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  1. LGBTQueer Male Subway groper told male victim to ‘give my regards to the NYPD’
  2. Negro Convicted of Rape, Prostitution to be Sentenced
  3. Cop hurled gay slurs while arresting me for no reason: suit
  4. 2 men stabbed in head by screwdriver-wielding negro erectus on BART train
  5. Calhoun County negro gets 218 years for child sex abuse
  6. Former Bessemer daycare jiggaboo janitor fondled 3-year-old girl
  7. Negro poured bleach on sexual assault, robbery victim
  8. Negro head butts, rapes female 2X
  9. 4 negros arrested in connection with shooting death of Goose Creek, SC WM, 19 at house party
  10. Kwaps Swarm Chris Brown’s Nest After Smoke Jumper Reports Tenderizing; Monkey Ooks On Joo Media
  11. Kwaps Swarm Chris Brown’s Nest After Smoke Jumper Reports Tenderizing - arrested
  12. Nigeria Today: Preacher beaten black and blue for taking gospel to the gym
  13. Badged boon accused of improperly touching woman during traffic stop
  14. Montez charged with child abuse after allegedly leaving children in car at MotorCity Casino
  15. Coonvicted silverback sex offender charged with enticing child into public restroom
  16. (Black) ex-husband charged in stabbing that killed black boyfriend of white cousin
  17. Boon sentenced in connection to 3-year-old's death on Easter Sunday
  18. Baylor suspends negro player for three games for beating dog
  19. Here's 25 questions (by Judicial Watch) on e-mail issue hitlery must be answer under oath
  20. El Dorado Hills Subdivision has ‘Whites Only’ Clause on Books
  21. WM, 45 killed in CHI/South Loop shooting ID'd; negro charged
  22. Bill Clinton says 'refugees' to rebuild Detroit
  23. Parts of mudshark will live on
  24. Update: Parts of mudshark will live on - was negro screwing girlfriend's white mother?
  25. 32-year old Jiggaboo Jenkums jailed for kidnapping and rape that began at Galveston College
  26. Negro boyfriend charged with rape, multiple other deviate charges after domestic assault
  27. Jacksonville Beach coonhunt for monkey looking colored boy after armed robbery, kidnapping
  28. Judge dismisses $2 million religious rights lawsuit by muslim convicted murderer
  29. (Black celeb) Chris Brown posts $250K bail after standoff
  30. Couple Brutally Attacked By Arabs For Ordering Ham On Their Pizza
  31. Queens imam, assistant shot to death by spic- Supect’s knockoff Android delaying investigation
  32. Cappella Sansevero, Napoli This statue is amazing with the net ...
  33. Good Vibrations: Beach Boy Witnessed Manson Cut Nigger In Half W/ M16, Stuff In Well
  34. Jew Jersey yid #143450 who endured 9 Nazi gazzings finally expires at 91
  35. Mississippi state flag is no more at MSU
  36. Slant pet sitter leaves woman chilling voicemail saying he tortured, killed her dog
  37. 66-year-old negress sow arrested in brutal dog dragging death case
  38. CT State police looking for negro wanted on sexual assault charge
  39. Faggot Teacher, Husband In Murder-Suicide Under Homo Child Sex Crime Investigation
  40. German citizenship is ranked the most valuable in the world
  41. Activist Jorge Herrera Blasts Democrats For Referring To Hispanics As “Taco Bowls”
  42. Negro arrested for torturing women in his basement
  43. UK: Faggot soldier had sex with underage boy after chat site messages
  44. MSNBC’s John Heilemann Makes Lindsey Graham Fag Joke, Network Promptly Edits It Out Of Re-Air…
  45. Neighbors Paint Over Racist Graffiti Sprawled in Jersey Shore Town
  46. Woman Accuses (black) Jersey Shore Gynecologist of Inappropriate Touching
  47. Primate Sanctuary Build on Lead/Arsenic Refinery
  48. Primate Sanctuary Build on Lead/Arsenic Refinery
  49. New York City - Miscegenous Mayor 'Comrade' Bill De Blasio in the news
  50. British MP on ISIS Genocide: 2-Year-Old Boy Killed, ‘Ground Into Meat and Fed to His Mother’
  51. Mexico Gives Hundreds of African Asylum Seekers Visas to Reach U.S. Border
  52. (Black) NJ Driver Skips Out on $20,000 in E-ZPass Tolls, Fees: Police
  53. (Black) Suspect runs for freedom after cops forget to close car door
  54. Convicted Sex (black) Offender Charged In 1991 Rape, Murder Of Dixmoor Girl
  55. Democratic Party bars ‘lazy’ pro-LGBT (Asian) judge from election ticket
  56. Political club blocks promotion of judge over her abortion views
  57. Brit bcl: I dumped my white fiancé for a Jamaicoon lover but he fleeced me of £10k, dun other wimman
  58. WF Good Samaritan hit by car during negroid domestic dispute at Hinesville, GA gas station
  59. A drunken Jesus arrested in connection with fatal crash WF Denver Post reporter
  60. Deputies searching for negroid after rape, robbery reported in Pontiac
  61. 17yo Feral Ape Assaults 5yo White Girl on School Bus, School Officials Defend As "Normal"
  62. Negro coonfesses to raping a 16-year-old and selling her for sex on the internet
  63. Negro coonvicted in fatal shooting of cRapper outside da club
  64. Montco negroid youf center worker charged with rape
  65. Coonvicted rapist arrested in rape of elderly East Nashville woman
  66. Arkansas blue gum gets an extra 10 years for setting off sprinklers in his cell.
  67. Philly mayor objects to cop's 'Fatherland' tattoo - Trump calls out Mayor Kenny
  68. To go where no nigga done gone before, SpaceXlax Boon-don crashes another
  69. Black cop-killer with phony muslim name "Mumia Abu-Jamal" Loses Suit Over Hepatitis C Drug
  70. Melania Trump files $150M suit over escort service report
  71. Re: Queens imam, assistant shot to death by spic, Trump blamed
  72. Sandnigger deli owner accused of accepting food stamps as payment for K2
  73. One-eyed mammy charged with child endangerment, allegedly brought 3-year-old to drug deals
  74. Illinois shine accused of making terror threats
  75. Bootlipped masseuse accused of sodomizing female client
  76. Police looking for 7 coloreds in two armed robberies
  77. Zombie negro charged in fatal shooting on I-55 in which toddler was inside car
  78. Mohamed A. Mostafa, a Sudanese refugee accused of rape - problem convicting him due to legal technic
  79. Salvadoran National Accused of Raping 13-Year-Old Texas Girl
  80. Van of Illegal Immigrants with Armed Escort Crashes en Route to Texas Border
  81. Sugar Land coon cop, 3 other niggas charged for an old-fashioned Texas crime--cattle rustling
  82. Mudshark shook the wooden box holding her buck's ashes in court
  83. Negro wif big bootlips posed as woman on Facebook to lure teen boys for sex
  84. Wetback gang member arrested in shooting death of WM, 71 in Jurupa Valley, CA
  85. Coonhunt for suspect of killing ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend
  86. Negro accused of raping teen at gunpoint after receiving probation for child sex assault
  87. Buck shoots sow in front of her 3 chilluns
  88. Homeless tranny files lawsuit after alleged attack
  89. (Black) Former WMU football player had 4 prior sex assault cases
  90. Colored boy arrested in discount store robbery
  91. Kentucky blue gum arrested for having stolen gun; weapon possibly involved in shooting of child
  92. Colorado Springs negro arrested for sexual assault
  93. Nigger monkey lit turtle on fire, livestreamed act on jewbook
  94. Canada: CNE reviewing future of Youf Day after chimpouts shuts it down early
  95. Stupid jive Negro rejects plea deal that would have freed him, gets 40-year prison sentence
  96. Negros order Cleveland bar customers onto ground during armed robbery; WF bartender slammed
  97. McNigger's manager fired, accused of pulling gun on customers over waddy
  98. Gay NJ Priest Suspended for Supporting Fired Teacher Who Married Partner
  99. Updates: Deadly mayhem: annual (black pagan) parade in Brooklyn
  100. Black former mayor Dinkins accused of breaking deliveryman’s ankle in hit-and-run