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  1. Jefferson State campus police investigating morning sexual assault by black male
  2. Mestizo suspect wanted for double murder arrested in Blackfoot
  3. Teen negroes kill man who was helping them out of a ditch
  4. Negro arrested on 21st birthday for assaulting elderly man
  5. WM Milwaukie, OR landlord cleared in shooting death of pineapple picker tenant
  6. WM, 62 found dead in Gastonia, NC home investigated as homicide; 2 negros seen walking away
  7. Black former mayor Nutter Calls Philadelphia Controller ‘Liar’ & ‘Snake’ Over Mismanagement Claim
  8. Canada: TO on the LowDown: Homo shine wit 13-year old
  9. NJ Law Blocks Investments In Firms Targeting Israel
  10. Aetna Pulling Out of Obamacare Next Year Limiting Choice in Pennsylvania
  11. Sting Nabs (Hispanic) Undercover Trooper Jose Lebron for Selling Cocaine: Police
  12. Woman goes off on (black) perv fondling himself on subway (language)
  13. Cops arrest (black) perv who was caught fondling himself on subway
  14. Police seeking black assault suspect
  15. Jewish husband of Hillary's muslim: Anthony Weiner: My ‘emotional wiring isn’t fully connected’
  16. Elderly Jewish Man Assaulted By Black Male While Walking To Synagogue Shabbos in NYC
  17. So two negroes and a mestizo walk into a convenience store....
  18. Man builds barbed-wire ‘wall’ to protect his Donald Trump sign
  19. Negro couple caught after alleged robbery, assault in Wheeling
  20. Black Subway ‘machete slasher’ found fit to stand trial
  21. Science teacher fired for stroking his balloon in class
  22. Hasids who beat gay black man get probation, community service
  23. In-home camera captures negro stealing elderly white woman's purse
  24. Negro gentleman tenderizes, stabs multi times, dismembers, remains of mudshark scattered pond, woods
  25. ‘Violent Light Skinned Negro Predator’ Sought in Series of Attacks at L.A. Apartment Buildings
  26. ‘Violent Light Skinned Negro Predator’ Sought in Series of Attacks at L.A. Apartment Buildings
  27. San Diego PD arrest negro of interest in sexual assault
  28. San Diego PD arrest negro of interest in sexual assault - captured
  29. Los Angeles Police Kill Colored Boy After Car Stop
  30. Zika
  31. Petition wants (black female) HS principal fired for pushing academics
  32. Construction boss Mauricio Palomino accused of moonlighting as gigolo to swindle lovers
  33. Online "Zombie" drug pushers with foreign names ''slapped" with lawsuit
  34. Kill the Jews(?), Save the Eskimos; Emma Thompson does Inuvik
  35. San Antonio WF, 25 murdered, set on fire by 2 negros and a spic
  36. Blake’s racist tweets force ‘The Voice’ to do damage control
  37. Stockton PD make robbery spook a very good negro; fambly ooks hims wuz a rapper
  38. Negro charged with rape in sexual attack of sleeping University of Alabama student
  39. Female Marine Fails Infantry Officer School For The Second Time
  40. Woman robbed then sexually assaulted by black male, police say
  41. Colored man pleads guilty to assault charges
  42. Woman Robbed, Sexually Assaulted by Black Male in Apartment on Nobel Drive
  43. 7-year-old boy in critical condition after being shot on Detroit's east side by negro
  44. Sex victim relieved despite negro attacker avoiding life in prison: 'The storm is over now'
  45. Boon and a Burner Zip-Tied 4-Year-Old, Beat Her, Made Her Believe Her Name Is ‘Idiot’
  46. Boon and a Burner Zip-Tied 4-Year-Old, Beat Her, Made Her Believe Her Name Is ‘Idiot’
  47. Sex offending negro wanted in connection to ambushing, beating of two Cedar Park women
  48. Woman raped in church parking lot by negro
  49. Negro monkey arrested for 2nd time in 3 weeks, charged with indecent exposure on DC Metro
  50. Rings Taken In Smash-And-Grab Robbery At Philadelphia Mills by 3 black males
  51. COPS: Worker Scooping Water Ice Punched With Brass Knuckles - 2 black suspects
  52. Body of Black New Jersey Mother Missing Since March Found; Friend Charged With First-Degree Murder
  53. Body of New Jersey Mother Missing Since March Found; Friend Among 2 Charged With First-Degree Murder
  54. Accused Black Killer of Black Man at Center of Philadelphia Police Brutality Case Will Face Trial
  55. Canada wants more Chinese workers, students and tourists, says immigration minister
  56. Manhattan US Attorney wants Sheldon Silver to go straight to jail
  57. (Dark) Durham mestizo abducted 3 girls
  58. Obama to force women’s shelter to admit ‘transgender’ men
  59. History: Conquest of China by West (esp. led by Britain) in "Opium Wars"
  60. Princeton University: Don’t use word ‘man’
  61. Feds Holding Summits for Lesbian Farmers
  62. Negro flees from halfway house
  63. Negro charged in robbery of Hardee’s
  64. Police looking for hispanic in McBride Lane assault
  65. Negro Arrested In Brooklyn Rape, Robbery
  66. Negro ooks guilty to pimping teen girl in Boise
  67. Charter-school kids with disabilities outperforming public school peers
  68. Buffalo burglary of white couple by colored boys caught on camera
  69. WF, 46 cancer patient dies after severe negro beating in Zion, IL
  70. 3 mestizos charged with stabbing, beating dog
  71. Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA/Cold Case - arrest of D.C. man in 2001-2 sex assaults
  72. Illegal immigrant accused of carjacking elderly woman, pushing her from moving vehicle
  73. Feds: 'Clerical error' let illegal immigrant carjack two women
  74. 911 call released in violent negro Johns Creek, GA home invasion of 2 females
  75. Kelso, WA cop makes a negro good after gas station clerk, customer beat wif stick
  76. Kelso, WA cop makes a negro good after gas station clerk, customer beat wif stick - Spook ID'd
  77. Jewwy Wall Street Journal reports, $400 million was indeed ransom
  78. (Black) Woman faces judge for murder; accused of pouring hot water, stabbing mom
  79. Now Lutherans vote to withhold aid to terror-state of Israel
  80. Coonvicted schwoogie sex offender exposed himself to students outside Memphis school
  81. Re: Miscegenation: a photo retrospective
  82. Negros who pistol whipped white priest in Cleveland all get prison sentences
  83. Birmingham, AL WM, 85 burned to death by 2 colored boys
  84. Kikess Sues Lehigh County Over Presence Of The Cross In County’s Seal
  85. 2 Men Arrested On Charges Of Child Pornography, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault
  86. Officials: Bucks County Woman (Vega) Arrested After Rigging Horse Races At Parx Casino
  87. Grand Rapids police looking for help locating dangerous illegal alien mestizo felon
  88. Former Teacher Among 40 Arrested In NJ Crackdown On Child Porn
  89. Seattle PD searches for feral colored girls involved in bleach attacks
  90. Negro and negress sought in West Philadelphia pharmacy robbery
  91. 2 Alaskan Negroes Rob Downtown Anchorage Wells Fargo Bank
  92. Police looking for negro who robbed Chesterfield Dollar General
  93. Negro bank robber sought
  94. Negro gang member wanted in connection with death of teen
  95. Skinny negro and stocky negress wanted by Manchester Police for armed robbery
  96. Negro wanted in strong arm robbery of Clarksville food mart
  97. Saudi Cash, American Weapons for War in Syria: Obongo a War Criminal
  98. Police looking for negro in game store robbery
  99. Police looking for negro in connection with store robbery, beating
  100. Man robbed, shot by negro while walking with wife in Hayward