (against Jews) over limited return policy
  85. My millionaire boss only paid me four dollars an hour
  86. (Black) Man charged with attempted murder at Shawnee Wal-Mart was on parole for drug, etc...
  87. Arson fire destroys mosque attended by Orlando nightclub shooter
  88. Coontown cops seek kinky-headed killer
  89. Holohoax memorial vandalized (Hungary)
  90. UN report: Islamic Slavery making a comeback
  91. Mudshark can't even have a funeral much less even just a viewing because of the extent of injuries
  92. ‘Crazy Eddie’ Store Owner, Jew Fraudster Eddie Antar Dead At 68
  93. USPS offers reward for (black) Chicongo armed-robber
  94. Mudshark drove 2 negros that shot Alcorn Co, MS WM, 44 to death
  95. 3 shootings reported in DC within 5-hour span - black male suspects
  96. FBI, police seek (black) man in connection with Plymouth bank robbery
  97. Nigger stabs Walgreens employee, escapes
  98. How Israel obtained nuke weapons?--stole it fm Jew S A w. help of zionists, etc.--new book
  99. Nigga will steal yo stuff - PD searches for 5 women accused of stealing $900 worth of hair
  100. Detroit negro faces charges after woman kidnapped, tortured, raped in vacant house